Which ZOMBIES 2 Character Are You?

Which ZOMBIES 2 Character Are You?

923 273 views | 15 Mar. 2020

Which ZOMBIES 2 CHARACTER are YOU?! Find out in this quiz! Are you Zed, Addison, Willa, Wyatt, Wynter, Bonzo, Bree, Bucky, Eliza, or Zoey?

In this video I have created an unique and a creative challenge, which is heavily edited with text, commentary and additional video effects to deliver an original challenge.

This Which ZOMBIES 2 Character Are You? quiz/challenge/video was entirely created by Dizney - the creator of this channel.

In this video, viewers will be given 7 originally designed questions based on the ZOMBIES 2 movie to determine which ZOMBIES 2 character they are. Each answer to each questions results in a different amount of points. At the end of the quiz, viewers are able to add up their points and see which character from ZOMBIES 2 they are. The video then showcases each character, as well as their popular traits and quotes!


a=40 c=10 d=30 b=30 a=30 c=20 c=30 i am... bucky:(

Charlotte Shone


LaMarquis Cofield

White : 20

Ana Garibay

I got 50

shruthi is awsome

I got aliza

Majoline Adipi


Sven Klok

im willa yay im so happy

LaMarquis Cofield

Descendants : 40

LaMarquis Cofield

Green : 40

LaMarquis Cofield

You got from 210 - 220 points : You are Wyatt!

Antonio David Medina

Im zed

Grace Sharkey

I am Willa I am really happy with it I’m the leader of the pack

Majoline Adipi


Charlotte Shone

Forget about it

Maya Kadet

I think I’m Willa and Bucky cause once when I did this I got Bucky and this time I got Willa so I’m Willa+Bucky

Charlotte Shone


April Mieswinkel


Maria Guttierez

I am willa

Majoline Adipi


skander sboui


Charlotte Shone

We own the night

Heather Maxey

Sweet i wyatt he my favorite chacter

Charlotte Shone


Jayde&Corey Nuttall

30+10+ 40+ 40

Charlotte Shone

A a leader

myrrgaming_junior boy


Sapna Patel

I wnated to be Wyter but I got Willa I mena they are not bad!

joe stanton

i am willa

LaMarquis Cofield

Zombies : 40

Rocco Nicoletti


Fatimah Zahra Shaik

I got bucky

Ava MacCaskill

for the song a and c color a and d me a leader a and loyal d prom one a I value a b c and d my group be a b and c for the movie one a b c and d

Majoline Adipi


Misheka Mahie

240 addison

Isabella Waal

I got Wynter, she is my favoriete character

Aubriana Thepmany

i got 180 points

Charlotte Shone


Jesse Scoggin

I got my favorite character Eliza

Misheka Mahie

I love addison

Majoline Adipi


Amanda Hernandez

Zed zombie strong

Majoline Adipi


Amina Ziedan

I got Wyatt

Daylen Smith

I got 230 points that make's me Addison

Charlotte Shone


Samantha Taylor

I’m well on the werewolf leader

KTG Kids Pop

I was super depressed when I figured out I was Bucky!!!!! His description doesn’t fit me at all. Not impressed.

LaMarquis Cofield

Like the Zombies Do : 20

Majoline Adipi


Tex Peacock

I got wynter she suits me

Charlotte Shone


Aubriana Thepmany



LIKE this comment if you agree with the character you got! So... who are you? Addison or Zed? Maybe Willa, Wyatt or Wynter? Or someone else?

Charlotte Shone


LaMarquis Cofield

We Own the Night : 30

Evangeline Sandford

im eliza

Eleanor Hodgkinson

That was a great video though

Amirah Shams

I'm zed I'm so happy

Macklin Harrison

I got zed
even though im quite mean

Harsiga Rathan

Willa! YAY!

Stella Bridges

i got wynter and thats so true about me!

Sophie Johnstone

I’m a girl and I got Wyatt

Eleanor Hodgkinson

I'm like Wynter but I didn't get her

Kgomotso Monageng

Ask werewolf friends

Tim Corbin


Kyra Robertson

I got Willa!

Leah Rose Chapman

I got Addison!!! So happy I totally ship Zed (milo) and addison(meg)

Jessica Simpson

i was wyatt he's my favourite aswell

Joshua Short

i am zed and zed is my charcter
i,m boy so


Yeah I'm bucky

Joëlle Meijers

I´m Willa. I love her
she is my fevorite werewolf except Wynter then

Martha Beard

I got willa and I wanted her because she iz my favorite

LaMarquis Cofield

Loyal : 30

Chris Kuntz

I got wie

Valerie Mcmillan

I took it 4 times and I got Willa and Bucky and wynter and Wyatt

Majoline Adipi


Alva Halland Vatland

My karakter is Addison

Emily’s Gaming

I got Will but the description for Addison describes me to. I was also hoping I would get one of the but mainly Addison, Willa and wynter.

LaMarquis Cofield

Forget about it : 10

Aileen Erni

I gote addesen i love addesen tu

Martha Beard

I got Willa

Luis Garcia

I am eliza

Samantha Scandlyn

No this is a lie I'm nothing like Addison I hate cheer I'm more of a boy girl

Majoline Adipi


Harmony Nagy

I got bucky and sis got elize

Eleanor Hodgkinson

Amina Ziedan

I got Wyatt I am a girl but I'm fine with it☺

Charlotte Shone


Michelle Kopstad-Jensen

I got Eliza and she is also my favorite character

Majoline Adipi



:D I'm Eliza I'm dumb in real life but I'm smart for the video

Freya O’hara

I got Addison !

prime sky dragon

I got Eliza

Yaretzi gamboa

I am Addison

Rainbow Shanya

i got bucky

LaMarquis Cofield

Friends : 10

Kamila Rose N. Bombarda

Im Eliza but I really wanted to be Wynter


I'm bree

Melisa Voss

I'm zed.

Hod Mos

I was Eliza.