Let's Play Fire Emblem Fates DLC: Hidden Truths 1 (1/2)

Let's Play Fire Emblem Fates DLC: Hidden Truths 1 (1/2)

24 089 views | 16 Nov. 2016

Hidden Truths is an official DLC for Fates that covers the story behind the three characters from Awakening, Owain, Severa and Inigo, and their journey to the realms of Fates.

Joining me on commentary is Ray; http://tinyurl.com/z3hc6xb

Thumbnail by Mina Tangerina: http://tinyurl.com/h6cqhu7

Outro music by Shady Cicada: http://tinyurl.com/k2w2xuc

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Let's Play Fire Emblem Fates DLC: Hidden Truths 1 (1/2)


Owain was actually better as a mage in Awakening, but I kept him as a Swordmaster because it fits him better.


I love the tree level

Joe McElhaney

This is The Avengers: Fates Edition. Anankos is Nick Fury. Owain seems like Hawkeye and Severa seems Black Widow-y and Inigo is kinda Captain America-ish.


The Vallite soldiers are reanimated corpses, and unlike Risen, they are in addition also invisible. We, the players, can see them for convenience reasons, but the characters in the game cannot. They can only sense them. That's also why the Reevaluation chapter where Ryoma and Xander are blaming each other due to not seeing the Vallites isn't quite as stupid as you think.
24:48 Owain already called himself "Owain Dark". Even the DLC that's supposed to fix the plot has plotholes.
And since this is Relevations I should also point out that I still hate Fuga.

Sam T

Ah, the return of an old friend :)

Lucky C4t

8:38 Who needs a fourth wall anyways?


Rey get a fucking mic


oh shit ghast 's here too! hey fucker! we missed you on mangs channel, prepare for empty promises.


RIP even more Fates storyline :D


while it is true that chronically their hair is the color of their Fates counterparts
these are the owain, inigo, and severa from Awakening and, in Awakening, it is impossible for them to get those hair colors since they get the hair from their fathers.
That's why Anankos changed their hair colors


Ooooh, I thought you were about to play the good one :c

I'll be back when you play Heirs of Fate.

Crystal Queen

Mangs, do you not notice the Stat boosters you have?


Remember kids, when a person you've never met before is hiding their identity in a hood, is asking for your help, while also barely giving you any knowledge about what you're about to get into, it is a good idea to accept their drugs to distort what colours you see (because their hair), and take you to another dimension where you can find the most wicked cush, before sending you into the past to fight for a kid that wants to bang his genetically unrelated Sister. Amen.


... actually in the future past DLC for awakening Severa DOES become a Pegasus knight.


Anankos is actually one of my favourite villains from the 3DS FE games overall. And is probably tied with Medeus for my favourite "Dragon" antagonist in the series (As I do enjoy their characters, and respective backstories quite a lot personally)

Admittedly, I can "sorta" see where you're coming from, and respect your opinion on the whole "exposition text" but I honestly didn't mind it too much myself, but yeah. While I may not agree with everything you said in the vid, I did still rather enjoy it! You and Ray have some nice chemistry IMO.

Guillermina Carrier

"Let me alter your appearances"
- changes the tone of red in Severa's hair
- removes Owain's brand
- Changes Indigo's hair?

This guy probably doesn't recognize Clark Kent as Superman when he wears glasses, either.


Oh great tree, will Mangs cry at your sight?
Tree: Are you stupid, of course he will!

Mike E

Owain might be a better Samurai in Fates (don't know haven't tried), but in Awakening he's the greatest Dark Mage ever.


Mila Tree

Lucky C4t

"Shut up! You couldn't pay me to become a Pegasus knight!"

This Heart Seal begs to differ.

Your Lady Star

YES, your doing the dlc! Oh, and sorry about the ptsd. I knew this would happen at some point.

Jacob E

One of my top 3 map themes in this game right in this DLC! Also, fuck this tree.

Frank Beezy


Ryan Reuben

I like how Owain decides to become a Mage and then loses 12 Spd in 2 seconds. The best part is that he then says "I feel so nimble!"

Alex Hunt

On my revelations playthrough, Selena was the one to get the finishing strike on Anankos.
In my headcanon, she was getting retribution for changing her hair colour.


Fire Emblem, hiding important plot details behind DLC since 2015!
Also can we talk for a moment about how much fan-service there is in the character roster?
Official top 4 most poular adult characters in Awakening: Chrom, Gaius, Cordelia and Tharja. Chrom shows up in a DLC, the rest are 'reborn' as children in Birthright.
Official top 4 for the children characters: Lucina, Owain, Inigo and Severa. Oh look at that, Lucina is an amiibo and the rest are in Fates as themselves!

So that's 6 characters (Excluding Chrom and Lucina for obvious reasons) they could've left out in favor of something new. I swear if this happens in the next game I'm gonna end up breaking something.


Where can I find this music??

Jason Lin

Owain was actually like that during Awakening, especially in his convo with Cynthia


oh god you really wasted your money on this ?


bless this series

Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

anonkos is the rainbow sage or something? also what a massacre.




Oh hey look Fates, well who gives a shit.

Kaze The Handsome

Is Ardenkos Mangs, Stop calling it Anankos

Also good reference of Gundam Ray


Fire Emblem Shonen.

KillerBlue Jay

Instant regret when he saw the tree


UUUGH... I don't like most DLC in FE:Fates. It's all very similar to eachother. Hidden Truths, Heirs of Fate, Royals DLC... all similar. You get a limited amount of units, that don't get EXP and you have to complete the objective... and in the end, it means NOTHING. Sure, you get some story or relief, but this is EUUGH.

Hidden Truths 1 is basicaly... Mangs's Nightmare. It's the Tree! And you get 3 mediocre sword characters. Severa, Inigo and Owain. A myrmidon and 2 mercenaries.

Owain uses a Magic Sword, and has the lowest strength, but also the highest speed which is nice. He is your ranged attacker and backup unit. Wyrmslayer is also useful, but trade it away to somebody who can use it better.

Inigo uses a killing edge. He either is meh, or your MVP of the map with his crits. He has low defenses though for his decently good hp. His luck is high... which doesn't matter. He also has another sword in case crits aren't working.

Severa is probably the most balanced unit here. She doesn't excel in anything, but she has a Silver Sword... which is very good here. Armorslayer sits in good hands, so don't worry. She has the highest defense.

On normal mode, i completed this map in 16 turns. Sumeragi is tough. Don't be an idiot, you know he's Sumeragi. Hidden Truths 2 is more bullshit so don't worry.


Literally bought this dlc yesterday.

Hints: Not gonna spoil anything, but It's tough!(?)

Nabeel Hussain

Honestly HoF is very good considering everything else that is Fates

MiniMeh 55

Well to clarify about Owain. His act was sorta heroic, but more of the tragic and dark kind. He talks about how the death of companions will send him into a rush of bloodthirst and vengeance and how he can't control his boiling blood and if his twitching swordhand will go berserk he will fell foes and allies alike.

Air tempest

When I watched this, the video had 1,666 views... one set of 666...

Crystal Queen

2:10 Exdeath: "Why hello, Mangs, do you like turtles?"

Unregistered Regi

My first thought when I saw this video...
"Oh my god it's another episode of f**k the tree map!"

During the video.
"Oh... I think this DLC triggered Mangs's PTSD."

Also Mangs, if you're wondering why Owain is acting differently...
He got bored.
That is literally why he changed from his sword hand to the dark darkness of the fell variety.


If you're looking for answers on hidden truths, good luck. It just makes you ask so many more questions. 'How did Anankos split himself like that?" "Why does Anankos have the power to remove the Bran off Owain and completely change all of their hair and give them these special powers?" "If he really is so Godly, why can't he protect himself until he gets to fight his other half with Corrin like he intends Owain Severa and Inigo to do?" "In Birhtright, if Owain Inigo and Severa know that their jobs in this realm are to protect Corrin, why would they still try to fight for Nohr when Corrin picks Hoshido? Wouldn't they just switch sides like Silas when presented the opportunity?" "So Odin Selena and Lazlow are all confirmed to be the same as their clone Awakening characters, but what about the ones in Birthright? How do Asugi, Rhajat and Cordelia tie in with Awakening?"... the list goes on.


Has flashbacks to the Awakening let's play

Emperor Elucifer

yes Ray my favorite guest !


Oh right, I think the DLC also adjusts to your game difficulty as well. and seeing as Mangs is using a Lunatic file...


is that why trees come out of anankos' head when he attacks? because the mila tree? i dunno i'm new here

ratioactive 414

Ewwwwww, DLC.




2:01 Already worth.

3:29 The reason why their hair color was changed is because their hair color would actually be the same as their father's, so this was to avoid any indications of a "canon father".


21:52/22:44 And THAT is another reason why this map sucks

25:42 If this was a hack it'd be more passable in the writing department.


Tree PTSD is so good


Dat piano tho.


So perfect they chose the Mila tree lol


Whoa, that end slate kicks ass


So a LARPer, Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Liam O'Brien walked into Mila's Bar...

Otter Hero

This series was a meme before it even started.


Owain with the levin sword on this map is godlike


Mangs I think Ray influenced your opinion on this too much and you totally should play Hidden Truths 2 without him so you can form your own opinion since you are obviously unable to do so when he's around.

Yes this is sarcasm.

Rex Ming

the only reason i like this is because inigo is in it

Mew2King's Marth

Pay wall... In awakening at least DLC was optional and was a side thing... Here we have important plot details that are needed to answer quite a few questions... Not to mention why could they come up with a better way rather than just using Anankos? The out realms do exist so why couldn't they just walk through there by accident or something? Oh wait, it's fates, I forgot.


You need to use your stat boosters asap, and wait where you spawn for the reinforcements, as each advanced unit (aside from Sumeragi's team) drops a stat booster it's best to wait u til everything else is dead before attacking Sumeragi

AFire EmblemFan

+Mangs You need DLC to find out the truth about the DLC

Foxo Commando

Severa pair up Owain levin sword with Inigo next to him camping in a corner = win

N Lunachi





I love listening to Ray make all of these UC references that Mangs doesn't get.

Emperor Elucifer

u know considering lucina disappeared in awakening it would have made sense if she was in this game but I don't know how I would feel about that but wasted potential in the game it sucks

Branmuffin Brandon

Wait, Mangs. You hate exposition dialogue, yet you think the ENTIRE chapter in a game like Bloodlines where they just talk about the country's politics and geography for no reason other than Agalli wanted to is a good idea? I don't dislike it, but I think exposition dialogue is necessary. You guys are asking for this weird thing where you don't want the story handed to you in exposition dialogue, yet complain when the game reveals nothing. Idk, still enjoying the Hidden Truths LP, hope you do Heirs of Fate. <3

popo drome

This Theme omfg, so good!


The Mila tree never forgot about you mate.


24:17 "R.I.P Asuka"

God damnit Ray xD


I think Mangs got PTSD from the fucking tree.

Ravensburger Bürger


Elijah Suever

Are you gonna play before awakening or some of the dlc maps


Just saying if you pair up someone with odin, and put him in a choke point. He actually carries really well with the levin sword

rafael tinti

Remember when plots were about about People, Good and evil(and those in between)? I sure miss that, why can't the bad guys be normal People with their own motivations anymore? why all we get are fucking kind of invisible kind of controled, kind of Undead and 100% poorly explaind minions... things? oh i miss fe4 and path of radiance...
I still think fates gameplay is a good improvement and it was fun to play but that story... I really hope that a console fire emblem comes to the switch, with a fully developed plot.
btw love your content as always Mangs!

Alex Gomez

I like this map and this DLC in general. This and the Heirs of Fate DLC(and Odin and Laslow's supports) are the highlight of Fates for me.


Hidden Truths explains nothing. You learn all you need to in the first few seconds. The end of part 2 just ruins Birthright so much

Nova Kaiser

Wow, Mangs. I never thought you were an Instagram girl.

mister linux


Laslow Rodger

Mangs has PTSD the dlc.the episode.


Inigo: You're having us embark on a journey of perilous dangers correct?
Me: Not in Phoenix Mode


All Severa brought was a vibrator and a picture of Mangs :o

Rums Teak


Edward Sheerin


The Mad Hadder

7:07 I appreciate the Nostalgia Critic reference here.

Lionel Neo

As much as I hate Cynthia she and Owain have a support conversation where he scares her with his made up story which is basically him being an ex hero who went on a rampage and in the end he kills her in his made up story...his name in that story was Owain Dark. In the end of the support he talks about how he would like to write novels...imagine that..


Mangs and Ray together again, awesome :D

Mani Mani

Having never played Awakening, but having sit through the majority of this Fates LP... I have to say, I like these three characters more than anyone from Fates.
I feel like I've missed out from skipping Awakening now.



Foolishly Foolish Fool

Just noticed something when Owain died. He said, "And Odin Dark falls...." ODIN?! The Japanese version has the original Awakening voice clips, so why not here?

「Loru Apollo」

Oh boy Mangs is finally playing this hack.... oops i mean DLC :p

And yeah this map isn't that bad like it was in awakening but you need to kill as many enemies as possible in enemy phase before the boss and his minions start moving. 7/10 for me "Not enough exposition"-IGN


By the way, hiers of fate is comlepte bullshit aswell!

Ento: The Chesnaut Knight

Owain's change is because anonkos changed what Owain looked like, and that was a huge part of his persona, so he adapted his coping mechanism to the strange, somewhat "fell" magic that changed him.
He's 100% in character, and I love it.

Monsieur Orléans

I think mangs hates the mila tree

Julia Yu

Time to see Mangs tortured and totally surprised lol xD