What is this Flameblast AoE??? - GGG please!

What is this Flameblast AoE??? - GGG please!

17 461 views | 7 Jul. 2018

Feels Small Man


My flameblast is bigger than yours ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



le cuong

it kill everything. its verry powerful but it just so small ^-^ make me laugh alot


Yoji "Accidentally a 6L" Ross

Oziris Queiroz Nascimento

I love your videos yoji S2

John Duncan

Old aoe was dank. New aoe is 'balanced,' which is another way of saying not fun.


Started SSF again this league after skipping Bestiary, any tips for a scorching ray trickster? So far got to A5 without much problems on a 3L, working on getting a 4L, but not sure what I would be looking to farm except for a tabula in blood aqueduct once I get to it. Also, love your videos and I'm glad you're back <3

ivan ivanovich

it feels good once you get big cast speed

axel tousignant

As long as it does the job done eh...

robin sorsa sigurdson

Haha this is amazing xD

zarasque placeholder

Do you have like 0% increased AoE et use ConC effect on top ? Because that's really really smol ....


Hey Yoji, you could also try the new Incinerate. It's fun to play, though imo it's in a weird place where it also doesn't have great AoE (though that one was without Ig Prolif) and has worse ignites than Flameblast. But this is for the memes right?

Findus CR

Maybe use aoe gem and get aoe nodes on the passive skill tree


Have you ever done Scorching Ray? That's a great set up for it


ignite juggernaut discharge. fun build bro. :D


did you tried pizza sticks? maybe adding totems will make the build more fun :D



le cuong


Mouldy Bread

Looks balanced to me

Max TheBean

I started with a Flameblast build this league and ended up using Incinerate over Fireball / Flameblast ! It's real gewd.


For real though, Vaal Flameblast is disgusting for bosses.


der hintergrund sound macht mich kirre


Flameblast is cute af! How dare you?




They dont give a shit about clear speed but get triggered to hell when players want to spam the screen with decent amount of coverage then scream but teh clear speedz!1!...


it kills everything including your girlfriend's arousal

Vincent Desjardins

I don't like this video feelsbadman


that goes for all aoe skills.. ggg doesnt like aoe, or anythin that makes the game beyond grim dawn clearspeed

szeredai akos

Are you a grower or a shower?


you can try incinerate

Quan Nguyen

as an asian guy, i feel offended

karam jnah

how do you know its a micro penis if you cant see it in the first place Hmmmmmm


Insert size doesn't mean everything jokes.


I have a micropenis and I feel offended.


Revert AOE nerfs. most aoe skills you need to be in the thick of it. Yet they still clear slower than the more safe ranged builds. WHUT? :D


It's so smol and cute, I want to hug it


2.6 really shit on aoe skills


wow size queen

Андрей Жуков

what are you talking about? I have not seen anythin like fireblast?


rename to microblast please ggg

The Exiled Nomad.

If you think micropenis flameblast feels bad, try using picopenis flameblast (cause ConcEffect)


How about they just make a spell called Explosion which you click somewhere and the screen blows up? Raiz will be happy he can cosplay as Megumin too


LMAO what did they do to flameblast!? ITS SO SMALL!!!!! :D

Your awesome yoji, good stuff! :D


I guess size does matter

Hussain iqbal


coal james

GGG buff's flame blast initial AOE..............

People rage as they realize some bosses and exiles have a reskinned flameblast that they ripp too, that starts huge under their feet and only get's bigger =D .