The Winterfall Runner Ep #95 [Vanilla / Classic World of Warcraft Let's Play]

The Winterfall Runner Ep #95 [Vanilla / Classic World of Warcraft Let's Play]

2 350 views | 30 Apr. 2018

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In this episode of our Vanilla World of Warcraft Let's Play, we explore a few quests in Winterspring, mostly focusing on furbolgs, chimaeras, and yetis!

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Vanilla / Classic World of Warcraft Let's Play


re English: Adding an A to the beginning of Kansas COMPLETELY changes the pronunciation of all parts of the word... how, why... because it is? Also, Homonyms, they suck - for example, "tear", why didn't they make the word "tair", like "there was a tair in the fabric"? Homonyms are such a detriment to written English.

Steve the pirate

this is kronos 3?


Man, you have to end this series in a epic way, like the warlock orc

Linus Abrahamsson

u should have what server u playin on in the description :)

Gustav Andersson

rip kronos 1 :(

Linus Abrahamsson

why are u playing on a dead server? not hating just asking, lightbringer much more populated and more fun

Arcanevil Storm

damn love these classic zones! I can't wait til the official vanilla servers go live!

Linus Abrahamsson

what servcer is this?