Faction Thrall Camps - New Locations - Age of Calamitous Conan Exiles

Faction Thrall Camps - New Locations - Age of Calamitous Conan Exiles

22 003 views | 5 May. 2020

The recent Age of Calamitous mod update has reworked the entire AoC map. Faction camps, AoC thralls have been changed and moved to other locations. We will show the new camps for the Factions. As well as take a look inside to see what types of thralls we can find and some of the new features of these camps.

Stormhold Camp

Cold Embrace Camp


Felgarth and Elvanor Camps

Vanghoul Nekadas Raid Camp

Elven Covenant Camp


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hiiii what is that magic called the one you throw the ball of light :o


Which is better? commander or captain?




Hey, can you tell me please what dmg floating mod you using?

החלל הזן את

Why does it have to be so dark in the UC?

Andor Boér

Hi Dude, Have a one questions, exists Armorers, Tanner or other Thrall from factions thralls? For example Stromhold. Thanks help :)


What UI mod are you running? I like how yours has all the info shown

Master Miss

The (unofficial) server I'm on lets me place a Soul Prison right on the edge of the Cold Embrace camp. If you can also do this, you can stand on top of it, and use blunted arrows to knock out almost any thrall.
And if you're too far away from one, or there's something blocking, you can carefully climb and shoot from the lanterns, if the archers are down, you can take the whole camp.
If the archers are still there, just move to counter their hits and keep moving and healing.
From some angles, the prison acts like a shield, so just put the top of the dome between you and the archer.
With respawn timers, you can keep getting more and more thralls if you're patient.
Blunted arrows, Blunted weapon fitting, high vantage point, can't lose!

Jarred W

In that tower in the first stormhold camp... there are 3 endgame vendors


Hello, very good video. You are going to make a guide on how to learn magic and locations because I am very lost right now on this topic. Good job and thanks for the

Invay 69

Those "Assassins" looks more like "Dancer"

William McDaniel

Haven't seen a video yet on what's better vanilla thralls or faction one's yet can you do one in the future?

Lost Boys Studios

Dude I would be lost without all these videos you make, keep up the good work!

Emiya Kiritsugu

I would love to know ur pc spec, those graphic looks amazing

Peace Be Still Gaming

well duh, your thralls are your prisoners too and when you get attacked they will join.


Thank you.

Fire Heart

thank you for the good work i like your videos


can u show the new location of "George McWillan" he doesn't seem to be in the jungle anymore.. =\

Kee Y

Stormhold Camp. [00:54]
Elven Covenant Camp. [03:00]
Cold Embrace Camp. [04:42]
Elvanor & Felgarth Camp 1. [06:20]
Elvanor & Felgarth Camp 2. [08:57]
Vanghoul Camp. [11:01]


All camps are PASSIVE! YOU CAN GET ANY THRALL EASILLY WITH BOW AND STUN ARROWS. You noob bro but ty for info.

Cereal Killer

Please do the solo raid video on the camps please. Having a really hard time. Love the videos thank you. ohh and do any of the camps have Peasants anyw here?

Forbidden One

Can you do a guide about that mod for beginners? like what do at start, example i started using that mod a couple days ago, and tried for days use the enchanting table, and its not working, not showing the recipes page toke me days to figure its not more used, i was thinking i got a bug because i saw one of your videos with that working lol, sorry about my grammar im not native english speaker, is my 3rd language. Thanks


Your videos are fantastic jeep up the awesome job. Do you know what faction is getting the next subfaction?

Docker ED

Если бы добавил субтитры на русском цены бы тебе Не было друг.


Do they fight you even if you are on the same faction?


where I can find this light spell ?

James Collins

I'm really not seeing this mod as being a "total conversion" mod as its creator's tout. At best additional content. It appears there are no new play areas, just a few factions, and items set in the existing game world. Ugh. So much for that.

Rodrigo Scher

Nice content, good work, thank you.


hi, when there will be a video on new magic, where to look for new volumes of magic?


which one is the best fighter thrall?

Sebastian Helguero

yes please a video on how to get thralls from those camps, I'm still very scared to try, also caus e running away in there most of the time means running into something worse that is gonna reck you

Victor Louis Skipper Mosgaard

Hey ragnarrock or anybody else, I have a bit of a problem when i try to use the mod, maybe you have experienced something similar. The issue is when im trying to log on to the online server it says “authentication failed” (I have the mods and can easily play it solo) however it won’t let me access the server. Would be very grateful if anybody knows or have suggestions to fix the issue!

Alex Arais

So, no way to get faction thrall without attacking huge camp?


How to cheeze the camps: Walls + Bow with the blunt fittings and blunt arrows, around 50 per thrall. Power shot always flies strate, shoot them from a far off wall or ledge to lour them out of their camp, knock em out by your wall, wait for the rest to wander back to camp. grab thrall and go with no mass agro. Vanghoul is the EASY camp to do this in. Just use the cliff to the front of the camp. Shoot from there, lour them over and bam. They never fire at you, even the big guy wont mess with ytou. Once you knock out who you want, step back and they wander back to their tent. Enjoy your thrall with no agro.

Scott Eggers

Thrall needs.. Sexy Sanguis assassins. Now how to pull them out with out dying.... hahahaha

Bill Carroll

Great video, but UC is too dark now. Like the new camps, but miss the fighting on the Warfront.

Alejandro Roca Zaldivar

Thank you, just what I was looking for to improve my base!


These changes have made it so much harder for a solo player to get by.


Too bad that the whole area is so totally dark. Even with gamma tuned up to max it's very strenuous for the eyes to walk through there.
Why always making it harder for the players - yes, ambience is nice but imho it really sucks with so less light left.

Meta Mario

Great video, maybe a good follow up would be where all the AoC bosses are now?


Do the factions still drop the gems?

Danger Guy

This was super helpful, thank you!


Kinda hate new Unnamed City. It is absurdly overcrowded, and that green just doesnt belong.

Captain Price

KEEP GOING! Youre awesome