Best AR Ammo Pt 6 - Federal XM556FBIT3

Best AR Ammo Pt 6 - Federal XM556FBIT3

37 250 views | 27 Dec. 2015


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In this video we test the XM556FBIT3 round loaded by Federal.


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Matt B.

Just seen Palmetto has it on sale today.

Raider 818r

I was lucky enough to buy 200rounds at the oc gunshow a year ago.... and have never seen it since.

All car Things

Can anyone send me some of those round to test myself??

georgia bowhunter

Good stuff, I have 300 rounds of it loaded up and ready to go. I get around 2 MOA out of my 16" Daniel Defense. It's a great Whitetail round if you want to use something as light as 5.56mm to hunt them with.

Concerned Citizen

Never meant to be a very accurate round.

Joe Doole

This is indeed a decent round, but the cartridge would be even better with a slightly hotter charge. I only get around 2750 avg velocity from a carbine and hardly an increase over that stepping up to a 20" upper with this load. At that speed it performs well, but pulling these down and loading them out to ~3000 from a carbine performs outstanding. I also really like a Sierra or Nosler 77 grain OTM bullet at around 2600 fps from a carbine, another outstanding load both in terms of accuracy and terminal effectiveness. Both the 62 and 77 do well from my 1:8 & 1:9 twist rifles also.

Razgriz Surget

Seems like a good round for a Car/Truck gun, paired with MK262 Mod1 for the home.

mojo jojo

this is good stuff but if you can't find it, any other 62-64gr bonded bullet should do very similar..fusion, Nosler..etc
or step up to even better performance with the Speer 75gr gold dot or Swift 75gr scirocco

Peter Charles Photography

Good 'Ol real world testing.
Looking at and analyzing graphs and data sets might be fun and interesting, but I've yet to see anyone use a round for a particular need based only on the engineers numerical results. Thanks for the video.

Steve Santana

25th band mike crew 20th announcement history am [email protected]


how heavy is this bullet?

Mike Millard

As of 6/3/17 do you have any links to where I can find this ammo in stock?

Mason Litchfield

556 223 for bear and elk?

Michael Mount

Take down bears with a .223? Black bears maybe.


you just can't beat federal ammo.But let's just say a 9mm124 gr won't go through a mattress with several bed sheets and a egg crate memory foam top cover with enough power to go through a 2;4.why?


Winchester also makes a load for the FBI. You find it at

gypsymanjeff 21

Like to see lake city 62 grain fmj penetrator 16in 1-8 twist..rather common but not much out there

Claire B.

you criticized the 77GRAIN TMK when it had similar performance to this anmo (XM556SBCT3). so that confuses me a little. XM556SBCT3 or FBIT3 is not meant to be defensive ammo, its offensive ammo. barrier blind. meant to go through objects and still be effective on a target. it is at the same time great for defensive as well. i just don't get why you criticized the 77GRAIN TMK when it had similar performance

Joshua Thompson

Great bullet but who can afford 556 that's $1.50 per round?

Grant Baril

I like your channel, man! No BS, just info.

Tombs Clawtooth

I'm curious what the purpose of the drywall test is? On a handgun hollow point I can see it possibly clogging it and causing a failure, but there's no bullet on this planet that will go through a human body but will be stopped by a few sheets of drywall.

It looks like great ammo, but M193 seems to present less risk of excessive over penetration, if that's ever a realistic concern for the individual. I recently switched all my home defense ammo out for M193 after seeing how it performs in gel. This would be a far better barrier defeating round, if you needed a straight shot through car doors or auto glass with less deflection than M193 may experience.

Great test!

Glock 211

nosler 77gr custom competition does some good stuff for a match bullet!


Are you able to test this round with an SBR? I am willing to bet just like TAP T2 that is designed for LEO and shorter barrels, it would perform well with a short barrel since the FBI probably use short barrels

William Reed Seal Foss

is this the same as Mk 318?


Nice review. I bought a bunch of this back when it was available, and my SHTF magazines are still loaded with it.

Could you take a look at Winchester RA556B? It's allegedly also on the same FBI contract, and it's actually available right now, as opposed to the XM556FBIT3.


jeremy volpe

Great test dude! I love seeing stuff like this

White Satin

@ 1:04 Designeded? Lol Good video!

J Simons

Great Reviews! Thanks for doing them.

The .223 equivalent to this 5.56 load is Federal's LE223T3. Though .223, it seems to have similar velocities as the 5.56. Federal also loads the same bullets for several hunting applications but with different powder charges, so, different velocities.


Is this the actual xm556fbit3 white box or is it the xm556dbct3 brown box

Ray Rojas

At what distance was the gel engaged for the tests?

Dino Nucci

.223 / 556 is NOT for home defense!! The audio concussion from being fired indoors would be deafening

Henry Reed

Please test the Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos rounds. Thank you very much


What’s the difference in velocity between the 5.56x45 loading and the .223 loading? I got a case of XM556FBIT3M, and it’s case head is marked as .223 rem, so I think I got the slower ammo. I’m just curious how much slower it might be compared to the true 5.56x45 pressure loading.


Good test!

The Daily Shooter

That's a legitimate round. Great test


If you can test remington hypersonic plz

Sam Green

I realize my reply is belated, may I ask what is up with the pulled .45ACP cartridge that was standing up at the 2 min mark behind the plasterboard? It obviously dumped the powder. Besides that, good review.  This has been my go to ammo for many many years. I do like Black Hills 50gr TSX as well. Both are excellent blind barrier ammunition.  The TBBC isnt the most accurate, but it  gets the job done.  Usually I buy LE223T3 for $29 per twenty when this is unavailable, I did however buy a few hundred rounds of TSA's TBBC factory rejects to see why they got rejected.   I tested it against LE223T3,  XM556SBCT3 & XM556FBIT3 I had in my safe.Of course my chrono broke that day....But accuracy wise, the factory rejects performed the same as the XM556SBCT3 & XM556FBIT3 I had.  The black sheep PSA TBBC made good plinking ammo, we shot a lot of gel and soft and hard to see real performance that day.

Mike Smith

The FBI ammo is a beast of a round and was designed for use up close and personal. It was never meant for long range shooting. So don't expect tight groups out past 200 yards. The FBI ammo is not match ammo and never was meant to be by any means.

Joe Johnson

I'm stocking up on this shit as much as I can!!

Mark Pope

Great scientific test and great information. Devastating over penetration even through barriers.If I were doing home invasions, like the FBI and other SWAT teams, this would be my go to load.

Not sure this is necessary or desirable for home defense. After examining all of the Ballistics data and gel testing, bare and through barriers, I really don't feel so bad using good 'ol XM193 out of a carbine (16" nominal) or AR pistol (10" BBL nominal) for home defense.


You should test the new 75 gr. Gold Dot ammo.

Tommy TwoGun

Pretty awesome round. A bit tricky to find, and when you do it's pricey.

Bobby Knight

Will this ammo work in my AR-15 with a 1:9 barrel twist rate?


This is the best ammo, look what it does from a 7.5 in barrel....