MV3D Turns your RPG Maker MV Games into 3D! || Feature Overview of my Favorite Plugin EVER

MV3D Turns your RPG Maker MV Games into 3D! || Feature Overview of my Favorite Plugin EVER

24 312 views | 2 Jun. 2020

With RPG Maker MV, you can make your very own game without any programming knowledge whatsoever.

But because of its inherent extensibility, the engine allows you to create and share plugins made with javascript in order to obtain all kinds of features that don't come with the engine by default.

NOW, MV3D has come into the 3D space with Dread's MV3D plugin! This amazing plugin renders your map scenes in 3D! Let's take a detailed look at all of the features available in 0.5.4!

EDIT: 0.6 IS NOW AVAILABLE! Stealthily released before I even had a chance to even publish this video!! So expect yet ANOTHER video detailing the awesome new features -- THERE IS NOW 3D MODEL IMPORTS!!! KJDHSG

Support Dread's MV3D plugin, you can visit her for the perpetual license!

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Imagine the Cutscene Potential.
A slight camera roll + close up when the villain confronts the hero, or if the Hero sees a family member or friend die.
a slow pan from Villain to Hero party.

Jakub Jakub

I dowload pack and have script on on and when i choose option isometric mode: nothing start ! I am worried


I rarely watch entire rpg maker video tutorials but yours kept me hooked all the way! You made it look so easy and inviting! Thanks a lot :)


It's cool, but I all I have ever wanted was an rpg maker with snes secret of mana graphics and combat style.


How do I adust the camera?

Tanabodhi Mukura

I tried the test project and it worked out great but when I tried it on my project the sky box isn't there (I'm using the free version btw) So does anyone know how to get the sky box??

Jun Rosamura

This makes me want to go back and redo some of the games I made. This plugin is neat.

Art Painting

So is there a way to get this plugin to work with RPG maker MZ? This is so awesome! Really hope its compatible.

Dylan Faltisco

looks amazing!!


How much Dose this Plugin cost? My Description is glitching

Schlanvlcore Dude

So I put the plugin in the plugins folder. enabled the plugin and took the MV3d file in img... but i cant understand what I need or where to put anything

Jeremiah Tisdale

This is an amazing example of what you can do with rpg maker.


This is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to try it out!!
Can someone please help me with the movement plugins he mentions at around 1:45?
I can find Quasi Movement which I guess is "Q-Movement" but I can't find Alt Limit/Ultimate/Altimate or whatever he's saying.


Oh if they do this on console...

Plippy :p

if you can have a plugin to jump as well. it will be absolutely great

Matthew Bryant

Is it possible to make a elder scrolls type game with rpg maker??

Fernando Silva

this is very beautiful

Kejuan Sallad I haven't seen anyone create a project close to this....I wander is it possible with rpg maker to walk around small but once encounter an enemy create a scene like this?

Matthew Willis

I haven't read all the comments yet but is this compatible with a tactics battle system plugin?

Astrah Cat

This is amazing


This looks amazing! By any chance do you know which of these plugins would work with the 3D plugin:
*Visual Novel Busts
*Horror Effects
*Footstep Sounds
*Yanfly Core Engine
*Load Custom Fonts
*Main Menu Manager
*Message Core (+Extended Message Pack 1, Message Backlog, Message Macros, Message Speed Option)
*Event Sprite Offset
*Grid-Free Doodads
Sorry to throw all of that at you but I'm really curious. Unless there is a list somewhere that shows what is/isn't compatible with it?

Proto Propski

Holy jesus, this changes everything.

A Nerd In Real Life

How are you getting trees, objects, etc to stand in 3d. I've been at this for 8 hours and have gotten absolutely nowhere.

And no one online seems to have a step by step walk through.

Dr. Malice & the Absinthetic Orchestra

How does this affect the default battle system, if at all?

pikmin fan

When I load up the game, the camera will ALWAYS face up. Any way to fix this bug?

Science Project 99

The maps look so good in 3D. Do you know if this is available for commercial use games?


Hey do you know when the 3d model support for this plugin is coming out?

Cameron Benson

how did you get the events to show details like that in 12:00 ? Having those to check while testing would be super helpful!

Oktober Love

So I’m quite experienced with MV been using it for over two years now but I’m having trouble finding good tutorials on this plugin. I bought the premium version and joined the Patreon. Do you think you can make an in depth tutorial? I know now you can also add 3D models and I’m totally lost lol. PS your voice is super relaxing you should think about doing ASMR


The Creator of this Plugin deserves a real Job in the Gaming Industry. I hope the Game Devs take notice of this and Hire them, especially because I want this to be available on the Switch Version. I would easily pay at least $20 for this as DLC on the Switch, in a heartbeat!!

The Lore of the Things

would absolutely purchase and promote a time progression/sun's lighting and shadows plugin if you complete it!

No Face

Hello! Does this work with custom characters sizes or only with the default size?

Retro Guardian

I purchased the full version. Im having a lot of problems with it. I have been using plug ins for a few years and I cant get any of this to work at all. The demo works fine but when you actualy load into your plug ins folder it shows up in the engine but absolutely nothing works. Im runing it as the only plug in but still not working. After work tomarow I'm going to have a few hours to work on it. Im very interested in it but the lack of polish is awful considering I paid good money for it. Ive used lots of free plug ins without trouble. Its very frustrating.

Pennah Allen

I tried the demo and I really like it! I just suggest that when turning corners quickly in the FPS mode such as-- the dungeons for example-- that the lag of turning slowly be removed so it's sort of instant or somewhat faster since I was struggling to turn into the correct corridor instead of instantly turning where I needed to go. I could see that being a struggle during a chase scene for players. Also I know it would be a struggle to do, but being able to add windows and doors to the other side of houses would be great too, idk how that'd be possible.. But would really make it feel more 3D. Other then that I loved it.

Elric Godslayer

Reminds me of the graphics for games like Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1, and slightly of Mode 7 on the SNES as well. Very interesting.

cabanas beats

when will the MZ version come out tho

J.M. Henry

1:35 This makes making a first person rpg so much easier! Will definitely look into this


Would this plugin be compatible with an ABS (action-based battle system) plugin?

I always wanted to make a game where the combat wasn't locked into an SV battle system or FV battle system. I know that there are some plugins out there that allow your character to fight in real-time or Free roam battle. I seen a few old-time games do this with this type of 3D camera system.

Do you think this is possible with this plugin?
if so could you please do a tutorial on how to do it.

edit: Is there a way to make the camera in the shops to be Perspective or Isometric.

Here are some examples of the type of battle system I am talking about.

Alpha ABS 1.2 Preview by Pheonix KageDesu

[RPG Maker MV] Real-time ARPG Battle System Demo by Ivan Xu


Your voice is soothing, plus I found a great plugin thanks to you. Subbed!

Chimp Developer

Does qsprite work with this? I imagine it would probably break things since it affects the assets but I'm curious if anyone has tried it.




Nice sexy voice


this made want to work on rpg maker

aaron selby

Hey bud ive spent hours trying to get first person to work. I want to make a simple dungeon crawler like fatal labyrinths with it. Ive seen the plug in command mv3d camera dist 0 and all else that google had to offer but I cant actualy get anything to work in practice. with dist 0 the screen is black because theres no distance. I just want to see straight ahead from the characters own to eyes :( im realy have a time of it lol. Please b my hero.

Fire Emblem Mimi

Awesome plugin! Btw what music did you use??


few questions- does it let you jump (basic platforming, like in Paper Mario) and does 3D apply to the battle screen? This has made me very interested in trying to make a Paper Mario RPG fangame with it, i haven't used RPG Maker in years and i remember it being difficult to implement jumping (and Paper Mario-style action commands)

Amanda Dobson

Thank you for the calm voice!

Retro Guardian

I have a completly finished mv game using all default tiles. Does this plug in have 3d models of every single mv default tile? If so I am hooked and doing this!!!!

aaron selby

Do you know of any abs battle system that could work with mv3d first person? Thats the only thing keeping me from creating my perfect experience. Thanks!


Problems I am having with it
1: All tiles are flat
2: The camera makes no sense
That is it

Gabriel Zang

Oh my... Today you changed my life.


Parallax backgrounds might pose a problem...

Aaron Wise

It’s got potential but rpg in a box is cheaper and easier to use but this is impressive

A Rivet

Incredible! Thank you for sharing all this information :)

Never Before Have I Tasted Flour

You have a beautiful voice

Richard Lee

Very interesting. I have always wanted a program that could do games like Bard's Tale, or Might & Magic 3, 4 and 5 (first person, with block movement in just 4 directions). Thanks.


This should me RPG MAKER MZ!

Yandere Skitty

Holy crap I hope this works for mz. I am creating a game and this just blew my mind


this made want to work on rpg maker

Andrew Singleton

Now what I need to know is if this can be combined with a plugin that has monaters attacking from the overworld.


This is awesome, it just shows how terribly far behind the actual Devs are that it takes the community to actually make RPG maker good.


Now, if only this could be implemented in the Nintendo Switch version...!!!




Not all plugins are compatible though. It's still limited by a lot of things.

Ash Top

It is a good plugin, but it is a shame to use this Patreon model.
It would be better if it was paid only for commercial use, the idea of having the best features only paying, does not excite me.

Woody Fruity

bro, can you read me a book