Project Ozone Lite - ENERGY CONDENSER MK2 [E44] (HermitCraft Server Modded Minecraft Sky Block)

Project Ozone Lite - ENERGY CONDENSER MK2 [E44] (HermitCraft Server Modded Minecraft Sky Block)

30 253 views | 11 Jan. 2018

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Watch Hypno play through the Project Ozone Lite Sky block mod pack on the HermitCraft Skies Server! This is Project Ozone as light weight as possible with a limit of only 135 mods. Project Ozone Lite is made for computers that wouldn't be able to handle a normal Project Ozone pack. This pack was made with multiplayer and performance in mind. Project Ozone Lite (POL or POLite for short) uses the Better Questing mod, almost every quest is a retrieval task, and all quests should detect no matter if you unlocked the quest or not.






Project Ozone Lite - Garden of Glass World Type

Panayiotis Joannou

Hypno you should just use emerald essence it would be better for you because you can use the emerald blocks as EMC Fuel. Its easier because you don't need a crux.

Nicholas Bonelli

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use in place of the advanced item collectors? Either that or, does anyone know how to re-enable it? Unfortunately I started playing this pack after the update that disabled them

Szymon Jankiewicz

Why you didn't make a transmutation table?

Sinmis077 Gaming

lol hypno your were crafting the wyvern armor and forgot those things behine xd [ 21:36 ]

RRKS101_1 TF2

23:58 I had that issue on a tekkit classic server. It was a small server. It’s shut down now sadly

19Pat 97

If you have a craftingcard in a kind of bus, the ME-System sends its hole nventory to the bus and checks then if it has the right thing to craft. if you can avoid craftingcard it is better. you could setup a crafter ffrom RFTools.


Omg I <3 the part in his intro when he says "Oh yeah guys." It is so calming and sounds awesome. I <3 ur bids!

Zac packman

hungry for apples?

James Kasper - CBWP


Matthew Lofton

Instead of using bone meal, just move the apple tree to the ITM farm. I believe it covers a 9x9x9 area, so a smaller tree should leave an apple just inside the outer edge. It might take a couple tries to have an apple appear on the right block, but once it does you'd just need one mech user to harvest.

Bill Garrison

You know what I love about your videos? I can literally watch them with the sound off and know what your doing because you always highlight all the important bits with your mouse. Thats not the only reason but its helpful :D

Devin Kamer

The philosopher's stone has emc, you can just dupe it to speed up fuel crafting

Erkol Games

I know it is too late but he can dupe the imaginary time block to get the emerald seeds to grow really fast

Former Formling

Remember that the witch water flows into a grinder and have max luck on it along with max sharpness and smite for faster kills.

Mart Ruedisueli

Hey Nypno, Emerald blocks have more EMC than Nether stars and don't need cruxes. Good solution for EMC.

Yavad Smith

For EMC you could make a power flower

Mike Pound

Not first but pleased to see some quality content. With hyphos streaming schedule always amazed at quality of the series on yt

Igor Muhadinovic

The sky thing hipno its xB...he has a celestial manipulatior that makes the time switch faster...ohh and the celestial manipulatior is from draconic evolution just so you know :)

Red Coin

You can shoot a projectile out of the philosophers stone that can transmute entities (similar to how you can transmute blocks)

IF You have a Klein star to fuel it


if you have OCD, then i suggest never looking at my base. ever.


Two mana pylons are also enough to get level 30 enchants and/or power up the enchanter. It's a bit more compact than all that magical wood.


one fast way would be emeraldblocks like welsknight did. He made a dimension made up just from emerald blocks he he just quarried it and got unlimited emc. And he made that dimension public, you could just use it or ask him


Make the Nutron collectors because once you get 13 singleraities and comic meatball and ultimate stew with other items the infinity catalyst have Mc


Try emerald blocks

Logan Colangelo

Honestly you’re one of the most underrated Minecraft youtubers, you should have so many more followers, your content is amazing and I look forward to your videos everyday

Sean Inglin


Dark Angel

Are you still going to put those upgrades into the sifting? I want to see that stuff go max speed

Vision Von

Hey,Gem amour is the most powerful armour in Minecraft you can not die and you can fly faster like you in creative mode and draconic if you upgrade it it still not strong then the Gem Armour

LalleMan gaming

not first and don't care ;) OT: loving the series so far <3


A few things about Project E

The difference between the MK1 and MK2 condenser is not just speed (though the speed boost is nice), but the big advantage is automation since it has both a input inventory and a export inventory. It makes automation simple.

You can take an item thst creates annother item that has a higher EMC value and use that to create massive ammounts of EMC fast. The apple bonemeal farm is one idea. Use a MK2 to create bonemeal from apples and have any that does not fit go to a different MK2 thst turns them into a EMC battery (an item thst stacks well and costs lots and lots of EMC for so it does not overfill chests drawers or your inventory when you want to spend it), I use red matter blocks for this.

Annother way to generate EMC stupidly fast is to run a blaze rod through a sag mill (or pulverizer) since 2 powder = 1 rod worth of EMC and those machines make 6ish (plus some extra products with emc value). The faster you can process rods and run the powder into a MK2 to make more rods the faster the excess powder will come in to be made into EMC batteries. Depending on how many machines you have processing the rods and how fast you get them to run you can even outpace a world made of emerald blocks with a quarry running in it (again it will depend on the speed of the quarry's machine vs your blaze rod processing setup). Though the blaze rod setup will never run out.

Joey Loyer

Philosopher stone is 50 EMC make 100 of them =)

Paul-Stelian Olaru

Isn't the transmutation table itself cheaper? Or is it changed?


4TH Hypno Is My Fav U Tuber

Alex Kreps

Hypno, is it possible to create a pattern to create 64 alchemical coal from 4 stacks of coal and the philosopher's stone? It may speed up the crafts 64 fold if possible.

truls aker

@HYPNOTIZD withering Soul have a crafting recepie

Anders Buur Thygesen

Fill out ur bauble slots

Charles MacTaggart

I would obsessively go through all my inventory and turn anything i didn't want into EMC.

Donald Pump

RFTools Dimensions, get an emerald dimension and set up a digital miner fully upgraded or go veinmining. Easy EMC for daysssss



kyle mcpherson

you were probably crafting ingots to blocks and then blocks too ingots if you had both in there, going on endlessly.


You only need one mechanical user bonemealing for the Apple harvesting thing. The bonemealing mechanical user harvests the apples at the same time it bonemeals.

Alexandre Dupont

You should multiply the philosopher’s stone with the energy condenser

Anders Moore

Thank you for the awesome daily content!

Richard Preinitz - MaybeMystic

Why don't you just push those essences you're crafting into ingots and whatnot, aka the mana infused, nether stars, and awakened draconium into an rftools crafter to prevent tps issues?


Says should make steel seeds hovers over it -_-

Panu Hauhia

the sky jumping meant somebody used the watch of flowing time it can boost every machine 7-30% and it can cause huge amounts of lag


The Nether Crux can be crafted with EMC


hint for the drops of evil, just put some witchwater in the mob farm, all skelletons will turn to wither skelletons


The way I have it set up I have a dimension fall of emerald blocks I have a builder there mining it all and I get millions of EMC


Hey Hypno's comments. Ive been trying for hours to find the episode where he builds the mystical agriculture setup. could anyone tell me the episode #?
Thanks a lot


Why dont you duplicate nether star crux? :o
isnt it a faster way? i think it has emc value

Jonathan Patry

The crux can probably be duped, can't it? Forgot if it has EMC. If not, the souls might. If not, use the good old emerald blocks for EMC instead.

Ian moseley

If only you could make cider!

Charles MacTaggart

Use rotten flesh!