Cinematic Excrement: Episode 47 - Desert Thunder, part 1

Cinematic Excrement: Episode 47 - Desert Thunder, part 1

24 278 views | 1 Sep. 2013

Let's see what a $2 movie looks like.


Why didn't you make part 2 viewable on mobile?

Cinematic Excrement

I did. I might review Iron Eagle someday. That movie was ridiculous.

Drakkenmensch Silverflare

Every question in this movie is answered with "for some reason"

Greg Camp

The mission has to be performed in secret and can't involve the military? If only we had an agency that handles such things...


Aerial stock footage = Iron Eagle. :P

Cinematic Excrement

It's blocked on mobile because of the music clip I used at the end. Since that appears to be the only thing blocking it, I'll upload an alternate version with the song cut out.

Cole Phelps 1947

Idk about you guys but i'd rather be a sailor than a pilot.


So basically, this movie is a remake of Iron Eagle II, only without the Soviets. Speaking of Iron Eagle, I dare you to watch Iron Eagle on the Attack. It actually makes this movie look good.


So this is the Dirty Dozen in JEEEETS but stupid. WONDERFUL!

Vonte Adams

first yh

Pie Pie The Spartan ツ

This rocket modification bullshit is making Goddard roll in his grave.

Zachary Seitz

Youcan improve the range of a missle, you just gotta build a large rocket propled tank.

Lily Moon

weird thing to say. but i love the shirts you have.

Jason Case

Navy seals is a great action movie I completely recommend it.


In case you were wondering Richard Tyson was Crisp in Kindergarten Cop. He was also in Black Hawk Down, but to be honest who wasn't in that film?

anik monette

I saw the same movie, but with dysfunctional teens instead of adults. One had asthma even!

Cole Phelps 1947

Navy seals looks like a fun b movie. With Bill paxton, Michael beahn, and Charlie sheen. This movie just looks cheap as shit. I don't like action movies that can't hace their own action scenes

Steven Monsanto

Do Ray and silent Bob strikes back plz.

Lord Zuko

Thank you. You are too kind.

Semantic Dragon

"We need a crack team of eccentric trouble-makers with no respect for uniform attire, each more specialized than the last, and don't bring me anyone with fewer than three reprimands. Get the ones that were washed out for playing by their own rules, and at least one who'll never go back 'not after last time'. We'll give them our most experimental and unreliable equipment, deploy them behind enemy lines without disclosing the full plan so they have something to figure out as they suffer casualties, and wait for success. Oh, and Johnson... you run point on this one. When our loose cannon and his new love interest come home, someone's getting punched in the face, and I've had my fair share. Dismissed." General Exposition.

Richard Watt

So, if you took a USSR R-17, removed the standard booster & sustainer rocket units and replaced them with something based on the RD-180 rocket that was going to be used on their N1 program, would that give it a 3,000 km range?

The RD-180 was a closed-loop engine that effectively built a rocket motor with an afterburner (NASA tried the same thing in the past, but stopped after the repeated failures, usually accompanied with explosions, in the project).

M Chambers

The cutting and pasting from 'Navy Seals' is better than 'Bad Ass 2' which cut and pasted the chase seen from another 1990 action film 'Narrow Margin'. The biggest problem being that Gene Hackman's stunt driver in 'Narrow Margin' and Danny Glover from 'Bad Ass 2' are not the same race.

Johnny MoCap

enjoy :) /watch?v=xStht3LERa4


He got through all 3 of them

Pascal Leers

Go in and bomb the place. Yep,this must be an American movie.

Jon Avenger71985

i watch alot of low budget action films all the time and when they are entertaining its quite rewarding especially when its cheap on dvd.

Dean DuPont

@ 9:41
It reminds me of a war comic parody Gilbert Sheldon once did called "Smilin' Sargent Death!" whose platoon contained every ethnic stereotype available in 1970 (sorry Asians). The sarge himself was prone to smoking two cigars at once, one on each side of his mouth.

Sharon Pereira


M Chambers

4:25 No they didn't get this one right! The Pentagon is in Virginia NOT Washington DC!


All of the Baldwins that aren't Alec are the Baldwins nobody cares about.


Discharged for sleeping with her CO? Given everyone else's back stories, I say she should be made 2nd in command.

And for the record, while Adam Baldwin is not related to Alec and Daniel etc., he is fantastic. Love his work


Some Iraqi military officers do speak English so thats not such a big issue, since Saddam was friendly with the West especially during the Iran-Iraq war. Also Britain occupied Iraq during both world wars and up till 1947 and has been close to lots of Middle Eastern countries since then (because of oil).


Say, are you ever coming back to the DVDs that your sister gave you?


seems this film has a dirty dozen vibe to it but not in the same universe as that classic

Keith Thorpe

So, this is basically "The Dirty Dozen" in airplanes...except there aren't a dozen of them...
and it sucks donkey ass.


wow this movie sucks so bad i fear to see what happens next

Lord Zuko

My man, where is part 2?

Jeff Mackey

Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray are hit-and-miss; sometimes they make a fun campy action/horror film or a decent rip-off while other times it's just plain bad or a so-bad-it's-good. I like a lot of their stock footage-laden action/military films. I saw this one back-to-back with the other Daniel Baldwin/Tim Abell/Richard Tyson films THE PANDORA PROJECT and ACTIVE STEALTH; all fun films.

Rich Juin

bad movie

Sander Nielsen

Benny Ray what the hell ?

Shae Perritt

TO WIKIPEDIA!!!!!! (Bat Music)

Tasty Loaf

What the hell do Americans put in bath salts?!

It ain't magnesium sulfate, that's for sure.


Come on, dude, they're fins. Not flippers. Fins.

Shreyas J.


Jared Carlson

I've seen Daniel Baldwin on trutv's worlds dumbest.


Ok but "I don't understand this country" is actually something expats in the US say.
Source: me, an expat currently living in the US.


Wait, that general is the asshole teacher from iCarly!


this format is kinda not as much fun with "B" movies.


Did you actually watch all of the movies that Desert Thunder took stock footage from?

Cinematic Excrement

You just might see one around Halloween.


Oooh, Godfrey Ho reference, any chance you'll review one of his ninja movies in the future? Those are a scream XD.


Always great to see a new vid Smeg :) keep it up

M Chambers

4:25 No they did not get this one right! The Pentagon is in Virginia NOT Washington DC!!! The shot they use is not even facing the direction of DC.


You should do a Nicolas Cage movie- Drive Angry, Ghost Rider 2, just about any Nicolas Cage movie would be great.