Virasat e Khalsa(Song)

Virasat e Khalsa(Song)

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New Video Sri Anandpur sahib


(Nannu Singh)


Virasat-e-Khalsa(Punjabi:ਵਿਰਾਸਤ-ਏ-ਖਾਲਸਾ) (formerly known as Khalsa Heritage Memorial Complex) is a museum located in Anandpur Sahib.[1] The museum gives an insight to the events that took place in Punjab five hundred years ago which gave birth to Sikhism and finally the Khalsa Panth. The museum will throw light on the vision of the Gurus, the eternal message of peace and brotherhood which they delivered to the whole mankind and the rich culture and heritage of Punjab.[2] The museum is intended to commemorate 500 years of Sikh history and the 300th anniversary of the Khalsa, the scriptures written by the 10th and last Guru of Sikhism, Gobind Singh, founder of modern Sikhism.

Rear View of the Complex

After thirteen years of construction it has been inaugurated on November 25, 2011.[3][4] It has opened for public on November 27, 2011.

Akanksha Rajput

Hi Please tell me what is the song that kickstarts this video? I am searching for the mp3, but unable to find it. Also, what's the artist's name?

Arshi Mander



if i'm not mistaken . i heard that song kothe te khalo and madhainiyan song in female voice

Tanpreet Singh

superlike song....:)

Gilla da munda gill

sirra song virasat a khalsa

vicky khehra khehra

veere siraa karata 22 ganna pa k e 

Nirmal Singh


sandeep panesar

veer juth kyu marde oo 
virast e khalsa vich om jai gandish da ki kam othe  ta na hi othe wjda aa 
ki show krna chahunde o ????

Akhtar Mahal

last ala song bai kitho download kra

Karan Mehra

Kis ne gaaya hai ?? dsdo veere

Vimal Chaunkaria

Thank You :)

beauti ful


Deep writter Taghar

World class bro


jasbir jassi - singer

Harjit Singh Rurki

jassi is good singar and this song is best

Ritu Devi

who is singer ????


i asked at the museum and they said jasbir jassy made this especially for the museum and you cant get it, if you use videotomp3 converter and copy and paste , you can record it to cd like i have done. :)

Bikramjeet Singh

best song


good  very nice sanu mann haa khalsa hoon da 

Kat Kim

what are the list of songs in first three minutes of this song? I want to download them seperatly thank you

Gaurav Dilver

Very nice song and sung vnice as well Who is the singer ??

Shashi Bhushan Purohit

May u pls suggest from where audio of this song could be download.

Nitish Bali

jehde virasat ae khalsa vich bani lagdiya kya ohh mil sakdiya ?? i love this kothe te khalo mahiya..

Shashi Bhushan Purohit

Very good job. looking for this song for a long. thank u so much.

Aks Ruh

Best looking for it. Very well work bro well done. Thanks

Amarpreet Singh

brthr eh song download mp3 kitho houga pls yr dass do


yari naci

Prof. Punjab

Nanu y virasat e khalsa wala mainu mp3 song chaida ji
7696748526 Eh mera whats aap no. A eh te send kar deo ji request hi a

Prabhjot Singh

thanks for uploading the video

Nannu Singh


sahil goyal

ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh finally got it ..............

Harvinder Gill

Thanks brother... songs de name dasdo

Nikku Singh

Very gud yar

Nannu Singh

New Video Sri Anandpur sahib

Jagjeet Singh

Thank you so much... I was searching this like a mad !

Gurmeet Singh

yar nice song yea

Swappycaptures You

thank you for this song... rab rakha..


Anyone knows-- who are the singer of this and whose composition is this?

Zenny Pikoo

My favorite song

Shashi Bhushan Purohit


Lucky Flex


Sukhwinder Singh

Bai download kitho hou eh song ultimate hai bai

Gurpreet Rai


Dhiman vlogs

very nice

Nannu Singh



it was so thrilling when i heard this music in there . amazing

harpreet singh

6:10 te jo song aya oho kitho milega. plz dso

Amritpal Singh

veer ji es vich jine v songs ne ona da plz link send krdo please



Sharma brothers

Very nice song....sing very well. love u all....Sonia Sharma (Singer or Performer) 93558-44222

Nannu Singh


Taru Rathore

nice song ! I was searching since 2015.Thanx

Ishika Luthra

yes gurjot u r right ...even i heard that song in female voice ....

Harpal Singh

where i download this song

Gagandeep Manocha

thanx nannu bro.............

uday veer


Lovepreet Singh

Thanx i was looking for this song


veer ji dil khush karta je,.....but is ch jine v song ne...jasbir jassi di awwaz va...all song de link send kar deo

Gilla da munda gill

sirra song virasat a khalsa

kharku khalistani singh

age age ke om jay jagdes hare gana hega virast e khalsa galat gal