DIVINITY 2 - All Braccus Rex Tyrant Set Pieces Locations (Artefacts of the Tyrant Quest Walkthrough)

DIVINITY 2 - All Braccus Rex Tyrant Set Pieces Locations (Artefacts of the Tyrant Quest Walkthrough)

156 339 views | 18 Sep. 2017

(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 All Braccus Rex Tyrant Set Pieces Locations (Artefacts of the Tyrant Quest Walkthrough)



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Happy Camper

Hey man. Just want to say thanks for all your help. This is a killer of a game. One question though, what's with sharing lore with fane when you examine things? Is it a waste of time or? Thanks again


Where is the hint or something that tells me about having 15 wits tho am I supposed to Google it?

Evgen Konyshock

i cast bless on you


is there a way to remove curse from an equipment? tried using bless but didn't work.
btw great video as always.

Mike Messiah

ENCOURAGE doesnt increase Wits


Mace comes from blessing the pigs quest. Bless pigs till an NPC shows up and kill her. Loot the mace.


great game

Pillow Pants

I likke this game a lot a lot.. but how on earth do you find out you need 15 wits to talk to the statue?! Is it in a book I didnt read.. a rumor around town talking to somebody? Ive always wondered how ppl find shit out that seems basically impossible to figure out without being told somehow lol

Luna Protege

Obvious question... How do you remove the curses on the armors? The slowing Aura and so on,

Hugo Smith

the ring will get you teleported to tower entrance outside the gargoyle maze bypassing it altogether.

Kim Katsu

For a person as infamous and powerful as Braccus was, he used some weak ass equipment. Even by the end of act 1 i had better stuff.

Hector Manrique

how do you get rid of the course? almost all of the pieces are coursed

Joni Virtanen

Maces name is the illuminator, I have it on my inventory but I don't remember where i got it :(

craig connor

I found "The Illuminator" "A twisted torch torn from the walls of Braccus Rex' dungeon of horrors. The terrors seen by its light have given it a malevolent aura." So you need to progress and unlock the spell bless, then goto the pigs that are on fire and use the spell bless to cure the curse an undead lizard will then rise from the ground speak with her, kill her and she has it.

Rémi F

got all the pieces but still got all the debuff when i equip the full 5 armor pieces ... dunno why ? and did it get a buff later ? got better gear now

Vanessa Erk

Loot of elves? How? I need zu kill them?

Big Boner

Nice vid, set is shit though.


only the rose cave there

SmurfGeneral Gaming

Hey do you know anything about a glitch on the Strides where they glitch through the floor? I'm playing with friends on Xbox and for some reason they keep going through the floor and are out of reach.

Legendary Troll

I found all the pieces but they are corrupted


The lever won't appears to me on the prision...is that a bug?


There's actually a hidden quest for the helm, use it purge a dead body 3/4 times, a demon comes out and you kill it. it dropped the same helm but the magic was changed from purging into shackles of pain


I left some somewhere!


I am playing the Definitive edition and there is no lever to get the Tyrant's Stride? what do I do?

Andree Althaus

how do i remove the curse?
i play the defintive edition and when iam weaping all 4 set pieces i just burn
all the curse effects are active
even with addition of the spear and ring the curse stays on me
am i doing something wrong?

Token Knight


Lorenzo Dalai Lamas

But its cursed

Darius Lithav

You can actually save , magister sang, you will get the +1hero title 10000exp and he will tell you about his family how he has 3 daughters, I won't tell you how. But you can save him


did you miss the pants?


Okay we working on the chest now , got helm, boots, gloves ... question what with that Dragon on the beach ...?


i searched two houers for the belt


where are the links in the description?


Thanks for the video, I had no clue how to get the legs. For the Torch (1h mace of Braccus Rex), you need to help the burning pigs by blessing them and an undead lizard will appear, you can either kill her or trick her into killing herself, and her body will then have the Torch on it.

Shattered Knight

WTF? It says you have to use a bless or something on the lever. How are you supposed to do that?


Funny thing I was trying to get the first one after having the helmet and some red lizard appeared while I was almost done with it and killed me easily what was it?

Jeffrey Finch

Common sense dictates timestamps. I see no sense in not having time stamps. The fuck are the legs

Beau Bennett

it is actually easier to just teleport the bodies out of the tower onto the ground by your characters.....then no need to deal with lightning cloud......you can reach everything in there from the ground with teleport

Zachary Hinton

I also found a ring

Thiago Colombiano

I have 15 points of wits and don't interact. The last part for me is leggings


I can't for the life of me get the statue dialogue to pop up for the pants... I guess it's bugged


the only way to not get cursed is to always wear the full set of armor. just armor piece not the weapons, i am guessing if u do the same with the rest of the piece u won't get cursed. ring is tricky it's curse after removing the right u have to remove the curse off u with bless.