Free Substance Painter Alternatives - Armor Paint vs Quixel Mixer

Free Substance Painter Alternatives - Armor Paint vs Quixel Mixer

200 326 views | 6 Aug. 2020

In this video, @Martin Klekner explores what are the pros and cons of the two free texturing solutions, Armor Paint and Quixel Mixer, compared to Substance Painter. Are they as good as, or in some cases even better than Substance Painter? Let's find out!

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00:00 - Intro

01:45 - Substance Painter

03:57 - Substance Painter Pros & Cons

04:06 - Armor Paint

08:44 - Armor Paint Pros & Cons

09:14 - Quixel Mixer

13:40 - Quixel Mixer Pros & Cons

13:51 - Conclusion


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U can paint normals in quixel

Crisyugo Productions

guys if you want to buy substance only in 1 payment, on steam its available no monthly payments only 1 and done

Kishan Patel

Jo bhi hindi me blender sikhna chahta hai vo.
Is channel pe jaye or sikhe or subscribe mera channal nahi hai.or nahi mere koi relatives ka.but ye bhai bhot hi mehnat karte hai or bhot achhe se blender sikhate hai.isliye me inki channel ko suggest karta hu.


This video is even more relevant in light of recent decisions by a certain software manufacturer regarding its most recent acquisitions.


A great comparision video, thx for this. IMHO Mixer will improve more and more and then will be a competitor to Substance - but not free anymore;-) I hope the underlying architecture of armorpaint is good enough to keep up with the other 2 solutions, but TBH, I dont think so.

Fidel Pamplona

I don't know if it's still available, but old Sculptris was good for painting normals. It would turn different materials into seperate objects you can hide and mask. Painting was the best part about it. But it was just texture and normals, no AO or shading, and materials were just environment map. But might be useful for some. The old one (only linked in the ZBRUSH Forum) would do 4K maps.



Jintaro Kensei

Once mixer gets the baker, substance gets deleted immediately

Trịnh Hải

Any suggestions about the workflow between them?Does it improve the procession?

Fahmi Azrol

thank you for this info. Really appreciate it

Baboo's Random Vids

I'm just made that we don't get substance painter with the creative cloud. I have the full cloud so this is super frustrating

LocalFriendly cloud

Adobe is artist's EA

Tim D Nchantr

Blender is absolutely capable of doing what substance painter does, it would just take you hundreds or hours per asset. haha

MyName Here

For Adobe fanboiz - programs never became less price or better quality after they became property of big corps. They buy software not to develop it, just to make profits and kill it. If you dont see this repeating trend you are blind. Only example is Epic that throws money to attract more users to own ecosystem. But we never know what happend in next couple years whith Megascans.

Zakaria Chefi

I beleive the close one is 3D coat


I would like to mention this in case anyone is using Quixel Mixer (probably already mentioned in the comments but i'll do it anyway). If you have an Epic Games account. Mixer, Bridge, and Megascans is completely free, no subscription required, by signing in using your Epic account as Quixel is a part of the Unreal Engine family


Adobe is Ea for software

unnoficial: satan

Is armor paint no longer free?

karthik twister

Is ArmorPaint Open Source Software?

bob D

Substance Painter IS NOT FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Storm

I've been using Quixel Mixer since using the Substance Painter trial (I am a poor mf) and Quixel Mixer is a slow buggy disaster. It becomes totally unworkable at times and it feels so limited compared to Substance Painter. I've had nothing but frustrations with it..big downgrade

Dhananjay Satish Kupekar

Mind blowing comparison done ever.✌


Thanks, good video, interesting arguments

Pascal Achermann

very helpful and fair comparison thanks for sharing!

Nero Pasta

If want to make materials, I think Mixer is the way to go. But the sculpting stuff is Substance.

Robert Ramsay

Yep, Mixer is looking good but the big question will be about UDIMs performance/support no doubt.

Rizvan Rizvanner

CG Boost What do you think about the new competitor Substance Painter I'm talking about the recently released Terradonix 0.9.0 Alpha? (Is this a substance painter killer?) (Maybe you can create a review for us?). (the app site: ( video:


It looks like in armour paint there's less setup for painting decals and I really like that because I've found it really iffy at times in painter but maybe they fixed that now


Fun thing to note, Substance Painter is a one time charge if you buy it off of Steam. No subscription, perpetual license, for $150


I dont understand how to install armor paint :/

saeed zare

Thanks for sharing your experiences sounds like helpful for CG guys

Nero Pasta

Epic Games are saviours of the industry

Sam Newlove

Thanks for the video, very informative. We are currently investigated Substance Painter to install at our college though often hit a bit of a road block through the subscription pricing. Though these free alternatives (I think Quixel is tipping it for me) are great and something I'll put forward.


Megascans library is 100% free for all Unrel Engine users

Ez Tutor

Awesome Review!!

Void lon iXaarii

Thank you very much. Appreciated comparison and loved your thoughts on the fear of painter and Adobe


Substance Painter the company Allegorithmic the best software in the world


Armour paint is not FREE!
Maybe remove it from this review, or update your headline.


14:47 Actually if you use mega scans assets with UE4 engine you can use whole libary for free.

Groupe.Quebec_R_Bus Groupe.Quebec_R_Bus

It seems so easy I'm not there yet I have to study more basics like how to put material and like this one, the leather finish is absolutely insane so go back to study, bye,


Every program is free if you know where to download it


Thanks for the video. I'm currently playing around with Armor Paint. As a side note: It also works on Linux, you have to compile it but this was very very easy. Just follow the instruction on github. Compiling maybe sounds difficult but it's not, if you can copy paste then you also can compile.

Daniel Grove Photo

I wish Surface Painter was part of the Adobe Suite.

Jamal Pennant

Megascans is free if you create a unreal engine login.

Agrias Oaks

Can we use substance painter in windows 7 32 bit 2gb ram?


yo, Martin Klekner, you're a very handsome dude.


SP is available on steam for indie users. Quite cheap on sales - couple times on the year (spring, summer, autmn, winter). Alternatives are great, competition bettween companies will give us, more oportunities to choose the best option for us.


Oooh very cool!

Baiba Gedrovica

Even though Painter is becoming subscription only in some months, it's still possible to buy a perpetual licence. And the cost is super low for a permanent licence, 126,99 eur on steam. Years ago I bought it on a sale for 75 euros, definitely worth it.


What is baking and UV?


Armor Paint is not free, it's not very expensive (US$18.92) but you cannot download a free working version of the software. If you know anything about compiling source you can get the free Visual Studio Community version software available from Microsoft and try to compile it yourself, but this is a bit of a steep learning curve for most computer users. In addition to Visual Studio there are other SDK's and things like that you need to install in order for the compile to work.


Mixer, Quixel Megascans, and Bridge are all free with the epic games store.

Fodder Fella

with epic games interested in these i can see the point that one of these or a similar software is intigrated into the unreal engine editor


If you download Unreal Engine 4 then Mixer and the entire megascans library is free for you to use, so it can still be a completely free program.

Chih-Wei Chien

High quality comparison! Help me a lot!

Rafael Puyana

Please stop saying –free alternative–. Open Source is the right term.


Armor Paint is my option... I paid for it don't worry

Bassem Zammeli

Megascans is the largest 8k textures library and it's completely free for unreal engine developers


One thing that made me really sad is that Mixer is not available for Linux. Quite a percentage of the Blender community will miss out on this.

Sonny Burnett

armor painter free? well the download link is sending me to gumroad and it will cost money,. Is there any link for free?

Angry Scotsman

blender can do what painter can. Painter just makes it hell of alot easier.

Vita Leonis

Adobe's FORCED SUBSCRIPTION licensing pissed off a lot of people

Galbi 3000

@4:25 Do you see that right there as you said Armorpaint is free? Since when is €16 free? I know it's not a lot and very affordable but it was a mistake literally say it's free while at the same time displaying the price!


HELP PLZ! I HAVE HOMEWORK! Guyz i need help plz. When i open substence painter i can not see the open file or something else.I cant open a file/model. I mean i cant import cause theres no open file. I watched every video, they see open file but my substence painter is not have open file option.I mean wtf? What can i do? Plz HELP

Pink Lady

Check out node-based painting done in Blender. You can find it somewhere in Youtube. Check out also BPainter, a twin of Blender.

Cecil Jr Etienne

hey can you do a tutorial or a review on the layerpainter addon for blender?

Fabiano Peres

Actually ALL Megascan Library is free if you use it with Unreal Engine.
You can render final CG in Unreal as well.
Many hollywood studios are adopting Unreal as a tool to speed up production.

Fabian A. Rosales

So I am not sure why it is that everyone wants Free. Why would an artist work for a company for free?


I use blender lmao


"Let's hope Substance can be the bright exception here."
1.5 months later...
"Hey! We're getting rid of standalone licenses completely! Subscribe after your maintenance ends or gtfo!"
Adobe can suck a duck's tail feathers.

Michael Morrow

mixer has moved way beyond this stage as of now.

Space Wargamer

ArmorPaint its not free...or I am wrong?

Storm K-1

Substance painter is really cheap in steam.

Robert Kimura

Armor paint is not free of the current date of 9/3/2020.


199$ for indie? F... off!!! SP is greatest, there is no better alternatives!!!


how did manage to put the logo with red and white ? i cant put multicolor decals ? thats my biggest problem anyone please help ?


We have free blender and mixer

Roberto Guimaraes

Mixer is not even in the same category of software. Its a material designer not a 3D painter.

Metal Head

Awesome tutorial ! If you wish click on my channel icon to watch my new blender animations

max 3d

lixo nada carega pesado,,um lixo para inport do zbrush obj stl nada ,Substance um lixoooo para inport


armor paint is not free tho? it costs 16 €

Edmond Wu

HI there, one quick question. How do you focus selection or area zoom in on ArmorPaint??

Gilles Fleury

The problem is that if you mainly paint with it you didn't really understood the real power of painter. It's procedural roots are strong and using it with a linear pipeline is not using it the way it really makes a difference. But interesting comparison for the most basic features.

Alexey Lugovoy

Armor Paint is way too unstable alpha to use on real large scale projects, move along.
Quixel is not eniterly free, poor built-in assets library, mostly for drawing environments and not suitable for anything else.
Substance still rocks and has no plausible alternatives, lucky you if you got it before subscription model.

Nero Pasta

I didnt understand what you mean by saying that Megascans are paid. They arent paid for Mixer. And if you only use it for UE4, they all are free.

Fran 3D

Mari has a non commercial license, it has some limitations, but if its not used commercialy, it's free!

Manojlo Gulic

Awesomee review, thank you!!

Ur T0aster

Every time I see Adobe- I'm like nope we are done, nothing to see here kids- Shout out to BLENDER ! KRITA ! For Supporting poor artist!


Cons : Adobe owned

Alexey Volkov

But, armor paint sale for 16 Euro :\


Is quixel mixer going to stay free? I heard that it's free only during the development but will become a paid software once released


I've never heard of Armor Paint.
I've been paying for Painter for 3 years.
I'm going to try Armor Paint.


Interesting that Mixer was fast for you. It was unusably slow for me. It also handles UV seams very poorly. Substance isn't very good with seams, either, but it's not as bad. Haven't tried Armor paint, yet.

Kevin Phillips

Quixel MegaScans (necessary to use Mixer, and with limited downloads [Personal]) costs the same as Substance Painter [Indie] for a monthly sub. So it still sounds like SP wins. ???

Thomas Parel

Substance free- c'mon!

Realform Studio

can you share the specs of your pc , to feel mixer fast one must have a good graphic card is not it?

Богдан Опир

There is a site that allows you to search in multiple cc0texture sources at once:

Fernando Diniz

Megascans is free if you have a Unreal account

José Martinez

Downloading this application is like paying for a indian substance painter license ($19), only substance is at least a finished application, not an alpha or beta. For example, the development group of luxcore render makes their application available for download without having to compile it, they do not force you to pay through other pages for its download. You should be honest and charge once for the finished application. A forced donation is not a donation, it is a charge.