LEND LEASE: M4C Sherman Blitzkrieg + 5x Katyusha [4v4] [SOV] [Port of Hamburg] — Company of Heroes 2

LEND LEASE: M4C Sherman Blitzkrieg + 5x Katyusha [4v4] [SOV] [Port of Hamburg] — Company of Heroes 2

22 989 views | 4 May. 2019

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US rear echelon spam , when ?

Feder Giard

Supah fun


soy chileno :v me gustan tus estrategias hombre y cual company of heroes 2 ¿ es comprado?

Strum Tiger

German be like when did America get here?


I took a shot for every time Skippy said "Rockets". You are the ROCKET-MAN!


I am curious how the 1v1 ended


17:15 nice balance: DSHK(heavy machine gun!!!!!) loses grenadiers. Deleted game.


When poeple call you noob but your abviuesly wrecking em


Did you know that For Motherrussia increases the a ccuracy of the 203mm b4 about 25% . You should definitely try it out in an 4vs 4 all same commander.


it was a great battle comrad general We will never loose our fate in you

bruh bruh

Real men use the is2


You are noobs for spamming Sherman? It worked. He is sad for getting upset so easily over Soviet nuisances.

Emanuel Fabian

what kind of goliaths is this?

Leva Maiorov

1000 sherman in one game

sakuya izayoi

Penals : god dammit driver use overdrive!!!
m3 driver : nope

Theo F

skippy bro, love your stuff, but the "everyone on the team goes as the same commander and spams the special vehicle unique to that commander" bit is getting a little overdone.

Strangely Ukrainian

If you’ll see, the real reason the Sherman has such a bad reputation is because of tactics like this. See, the use of Shermans in such a way against superior tanks and AT weapons resulted in heavy tank casualties on the side of the allies, but the objective was still accomplished perfectly driving back the Axis leaving the Germans reeling from every attack with just as many, (if not more casualties) than the allies.

Juben Domli Balandra

Yeah, that is why you don't under estimate the conscripts

PK Avenger

Still not effective i pick conscripts 3 intel and first spam conscript make fuel cache and then start making Shermans, then charge with 5-6 Shermans in just 25 min of gameplay.

Perseus Valles

The meme team strikes again bois

Marcin Sitkowski

Idk what is more op the Kt or panthers


Did you know if you give a Russian player an easy 8 it turns the name into m4c Sherman

Alex Gray

-Them: keep sending soldiers

-Katyusha: You just don't learn do you?

Max G

28:09 tank completely engulfed in flames
“is it crew-able? “
conscripts look at each other like hell no I ain’t getting in that!


30:00 Why not use the HVC round on Panther?


A few little things.
1. You should use HVAP shells on the Shermans against the front of any heavy units except the brummbar.
2. Creeping barrage is worse than normal barrage on katty
3. OKW HQ are extremely vulnerable during set up, you could destroy it if you unloaded your penal and satchel it straight up
4. Build the .50 on your tanks, it is a big part to its anti infantry capability


Comrade Ivan

"He's suppressing me in green cover and i can suppress him while he's moving" Welcome to the USSR, where making MGs is literally a waste of manpower, since it is more effective to just steal it from the Germans.

baris freed

you have great potential my friend, keep going
for Russia

Reese Evans

Gotta do this with the Calliope Shermans to fake them out of a Katusha meta!


21:45 this is glorious


Sherman gang!


"-He's suppressing me in green cover and i can suppress him while he's moving
-Welcome to the USSR" (с)

Ahaha) Nice joke, man.
"Great Patriotic war (part of World war II) - the USSR was used from the beginning of the war in all directions and was used throughout this war. It was used as an easel (portable) and anti-aircraft (turret on the tank) machine gun. The large caliber allowed the machine gun to effectively fight many targets, up to medium armored vehicles (!!!!!). At the end of World war II, DShK massively put anti-aircraft guns on the towers of Soviet tanks (for example - is-2, sample 1944), and ACS for self-defense vehicles in the case of attacks from the air and from the upper floors in urban battles.
Until the end of the great Patriotic war, 9 thousand DShK machine guns were produced, in the postwar period, the production of these machine guns continued." (с)

The machine gun capable in reality to flash a bullet a log, a breastwork of a trench, light armored machinery, on type Sd kfz 222, in game is balanced as useless piece of shit. Of course, it's all in the USSR, not in the crooked hands of the developer, although in reality the situation was quite different. And the most cheerful-it is development of the USSR, was made in the USSR, improved in the USSR, but for some reason in the lend-lease doctrine though has no relation to lend-lease) Nice.

Thank you for cheering me up. If you all Russians units chase assess on shown in this ... the game, (although it does not even deserve the title of beta product, judging by what I see), you will find a lot of such horror there)

дверной проем

How lvl u have?

nicolas houfer

The wait... the wait is always a suffering path to walk RELEASE IT!!! XD

Zaidan Mujahid

Im waiting for the next video to come out

Danil Ziper



Ironically playing Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries for a Soviet tank assault. Hitler would be rolling in his Argentinian grave XD

blitzkrieg -PMKC

Before watchin this vidéo, i didnt know id be recorded, i didnt even know you were a youtuber
Nice blob

Aleš Nĕmec

At the fifth minute, its so damn painful to watch...
Did he seriously just walk away from a decrewed raketten?

Zaidan Mujahid

BM-13 Katyusha
Short-Range Fire Support