The Aetherochemical Research Facility Dungeon Guide - FFXIV: Heavensward

The Aetherochemical Research Facility Dungeon Guide - FFXIV: Heavensward

293 145 views | 27 Jun. 2015

::Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - The Aetherochemical Research Facility Visual Dungeon Guide::

Why watch 40 minutes of someone else playing when you just need the highlights? This video gives you a quick overview of the dungeon, boss mechanics, and overall group dynamics. Enjoy!






FFXIV OST - The Aetherochemical Research Facility Theme

..Recorded during gameplay!

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you!

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I think either you forgot Gubal or it didn't upload or something?

Either way, great guide as usual! :D

Shawn Russell

stop hissing your S words


LOL, "Super Ascian Bros."

Francis Spall

just recently found your channel. Fantastic work.

Keith Naori

Ascians are hot

Rapp Scallion

"Was it a complicated fight?!" "Oh you know, just old Regula von Hydris"


wait did she say that the tank in this visual guide is terrible. She is the tank.. mizzteq queen of awesomeness is willing to be self critical.


Is there any visual cue for petrification?

Fredrich Choppin

First boss also does a rather large AOE between when the turrets are spawning that can be avoided by running behind the boss its hard to see sometimes.

MoTeEeC الفريد من نوعه

I like the call-out: SUPER ASCIAN BROS!

Jack Hades


Clarence Chng

destroy the ice orb first, is easier for the healer to dealt with even the fire orb get absorb since it only give 1 suppresion stack


Ya what are the orbs with the purple tether at the end of the fight


The Ascians Bros aren't really bros,  the other one was a chick. lolllll I'm pretty sure I was checking her out hoping she would take those mask off.


Lahabrea annoying? Never...

Kristina Muniz

"Emperor of Cartoon: Its a sphinx. Its a he. A female sphinx is a gynosphinx."
Actually, no - while gynosphinx (which seems to be more of a d&d creature and not actual mythology) may refer to specifically female sphinxes, sphinx in general is "a mythical creature with, as a minimum, the head of a human and the body of a lion."
And either way, pixels don't have penises or vaginas so the original point is moot.

Dan Med

Damn 2015, it's been a long time since I've played ffxiv

89 Alpha

does the new expansion require you to pay 50 bux ? or is that just for the new characters

Bird Gang

The entire dungeon is one gigantic Coil throwback, delivering an awesomely fresh experience for newcomers who never ran the content and easily delivered one of the best pieces of fanservice in the game so far.

I just WISH it was a little more fun in the former half of the dungeon and maybe that it dropped loot from the Valerian pool and was part of the expert dungeon sets, but I understand why it isn't, as two allagan dungeons in expert might be a bit repetitive.

Notes Amir

nice thank you


love this ost so much <3

Gordon Christensen

<3 Mizzteq thanks for helping me not have to listen to another ffxiv streamers gimmicky ass voice ^_^

Coffee Link

FUCK healing this won’t be fun


lol Super Ascian Bros.


Not sure if its been said but for Harmachis during the anti-machina, for dragoons, if you're binded you can use elusive jump to evade the missle


Hi Mizz.
First of all, thanks for your awesome vids, they're helping A LOT in my path to MSQ'ing FFXIV.
It seems I can't find a video to The Singularity Reactor. Did you skip it? Will you ever do one?
Keep up the awesome work and hope I can someday DF with you, would be awesome! :DDD

Kyle Wilson

Thank you soooo much! Doing this solo and your video helped me MASSIVELY! o7 gg

JD Shadow

The voice cuts out when you talk about the Prime's tether orbs. I assume you said for us to soak up the damage, but wanted to make sure.


Ran this blind. It was great.


This dungeons sucks. All this build up and I get to the final fight and the cutscenes were so fucking long that the group I was with did 90% of the fight without me. I even told them at the start that this was my first time. So much for the oh so amazing FFXIV community.


Tethered Orbs: Video is wrong on this one and the audio cuts out.  Nobody should be eating the orb they are tethered to.  Rather, your party should eat it for you as it does less damage to them.

Desperate Steer

As a tank, I gotta say this place was intense but in a good way.


Thanks for your great guides :)
You made my journey to lvl 60 easier <3

JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt

The guide narrator has incredible diction. It’s so crisp I have to assume she’s done live theater. It definitely helps for these guides too!

mike chapman

thanks mizz ! like always your videos are great !

Maya Fluttershy

Is it just me or did a length of your voice audio got snipped near the end explaining the orbs, or was that intentional? Lol I like your visual guides! Keep it up!


Awesome vid! Wish other FF youtubers would get the message that less is more! :)


Been loving your guides and finally finishing Heavensward in preparation for Stormblood. You mentioned you'd come back to the next one so as to not spoil things, but I'm not seeing a guide for the Singularity Reactor. Did you ever get back to it or is it named something else?


What is the plugin name, that shows HP % of your target?


Just killing your friends like that... damn, mizzy, I'm now scared if I'll ever encounter you in a random run ;) xD