Hotdiggidy GT YoYo Trick Tutorial

Hotdiggidy GT YoYo Trick Tutorial

3 527 views | 5 Mar. 2020

Youtube What is up guys today I got a sick yoyo tutorial for you guys. Today we are taking a look at a trick I do all the time. This is a simple GT that you can add to your combos. Let me know what other yoyo trick tutorials you guys wanna see and thanks for watching




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David Bushnell

Thanks one more trick in the bag


hope your finger is alright :)

Nasi Lemak

Keeping the throwers community alive!

Archit Shankar

I wanted to learn that... Thanks


Zinfidel Beats

Very nice thanks for the tutorial

Abang dc

Thanks Dylan for the cool tricks

Mike Gifford

You always make it look so easy. Awesome tricks keep them coming


Was pretty cool getting the week of GT. The different versions did help to wrap my head around em. Maybe can do weeks like that in the future like a week of mostly a single trick and different variations of it on each day.

But for tomorrow why not take a day off of demos and do some info stuff and give your finger a day to rest? Like maybe talk some string materials or bearing or response pad types and what playstyles they're good for or other theoretical stuff. Maybe what effects certain specs like gap width or design choices like straight cuts vs curves have on overall feel of a yoyo.

Chris Catastrophe

Mine always binds when I hit the green triangle. Am I doing something wrong ?

Gog D Rood

Noice simple flourish my dude! Thanks for the thorough and clear learning steps

420 Weed Gamer

You should use your bee boo god of death

jerimi loh

thank you sensei.. i got it.. your tutorial are very nice to watch

Andrew Blair

Another awesome tutorial...the slow motion shots of each position help so much

BarberTim 609

I like these tutorials. Awesome!

Michelle Dauer

Thanks Dylan!! Really loving your tuts!! Just posted this one on Insta @mishyoyomomma

BrandonRp YT

What your r u using


Pro tips for those who are having difficulties:
- don't forget to pinch the string between your middle and index finger of your non throw hand
- try to make the slack as big as possible
- don't forget to turn your non throw hand (and thumb) around so you can catch the slack



Brian Bustos

Welcome back homie, smooth Tut as usual.. keep em comin'!


First always

Austy PP

Very epic unlike ur finger rn

Dale Federighi

Question: Is there any way to ensure the yoyo on your NT hand doesn't slide down ... I'm trying to pinch between my index/middle finger(s), but it keeps sliding down and I can't slack the loop under it quick enough. :( Maybe I need a glove to provide friction to prevent the slide?