Mario Maker Mondays #20, Playing Viewer Levels| Super Mario Maker 2 Live with Subspace King

Mario Maker Mondays #20, Playing Viewer Levels| Super Mario Maker 2 Live with Subspace King

264 views | 2 Jun. 2020

#MarioMaker #SuperMarioMaker2 #viewerlevels

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What is up guys? This is Subspaceking bringing you another livestream, today we will be streaming Super Mario Maker 2. Today, we will be doing viewer levels for Super Mario Maker 2!

We may also sometimes play levels that are submitted by the viewers for me to try out and beat, or die trying; if no levels are submitted, we will try our luck at Multiplayer versus. All sorts of stages are welcome to the mix (no troll levels will be played), just follow the guidelines listed below when submitting a level to get it accepted. Come and join IF you want to participate and have some fun! I may sometimes play a different game for a special event. But yeah, hope you enjoyed the stream and smash that like and subscribe button for more content.

When submitting a level code, please do the following:

1. Only submit One level code PER PERSON at a time

2. Please don't post level codes for a stage I already did in the past.

3. Please say "hi" or something in the chat before submitting a level. I will also ask you to say something in the chat once I get to your level. If you aren't in the stream when I get to you in the queue, your level WILL be skipped.

4. Post level ID's using the command at the top of this description, replace the X's with the values for your level ID. This command also works in the #Mario_Maker chat in the Discord server. Only Submit YOUR levels or very popular levels.

5. All levels that I fail to complete within 15 minutes or died a certain number of times on WILL be skipped.

6. I will stop taking levels in the Queue at the 2 hour mark of the stream, any codes accepted after that point will be used in the next Mario Maker stream.

7. Please no negative comments, I am not the best Mario Maker player in the world, but I will try my best to complete all the levels I receive.

Special Thanks to my monthly members:



Jack Knuckles Burridge

CGC Clan ( - Gold Tier

Haruka ( - Gold Tier

Rules of the stream and chat:

1. Avoid profane language and Cyberbullying, me and my mods will take action if you use profane language or bully somebody (including the Stream owner) in the chat.

2. Don't spam, who likes a spammer?

3. Stay on topic, pretty much no excessive roleplaying in the stream chat, keep everything family-friendly.

4. No Advertising or Self-Promotion, don't beg for a shout-out or force my viewers to watch or subscribe to another channel, you can recommend other channels though.

5. Give everyone a chance, If in the event there are several viewers in the stream that want to participate in the matches, please be courteous and give others a chance to play in my games with me.

6. have fun. Why talk in the chat if you're not having a fun time?

If me or any of my mods catch you not following these guidelines, we will take appropriate actions (through warnings, time outs, and even bans) to ensure the chat is a fun, safe place for everyone.

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Overlay art credit goes to Gwem

All of my gaming content is recorded/ streamed using an Elgato HD60

This video/stream is for entertainment purposes only!