Who Are Kurt Russell's Children And Goldie Hawn's Children ? [1 Daughter And 3 Sons]

Who Are Kurt Russell's Children And Goldie Hawn's Children ? [1 Daughter And 3 Sons]

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Who are Kurt Russell's Children and Goldie Hawn's Children (from youngest to oldest)? Both Hollywood stars have a son together. Kurt Russell also has a son with his first wife, Season Hubley, an American actress. And Goldie Hawn has a daughter, the famous actress Kate Hudson, and a son with her second husband, Bill Hudson, an American actor.

Kurt Russell, one of the most iconic Hollywood stars, is known for movies like The Hateful Eight, The Thing and Stargate. And Goldie Hawn is known for movies like The First Wives Club, Private Benjamin and Death Becomes Her.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's children are :

- Wyatt Russell, actor (father is Kurt Russell, mother is Goldie Hawn),

- Boston Russell (father is Kurt Russell, mother is Season Hubley),

- Kate Hudson, actress (father is Bill Hudson, mother is Goldie Hawn),

- Oliver Hudson, actor (father is Bill Hudson, mother is Goldie Hawn).

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Liz B

Thank god I wasn't the only one thinking of the crotch shot panning action. Ew!

Tara Workman

Love them all

Alan Souza cruz

Eric Clapton next

Frank Guerrero

And they all love each other deeply


At 2:30-2:40 min, the son Boston (on the far left side of photo) is a "dead ringer - look alike" for James Spader, who played Daniel Jackson in Stargate. (also ironically James Spader was born in Boston).

Maria Sol Fernandez

What’s with the feet scenario?

Lady Gaga Lover

Terrible editing. I’m more confused now than I was before I watched it!

Tasha Dorsey

I love Kurt Russell

Luiza H. C. Braga

Whyat is like ver father. Beautiful family!!!

Cassandra Dennis

It's amazing how Kate and her brother don't acknowledge their biological father, they consider Kurt as their dad. Kudos to Kurt Russell

R Frances

Boston looks just like his mom... nice family pics!

NotEasy 2Please

The f'n music on this SUCKS! The format and presentation is pretty bad too.

Gypsy 0216

It must be a "Kick" having Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as parents. What a Duo! Their "nutty" personalities blended together must make for some crazy good parenting! All of these kids grew up amazing people and with great fun personalities of their own. I Love It! (and a bit jealous too..LOL)


Please stop with panning down to their crotch/legs/feet. Is that really necessary? No. Waste of time. Maybe go closer in on subjects face.

Pamela Waits

I knew bill Hudson and his two brothers. went to high school with them. I used to see their band the Hudson brothers out at d.street. a dance place with live bands. mark hudson asked me out once but I had a boyfriend. I was 15. I had alot of fun back then. I loved the band Brothers and Friends. I knew them best. I bet if you asked one of the Hudson brothers if they remember brothers and friends they would! we were all friends.

Alexandra Vd Brom

Grunn.....in the netherlands

Izola Chaffin

Goldie daughter Kate looks her and Oliver looks Bill.




Why do you have to pan down onto there private area. It is not necessary.

Rodolfo Ayala

Beautiful family. Amen


It must have been amazing growing up in this family!

Deborah Turner

Kurt sons got his eyes.

William Harvey

Big handsome man.dads double.

Mandy Paulley

Attractive fam

Samone Wortham

His sons look more like their dad and kate looks like her mom a beautiful family

Anna Tilly


marina leven


Christine Clemens

What's with the video cameras crotch shots

Veronica Anne Kerr

He is her biological father I feel sorry for him, dealing with all of that, they should shut up already!

༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻

Poor Boston. The ugly duckling.


Why IS the photographer panning down???? Really???? Boston looks like a girl.


Love them

1st responder

I always thought Keri Russell was part of that clan

Nelly, Leyva

Very nice and comfortable family.


Yer this IS perverted editing with that camera!

Far Que

Wyatt is most like his dad; a man's man. Kate is hot like mom.

Patrica Dyson

That is a big family nice...

Morningflower B!

They're awesome

marina leven


Five Nights at Purple Kids

I love Kurt & Goldie's family. They are well grounded & keep things so real.

Elba Escalante

Ohh he's the one from black mirror


Omg Wyatt looks like his dad

Joyleen Poortier

I think the photographer is a pervert spanning down to the crutches.


Normal Children! the sons & daughter rich & without the problems!

Dr. Tamara Worley

Who cares wake up .....shallow.

giuseppe cocci

like Goldie Hawn very much she's a great comedian actress, the one i prefer .and also Kate Hudson, real nice,and so Kurt Russell


Oliver and Kate has a lot from Goldie...even Oliver more...her son Wayat with Kurt is over too much on father...a son whom Kurt has with Season Hubly is same mother...that is all...no big deal...they are all very friendly people...staying together in every. ...happening. ...and life...