SovietWomble - Am I Drunk ? (Twitch Highlights , Viscera Cleanup Detail , 09.01)

SovietWomble - Am I Drunk ? (Twitch Highlights , Viscera Cleanup Detail , 09.01)

36 353 views | 11 Jan. 2018

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Carbon Monteroy

The title says Viscera but the ID3 tag says CSGO...


He's definitely drunk

Tanner Maxwell

Barbie Girl - Aqua
Boom Boom Boom Boom - Vengaboys
Only Time - Enya



Nicholas Ibañez

Ptthh Pthhh Pttthhh Pttthh Pooshh Posshh Gun Sounds

Quake Chargash

Does someone have the full stream of this?

Luqman Asyraf Mohd Nawawi

What's the song they're singing?

Obama, Lord of the Corn

There might be a SLIGHT chance that Womble is drunk.

Woable Attack

"That's my song!" fucking hell that was amazing


Something tells me this man is extremely inebriated.

Jack McFarland


Samuel Vernan Sebastian

aM i dRuNk? nOOoO


1:35 careful as a baby's arsehole?


So. Off. Key.

Akbar Dwiputra

this is gold

dragon killer

I like how soviet just remembers shooting 12 year olds with no remorse

Stephanie Bergmann

Womble, sweetie, you're drunk. Go home.

Kirito Kirigaya

Yea, womble is definitely not drunk.

Denzel Waterpauw

what is the boom-boom song??

bart veenhuis

Its just a fun party while cleaning


My video buffered so all I heard was "Soviet shot a few 12 year olds"


missing, im blue! if i was green i would die


Going down sweet memory lane of betrayal

Mathias Bronnes

Can i kill myself now


"In your plastic?"

Cosmico Andromeda

Am i drunk?

Emerged Odin

Don’t drink and play games kids

Rogue Shadow222

Wat songs did u guys used???

Darwinian Glitch

Hard to not appreciate humanity watching this.


I watched this live. It was hilarious


I like SovietWomble cover of Barbie girl. Much better than aqua

Cosmico Andromeda

What is the second song? IM SERIOUS.

Nathan Bolinger

He isnt drunk... he is wasted