Its only a Paper Moon (chords and lyrics included)

Its only a Paper Moon (chords and lyrics included)

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""It's Only A Paper Moon", Billy Rose, E.Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen, 1933.

The story of the writing of ""It's Only A Paper Moon" can be found here:


Key of G.

[D7] I never [Gdim] feel a [D7] thing is [Gdim] real

[D7] When I'm [Gdim] away from [D] you

[D7] Out of your [Gdim] embrace

The [D7] world's a temporary [Am] parking [D] place

A [D7] bubble [Am7] for a [D7] minute

You [Am7] smile, the [D7] bubble has a [Am] rainbow [D] in it

[G] Say, it's [E7] only a [Am7] paper [D7] moon,

[D] Sailing [D7] over a [G] card-[D7]board [G]sea,

[G]But it [E7] wouldn't be [Am7] make be-[D7]lieve,

If [Am7] you be-[D7]lieved in [G] me. [D7]

[G] Yes, it's [E7] only a [Am7] canvas [D7] sky,

[D] Hanging [D7] over a [G]mus-[D7]lin [G] tree,

[G] But it [E7] wouldn't be [Am7] make be-[D7]lieve,

If [Am7] you be-[D7]lieved in [G] me. [G7]


With [Am7] out [Gdim] your [Bm] love,

It's a [Am7] honky [D7] tonk pa-[G]rade, [G7]

With [Am7] out [Gdim] your [Bm] love,

It's a [G] melody [E7] played at a [D7+5] penny arcade.

[G] It's a [E7] Barnum and [Am7] Bailey [D7] world,

[D] Just as [D7] phony as [G] it [D7] can [G] be,

[G] But it [E7] wouldn't be [Am7] make be-[D7]lieve,

If [Am7] you be-[D7]lieved in [G] me.

If [Am7] you be-[D7]lieved in [G] me.

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Limousin Lil

I've always liked this song, Tommy, which I think I associate first and foremost with the Ryan O'Neal film, although I realised it went back to the Thirties. (Had to go back to the Forum to see where Paul fitted in.) Most excellent cover!


I'm glad you've brought Macca to the Season, Tommy. We already have John, George and Ringo mentioned and Paul has been terrific about contributing his talents. Thank you.

Randy McSorley

The album that McCartney did this, Kisses On The Bottom, was produced by Diana Krall and it a simply amazing album. When you mentioned the concert for Montserrat the first thing I though of was the song "My Old Friend," which Carl Perkins wrote for, and recorded with, Paul at George Martin's studio there. A touching, lovely song. Perkins passed away shortly after recording the song.


I didn't know Paul McC. had done this Tommy! Nice one! Never heard the intro before..... I love your strum! Always brings a smile!

Sasha Kovaleva

Super ☝

kolibri uker

Beautiful song and worthy rendition.

Stanley Russell

Fine old swing song delivered in your own distinctive style.Well done and thanks for the chords and lyric

Anthony Lazaro Music

One of my fav "old time" songs ever: I love that strumming pattern combined with rapid plucking. Sheer class, my friend :)