OSRS Jad Simulator & Practice Fight Caves/Firecape (Demo)

OSRS Jad Simulator & Practice Fight Caves/Firecape (Demo)

8 200 views | 11 Sep. 2018

No download in browser release: https://youtu.be/NHKvohgG_mM

Blog post & Download: https://downthecrop.xyz/blog/osrs-jad-simulator-practice-tool/

A quick demo of my OSRS Jad Simulator to help you practice the sounds and animations of the fights caves in Old School Runescape. This is your own personal private server and if open source.


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Reeeeeaaally needed this, will try. Thx, does it simulate lag as well?

tragalfar Law

loading screen stays at 0%


seems really cool but it didn't work

Alexander Driscoll

the crop account got stuck in a lava wall and I had to delete the entire client to reset. Also theres no sound so I can't hear jad.


I made a JavaScript release for you if you're afraid to download the offline server. https://youtu.be/NHKvohgG_mM


the jad wont show

Jordan B

fuckin lowlife keylogger go fuck yourself

Kyle Mowen

Great idea but it doesn't work for me :(
The runescape looking box opens but get stuck on "Loading Title Screen - 0%"


when the fuck did I sub to this

wyatt lopez

Dude doesn't work for me
Thanks for the effort

alexander vergara

It will be great if you could add the healers+ set stats to the account

Michael Glomba

Any idea what I can do to fix an error? This, with a whole bunch of lines underneath @:

Exception in thread "Thread-7" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Jonas Pocius

Bless your heart, my guy <3


doesnt work :(

Tyler Davis

Any updates? Not working.

Benjamin Schutz

i just got an ad for EpicBot at the start of your video, do tell me you support these things?

Throne Scape

Hey dude can you add me on discord i have small question my discord is Rabea#0676

Szo5145 5

Dont use this!! its a keylogger virus, your account will be stolen if you download this

Rainer Schubert

I will try it tomorrow. Thank you very much for doing the hard Script work bro.

James W.

This looks amazing, I'll give it a try soon. What was the limitation regarding the healers? Just out of technical curiousity

Ian McCann

Any thoughts on making an inferno simulator?


it never loads for me, just gonna train the hard way i guess

John Doe

no idea why but i get no jar file, just a notepad document

Dylan H

Yo man ik this video is old but if you see this comment: I'm trying to do this but for Zulrah. I followed you on twitter, if you wanna follow back and dm me I had some questions for you if you don't mind!


Bro, this is amazing! Even though there are no healers, I can pracitse the switches. God damn, this is what I've been searching for, long time! Thank you mate!


great video dude, best simulator I've seen! Subbed :)


It doesnt make sense to use it if there is no healers...


at first did not work. had to uninstall java and install 64 bit specifically. when entering only jad mode, make sure prayer is turned off outside and turn on range prayer when inside immediately or he won't spawn.


Is there a way to change the stats to match my own?

wouter de vries

even though there are no healers in this simulator it still helped a lot and today I finally got my first firecape.

Leroy Record

Theoxatrix said this was a virus / keylogger. careful


works great! thank you mate

Joshua Eborda

can;'t run the program, even though i have 64 bit java


is it just like real fight cave i wana train for my first time


Doesnt load


IDK what it is about this simulator but Ive just killed jad 5 times in a row, maybe its the lack of nerves loool but im still too scared to attempt it for real :(