M1A1 Socom 16 Red Dot Mount Options

M1A1 Socom 16 Red Dot Mount Options

44 320 views | 3 Jul. 2018

Just a quick video explaining two red dot mounting options for the M1A1 rifle.

Sage, Stripper clip sight base:


GG&G M1A1 Scope Mount:


Vortex Venom:


chris whitehead

Does the brass ever hit the venom optic


How much was this set up?

Nick Hurley

I miss my socom

Vanilla Gorilla

How about a scout scope and a quick release

sergio lozano

look up " HOPCOUSA" much cleaner setup for M1a / red dot

Just My Name

Which one is worth the regular cost, your Mini 14 or SOCOM 16? Im in that dilemma right now

Russ Hone

Is the Venom co-witnessed to the irons on the stripper clip base? I haven't seen anyone able to pull this off yet.

Marty C

I just mounted a Vortex Venom 6MOA (same way your is) and this rifle AWESOME!!!! Fast target acquisition and very accurate!

Iron Horse

Hows your Socom?

Alexander Laboratory Armory vLLCL



Are you using the vemon standalone or in conjunction with the front sight?

Jaesung Kim

Can you take the bolt out with that clip Vortex red dot on?

Blades 22

M1a/m14 wasn't designed for optics, never. Sounds crazy for such an amazing round. 3 0 hate is made to go out far. To much crap on that rifle. Get a cheek riser and learn to use your red dot. You wont fuck with your ar's anymore

old school

Fantastic platform for nautical nuts that will perhaps encounter bad actors out on the open seas. There is a folding / collapsing stock option that makes this a formidable kit; compact, power, range, accuracy, capacity, durability and relatively affordable. 10/20/25 round box magazines available, a pelican case, plus an ammo can with a 2k round complement is the insurance needed for that just in case situation out on those high sea adventures ..... good to go!


Obviously the Socom 16 CQB, now.

puffin tuff

He's not wrong, the iron sights on this gun are tight.

Joe Young

How accurate at 100 yards?

stag3t-m uspsa

Does the venom hold zero from recoil...I'm tossing up in air bout what red dot to put on my cqb

Iron Horse

How's you're Socom rifle?


does the stripper clip sight base interfere with ejection shell casings?

jeffrey ng

How much was your socom?

Pat Kelley

Any issues with the rail mounted on the barrel?