Limbo Chapter 18 - Walkthrough Game Guide - ReincarnatedGamer

Limbo Chapter 18 - Walkthrough Game Guide - ReincarnatedGamer

51 730 views | 8 Jul. 2013

Continuous play, no pause, quickest finish of Limbo Chapter 18. This walkthrough / game guide will show you the shortest way to get to the next chapter and hence will not take all easter eggs in the chapter.

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did you have to press a specific button on the controller to make the jump at 3:42? I have tried over 100 times, and my guy face-plants the wall each time. I gave up on the game but now have come back to try to complete it with no luck. I did everything exactly how it is shown in the video. i figure it must be a controller thing


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ive got the game and thax to u i got past the hard bits

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