IWillDominate Reacts to "Why was IWDominate BANNED from the LPP?"

IWillDominate Reacts to "Why was IWDominate BANNED from the LPP?"

110 639 views | 5 Aug. 2020

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Rogan Johnston

straight up i feel like you should just flame people more for painting there nails but just make a point to say they are jacking off too.

Doggy Dog

I hate how riot bends over backwards when a girl is talked to negatively. Imo, no matter who you are if you can’t take any forms of criticism hateful or not then you shouldn’t play league.

Billy Caves

Wait. More men put on nail polish than women jack off? Literally everyone in the world jacks off. I don’t know a single guy who wears nail polish. Lol

Damien Eddings

it's not a committee it's a small handful at a meeting... so a committee


peaking on that crack bro

Andreea Alexandru

Is funny how he is banned but in the same time they promote analysts who are like 1 year behind in knowledge and are talking like they have 10 year old audience. Is funny how none of the western analysts knew FPX was favourite at worlds 2019. Is funny how none of the LCS analysts watched prelims at MSI 2019 so none knew anything about FBI when he joined LCS. Even now, LEC casters don't really watch the games and they keep talking about 1 year + old stats and their feelings and bias. If a support gets MVP they still wonder how is this happening. The western casters keep waiting for the teams to outplay and outmatch them so they can follow. They rarely have the intuition to call things as they are like Dom or others does, or to understand is a jungle support meta and if the support is caster it does not mean is just for to win the laning phase but it also important how the team is playing around them. NONE over 10 years old cares if a player or team or Riot gets flamed - if the flame is for something neutral not bias for the enemy team - even if they are fans of them. In the moment when you fuck up the whole western pro leagues by keeping the best of 1 in regular season why are you even trying to protect the teams and the players, they don't need your ass licking if it's not based on reality. Stop being hypocrite, not only in League of Legends community but in real life also it helps a lot.


I like how this has more views then Loco’s video.


1:17 I've seen this picture going around like atleast 1 full year, and i play like 1 game every 3 days.

Gustavo Bittencourt

Hash was weird with minors to get out of lpp, but he could be toxic, now dom who is as toxic as hash, is banned for doing jokes

Kristian Andersen

How can A JOKE be considered sexist? What is it with this wilfull ignorance to context and truth?


Loco shouldn't be streaming anymore.. one of the worst coach in NA, is extremly bad at the game and has anger issues with players lmao

nah man

Flaming broxa.

Teodor Atanackovic

Lol loco looks like a clown

Grant Barrett

The only way I'm ever watching lcs is dom's co-stream, otherwise it's just boring


Haha Dom doesn’t get why nails is more sexist than jacking off. Still my boy tho

Stephen Chung

Buddy is still trying to justify the nail polish comment just take the L

Night mare

Riot: we won't say why we banned dom
Dom: I don't know why I was banned
Loco: Let me tell you why Dom was banned



Lewis Black

I tried to watch the original video but I found the guy so fuckin' irritating I didn't make it past the first minute. Sorry if anyone's a fan, just my opinion


that emily elululol delete her twitter. any one know her new twitter acc?

Eduardo Nakanishi

I want the uchiha hat now


I mean telling a girl to paint her nails is like telling a guy to go pee standing up.

chill fill

If u had a gf in middle school you had painted nails


I fucking knew you were joining a team 100% its cloud 9


6:14 well its literally not pedophilia so while what he did was fucked up, you called someone a pedophile who, by definition is not.

jay resus

Fair or unfair, it's hard to feel bad for Dom cuz he's always been a toxic asshole especially in solo queue. Good riddance.

Christian Olsson

Was Dom supposed to Not say anything to the Lulu Who was afk in Lane, ruining the game for her adc and all the other players?
Why is there so Much debate about what he Said and so Much outrage over it, and zero focus on what caused him to say it?
Why is it acceptable that a support Lulu player, who just so happens to be female, is tabbed out from the game or looking at their phone???
That person is the one who deserves a ban and frankly they deserve flame too.

James Bourne

not surprising a bunch of male gamers defending a dude for making a sexist comment and not understand the subtle fact that its been a mostly male dominated society for the majority of our history. big yikes.


it has nothing to do with a nail comment, riot games arbitrarily bans people all the time and you can take basically every single ban they have ever done and see other people breaking the same "rules" and not getting banned

Zsombor Burany

Free Dom ❤️


Original vid 10k views with 54k subs, Dom reacting 43k views with 10k subs, Loco dead????


“More men wear nail polish than women Jack off” ...what

David Silva

I don’t like this chinese guy

Tom Schut

Didn't Dom get a bann for completely trashing a new skin? Can't remember really but was something like this back in the day ?

William Schlass

Social justice fking blows its ruining gaming

Some Drunk Junkie

the lesbian is back... duh...


I'd say you accidentally stumbled into a sexist trope with the nail polish comment. It's clearly not overtly sexist, but there is a sexist history associated with that kind of comment, that you got associated with

James Huang

There are probably some employees at right who just have it in for Dom. life isn't fair.

Sammy's Mango

He should just paint his nails

Donald Dopierala

Lol you don’t think women masturbate

Myles L

Riot = CCP

Samael Fromstein

Sue for torturous interference

Christian Olsson

Was Dom supposed to Not say anything to the Lulu Who was afk in Lane, ruining the game for her adc and all the other players?
Why is there so Much debate about what he Said and so Much outrage over it, and zero focus on what caused him to say it?
Why is it acceptable that a support Lulu player, who just so happens to be female, is tabbed out from the game or looking at their phone???
That person is the one who deserves a ban and frankly they deserve flame too.


He got banned for sexism because he's been on Train's podcast

Owen Kuo


Scott Hackin

I just wanna put it out there. iWD was pretty toxic but the Co-Stream ROASTS is exactly that comedic roasting like the Impact comment. I enjoy it alot over the just analysis it makes you laugh because it just shows pros make mistakes too boi's

Saint Lucifer


Lost my shit there

Tonio Kettner

saying that the nail comment was sexist is making it seem like sexism is not big of a deal.

Oragami Raptor

Lol it was literally breaking up over a text


Some guys do their nails too... but come on Dom, it's obvious that the intent of the insult was to be sexist directed to a support player. However even after that sexist insult, it is one of the mildest things I've seen some streamers say on soloq definetly not deserving of a 1 year ban with no further discussion from Riot.

Tia Gen

dom so hispanic on the pic

Ethan Edwards

I’ll be real I get manicures and a clear coat. Gotta keep my coochie clenchers lookin nice.

Seth C

who tf cares about "nails" even if that is allegedly sexist. its a remark for being afk which is way worse


‘I know dom didn’t mean to hurt the woman behind the character’......... Dom would definitely have loved to hurt whoever was behind the character who afks in his ranked game’s.. zat wrong? Riot gonna ban the game itself next? Maybe riot should just ban women from league so that no one can be toxic to them when they afk.

Jourdan Sarpy

Dom Said more men wear nail polish than women masturbate.

Valentin K to the A to the N-E-V

I lose it every single time Dom is malding over the pics XDDDDD. Loco is a hidden troll apparently.


Imagine doing an intro and not looking at your camera when you talk.

Defstrike M

Maybe because he’s not professional enough to be a Riot content creator? People need to remember this isn’t just “gaming” anymore. You want to be in the public eye? Grow up then. This community is super annoying


Did Dom just say that he thinks the number of guys who wear nail polish is higher than the number of women who masturbate?! xD dude, you need more close female friends


Alright, here is my understanding of why doms Lulu comment is sexist. Not percieved as, but a sexist comment made unknowingly and without bad intent but still, it is and if we are going to grow as a society we cannot stop at "nail polish if for everyone".
I too am a straight white guy, so I start at the same place but we can do a better job understanding another position. I am also from germany but who cares.

Anyways I happen to believe that you should never be considered the winner of an argument if you cannot represent the opposing site in a way they would represent themselves. The concept is called Steelmanning, and it is about attacking the argument where it is strong, not where it is weak. Instead of twisting the Luluplayers words into meaning "nailpolish is for women only" we can look at the statement and do better. Here is my attempt at doing better and presenting the strongest version of the argument:

While men too in this day in age can (and if they want to should) wear polish, we as men do not have a bunch of baggage associated with putting on polish. Sure there is a bunch of homophobic idiots that will label you all kinds of things for that but let's leave them out for now and focus on what the whole comment implies. The situation presented is very close to the tried and old stereotype where a couple are on their way to a party or whatever other social event and the man is ready but they ultimately end up being late. Why? Because the woman had to spend an hour in the bathroom, including putting on nail polish.
By saying repeatedly "almost ready, soon we are able to go" or whatever it was, the man can obsolve themselves of all responsibility and when getting there, he will happiely retell the story to their friends have a couple of drinks and laugh together at all those slow women that keep them from having fun.
In reality of course that shit has propably been a lie as many times as it is true but because other men happiely telling similar stories and laugh when you share one with them, it is really easy to get approval for that from your friends and sideline your singnificant other for a cheap laugh and of course once the relationship is over that image will stick reguardless.

So here is a culture that associates that statement closely with women being unreliable and late for everything, also the same culture gives promotions to men over women repeatedly because they are generally being percieved as having better leadership qualities like reliability and so fourth, I am sure you know where the rest is going, gender gap jadajadajada people that have looked at the data themselves will agree with me here, I know there is a significant portion that disagree though and repeating or linking the statistics has never done anything in the past so whatever I won't even try. For now I hope those amongst you that do not deny science and resaerch will agree with me when I say the gender gap is real, we do live in a partial patriarchy and we need to do better as a society. Under this light, see how an innocent looking statement can have undertones that reinforce the ways our society preferrs one gender?

Fantastic, now that we are done steelmanning the argument we have done our side of understanding and we can talk about weather or not we agree that a ban is the appropriate response.
I personaly wouldn't ban dom, instead I would have told him something similar to this stuff that I just wrote, after all punishment doesn't affect change in people, instead it leads to them trying harder not to get caught next time, if you explain something however and how something that looks harmless can be harmful, we might see some actual change.

GJ Riot games though for looking like you took action, ultimately though propably just fostering ill feelings towards the Luluplayer that actually stood up, wich is hard to do. Instead of having her back and setteling the situation you made her a target for a bunch of people that weren't given a great statement and have no clue what's going on and even why what happend was bad in the first place. Great move. Again you rule as a company.

Sorry, this has been bugging me ever since dom first talked about this, nobody seems to try and understand, people instead frame the argument in the most ridiculous way and then say it's ridiculous. Yeah, the way you present it it is, and if you don't know any better that makes you a bit insensitive, but if you do it on purpose it makes you an asshole. Everyone can fuck up, and for my money your initial response was great, you apologized and even said you'd commit to not using that phrase anymore, but then you prescedet to bring it up in a "this is now illegal to say" kind of way, wich is just a cheap way of getting away with using it anyway. If you meant your first apology though, wich I believe you did, I hope I did something to break this down, also feel free to explain if you disagree, I just hope to elevate the discussion about this because nobody seemed to bring up argumnts like these ever so here they are. I don't mean to say I couldn't be wrong, this is just my (very exhaustive) opinion on the whole matter.

Have a nice day just in case you made it all the way through this gigantic wall of text.

Fishers of Men

What do you expect, Riot is full of SJW's, they will always cave in to cancel culture.... It will destroy their game in the end, just watch.

Issiah Mix

Yasuoo saying "fuck you riot dog shit company" isn't toxic LOL

Joshua T

ha... tyler screaming at people calling them retard and flaming in chat, moe saying he wishes someones mother gets cancer... IWD says something not even toxic about nail polish.. BANNED

also riot shows how little they care about the actual player base and community when they ban you for calling out or semi flaming someone who literally runs it down / target ints / target afk etc but the person doing it they just say "but they were trying their best." LoL is such a joke when it comes to listening to community. Just release a few skins and make another 100m

Maximilian VIBE B.

Imagine thinking painting nails is sexist.


no longer a game of legends, more interested in feelings. rename the game

Ocean !

i swear i see howard from big bang at 1:27


Me rito me ban lcs streamer that make lcs audience come back


I can't blame Loco quitting. Watching the LCS makes me mad when the players are clearly phoning it in.

Daniel Persson

"It's not a committee of people that decide whether or not Dom gets banned, it's just a handful of people in a meeting or two that decides, 'hey, do we ban this person or not?'"
1. a group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group.

Ele Kappa


Lewis Black

Dom thinking more guys wear nail polish than women masturbate is why everyone thinks league players are virgins

Brendon De Villiers

Dom, stop bullshitting and backtracking and call yourself out:

You said the nail polish thing because it was a female champion. You meant it as a feminine thing. Don't pull the "But guys wear nail polish, too!" card; it's weak af.

But I DO think it's not sexist. What makes something sexist is when you say something derogatory BECAUSE it's a female.

This was something derogatory said to someone because the player was being a pineapple; it was just narrowed down to something personalised to the champion.

Jonas Pistolas

Politics everywhere, riot social justice

Asking Why is Free

I like Dom because he's the kind of guy to tell you the cold hard truth. Most of the time he's literally like Ben Shapiro who don't care about your feelings. Viewers like him for being straightforward.


Loco "i 'quit' face check". Best line of the whole video

Azn Mayne


Nikko F

“Seems like Riot has made big strides in combating sexism” ya know what Loco might have a future in politics lying this good.


Here's a quote Riot and perhaps any company should remember:
"whoever smelt it dealt it"
Even if you're innocent, and lord knows everyone should already be skeptical of anyone who goes to Kotaku over the Police,
Even IF you're innocent, RIOT sure is acting like they're guilty by aggressively burying any tiny reference that's even slightly related to their accused "crime".

I only hope all of these digital age companies get what's coming to them:
A complete top down firing squad and new hires that actually care more about the product than Twitter mobs.


"More men wear nail polish than women jack off"
Almost every woman I know masturbates. We masturbate as much as men do, sometimes even more (as we physically can masturbate as much as we want and come as many times as we want without feeling pain). So no, more women jack off than men wear nail polish. Not that I have anything against men wearing nail polish, I even find it cool and I painted my boyfriend's nails once.


Loco said something about jerking off... More shit I can’t unsee.


God damn dom :D :D :D You look like a groopie on a Beatles concert on that one picture. Sorry man but I just love that so much :D :D :D


Jackin off bot lane. Yup that's every teemo support afk in the bush. :D I'll probably end up banned for some slut shaming comment cause my ally has some bdsm tag and tell them they got herpies or something lol.


LEC is Europe and Europe is more progressive so the nail polish thing is nothing new.

Tanner Houston

not toxic

Neiky 3005

Can you even be sexist towards someone whoms sex/gender you dont even know?

Cal Griff

Consequences without clear steps to improve are how you create barriers to improve


Because he need to grow up and learn maturity, hard to imagine how he will ever start a family acting like this.


Why the hell is a nail polish comment a problem? This whole time im listening and I still don't understand how that's bannable or sexist

Gerardo Montalvo

Dom wondering why he keeps getting banned is the most hilarious thing I'll see all week.
Also, that's how you look bro.

twofour newports

every1 that is a fan of dom and loco are cringe, all they do is spew negative things instead of working on themselves as humans they have been doing the same thing for the last 8 years. this is what happens when you don't advance in life... you become blatantly salty about everything. LOL

Destin Kane

Did you really say more men wear nail polish than woman do masterbate???? You’re extremely out of touch if you truly believe that in your heart of hearts ... Jesus Christ

Abbas Güven Akçay

That was definitely not sexist. It was a comment 100% based on the action of the player (being afk) and in no way related to their sex.


Alright, everything else I agree with but the defense he puts forward of the nail polish comment "not being sexist" is bullshit. No matter how much people will point at sexism as going both ways, you can't truly believe that the discrimination faced by women (especially in gaming) is comparable to anything like saying "are you jacking off?"

Here is where Dom really made an error honestly. Instead of owning up to what he did and saying sorry and moving past it, he for a long time after kept bringing up "oh can't say that, that's sexist" and never actually apologized. The statement does have sexist undertones. Dom trying to refute that and defend it and come up with all these gymnastics about why it's actually ok doesn't look good for him. It would have looked better if he simply apologized and never brought it up again. But the one person who continued the hype around that incident more than anyone else was Dom himself by making snide comments about how he can't say stuff like that.

In situations regarding sexism, racism, bias of any kind, if you're the one saying "well i just can't say what I want anymore, harumph" while also still saying the thing you are complaining you can't say, you're probably the one in the wrong. It's like racist people who say the N word then follow it up with "but that's not ok to say anymore, so I won't say it". That's the energy Dom is giving off.

Evan Hoeflich

"I think that men wear nail polish more than women 'jack off' so to speak". Well shit its been nice knowing you Dom, I'll be here to see the witch hunt my dude.


Lol dude I used to watch got banned for asking girls IF THEY are indeed girls.

The thing about it is , in my country it is self evident By the speech who is and isn't a girl. It is fucking confusing switching to English where you have no fking idea if you speak to a girl or not.
Every OBJECT in my language has a gender if you call a car a she as in "she's a beaut" , people would be scratching their heads, that's how THE LANGUAGE WORKS.

Collin McGowan

After Doc wins his lawsuit with twitch this won’t happen as much.


Fast forward: Tyler and Moe got suspended (not banned). HMM, kinda seems like Dom was the example, but they can't let EVERYONE get banned for a year, then nobody will watch their stupid fucking LCS


Dom you can't be yourself.. you have to be who Riot wants you to be or else......

DFS Notify

I don’t watch lcs anymore.

If they banned him for being sexist then that’s one thing, but they didn’t even give him a proper reason. Thats unprofessional.