Budget Eeveelution Zoroark Deck, No EX Cards, Exploit Different Weakness For Massive Damage

Budget Eeveelution Zoroark Deck, No EX Cards, Exploit Different Weakness For Massive Damage

42 764 views | 24 Sep. 2016

The most dangerous stage 2 fox Pokemon can hit for weakness damage against popular decks. Zoroark with Eeveelutions, lets see how this goes!

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Deck Overview

Mega Mewtwo 5:13

Mew And Mewtwo18:33

Mega Rayquaza 26:39

Copy Cat 37:44

Conclusion 47:55

Intro: “The Day” My Hero Academia

Flavor: Exploit A Weakness

Zoroark, Exploits Bench

Zoroark BREAK, Exploits Attacks

Eeveelution, Exploit Weakness

Energy Bonus: DCE, Low Cost

Bonus: Furry Squad!

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon - 21

* 3 Eevee AOR 63

* 3 Zoroark BREAK BKT 92

* 4 Zorua BKT 89

* 4 Zoroark BKT 91

* 1 Flareon AOR 13

* 1 Jolteon AOR 26

* 1 Vaporeon AOR 22

* 2 Remoraid BKT 32

* 2 Octillery BKT 33

##Trainer Cards - 30

* 1 Professor Sycamore STS 114

* 2 Evosoda GEN 62

* 2 Super Rod BKT 149

* 2 Ultra Ball PLB 90

* 1 Captivating Poké Puff STS 99

* 4 N PR-BLW BW100

* 1 Town Map BKT 150

* 1 Wally GEN 127

* 3 Float Stone PLF 99

* 2 Level Ball AOR 76

* 2 VS Seeker ROS 110

* 2 Lysandre FLF 104

* 3 Reverse Valley BKP 110

* 4 Trainers' Mail AOR 100

##Energy - 9

* 4 Double Colorless Energy FAC 114

* 5 Darkness Energy Energy 7

Total Cards - 60


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Teamata Leoneos

I don't understand why people just don't attack and win instantly, but they wasted their time to draw and do stuff .. like the game when he faced against M-Rayquaza

Felipe Rain

SONG 38:09 ?


I've never seen one of these so early wth

Joshua Iniguez

How do you make good decks darkintegral


lol danget I was going to cover this deck and waited too long. You beat to it! :p

george kazakos

good deck


what was with the intro???


ei!! what about the keldeo ex deck? the one with blastoise ;)


Was that supposed to be german? xD


is ur Pokemon tcgo is working is ur maintenance in Pokemon tcgo is complete


4 likes no views??

Boris Eisele

man i love your vids (i'm from germany

Luis M.

Greetings from Germany.


Hey Darkintegralgaming do you take battle requests

Carlube Cobalt

I have tried making a similar deck but my mistake was trying to have energies to have the trio brothers back up attackers too. I was doing Maxie, Breloom strong type and special strong energies. you have taught me so much now. I just need VS seekers in my card piles. Thank you for the video!!


Ur so gay

Jelco Leys

Here we go again... 2 VS Seeker, 1 Sycamore... please learn how to build decks...

Truong GameZ

lmao at the last opponent, what kind of deck was that haha!

Sang Yang

anyone know how much this deck would be?


@DarkIntegralGaming It's not really a new Mew-EX. It's the same Mew-EX as back in the B/W era, same as Legendary Treasures, same as Dragons Exalted. It copies everything, not just basics.

That is going into my decks in case something goes wrong on my side. The challenge is having the energy for whatever might need copying. Debating Professor's Letter and having energy for the most popular decks that it can pull out so I can copy those moves. Might be fun.




Should definitely run an extra jolteon instead of vaporeon!

Rene Schulz

I liked the opening :D

Inshelent Productions

That's funny I just made a eevee gyarados deck LOL

thevegasgeeks TVG

this deck is a auto loss Vs a decent player. super easy to counter. idk y the geniuses you played against decided to keep benching.


Do you plan on using the new Karen promo in a deck?

J Smith

This deck is actually pretty cool. I'm gonna give a try. Thanks for the vid man!

Leanne B

Do either a Uproar spend + M Tyranitar Deck or Budget Uproar Spinda + Aeigeslash


It might be worth adding 1 or 2 Mew FCO, i mean: 1 energy + Memories of dawn + Foul play > Psychic infinity or 2 enegy cards and mind jack would be a nice counter for M-mewtwo-ex and M-alakazam-ex as well.

yiannis lazarou

Is he high when filming these? lol

Stung by Beedrill

This deck looks like so much fun! I think im gonna make this deck


Wait, so do the effects cancel out if you have more than one of the eevelutions out? I just tried this deck and it wasn't hitting for weakness of Electric, I had Jolteon and Vaporeon in the bench


Leute wenn ihr nen guten ptcgo ytber und streamer sehn wollt der deutsch ist dan dchaut beim lieben saphonyx auf twich und oder yt vorbei

Chris Cockram

see if you want to use this on expanded, use ff noiven and wide lens...


haha man you never even used the eevee lol, make a pure zoroark build vid pls

Bryce Volen


Twin Penguins

lol my friend is playing Golruk instead of zoroark

Rebecca Carder

8th and good video donald


Dunno but this deck doesnt seem very budget with 3 break cards


You slightly stole my list and made changes! HOW DARE YOU!

Jackson Paulson

Could you do this with vespiqueen? I saw some one play and I am really interested in it (I am Awful at deck building, I have only made 1 good deck and it was mega mewtwo)

GoodPers0n _

Donald Answer my Cries
I have no good cards HOW CAN I CHANGE THIS
Help me plz any my Cries

Chewit Merchant

Thia ia unrelated but I got a glalie ex full-art and an octillery and a remoraid in one pack.


loving the remix in the first game




I love budget decks! I personally find them more fun and entertaining than EX decks. I feel like EX decks really kill the TCG :\

Natural Harmonia Gropius

That's too many pokemon to run.


whats with the eeveeloutions


too many mistakes in your games, donald lol. but nonetheless, another great vid!


enjoyed this video as always Donald thanks for all you do! I'd love to see your take on a mew ex deck since it's standard again, maybe hopeless scream?


does eevee evolutions work on break?

Max Werner

dat German thi

Mann Sama

Breaks don't add a stage. They are in-between a adding a new stage making them still technically the stage before. Makes your weakness plan interesting with any stage 1 breaks.


Wenk wenk wenk (you should try speaking Antarctican in the next video lol)


Besides zoroark what other non pokemon ex would work with this deck?


I love how you say Pokemons with the s. Sick deck.

blikje cola

i wanna trade 1 jolteon ex for 2 gerninja break


Yay did it in German!!!

Brian Frobey

You didn't even need to Lysandre that last M Mewtwo in the first game. You could have just used Foul Play to copy Psychic Infinity to do 220 damage because there were 7 energies attached between the two of you. I would have been an even cooler ending.

Ralph Valencia

i always felt that its total bs that the weakness for most good psychic pokemon are other psychic pokemon. Any other type has you worried of bad matchups, but with a psychic deck your bad match ups are also good match ups.


Thanks Don, i was abit down but your video definitely made my day =)

The Real Maxis

Can you do an intro in Dutch? :)) I know it's impossible, but can you please try?

Manuel Lora

Im gonna stop watching videos from this guy cuz lack of creative decks, like eevolutions give me a break. Im gonna unsubscribe, I think team fish knuckles channel is better than this one. Oh no actually it is better, what Im talking about.



Mann Sama

if sparky wasn't prized it seemed like you would have won.

Thiago Juzeph

why no with bisharp??

Nintendo Mitch

This is a great deck! I don't use Jolteon though, instead I use circle circuit Raichu