DreadOut 2 | 4K/60fps | Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay Lets Play No Commentary

DreadOut 2 | 4K/60fps | Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay Lets Play No Commentary

72 911 views | 17 Mar. 2020

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Melanie Huckleby

Love ur gameplays


Absolutely love this game and your playthroughs!!

Даниил Рубинчик

Could she die at all?
I don't see her life bar, either healing drinks or some kind of first aid kid.
She does not get crippled, does not limp, taking some hits.
This seems really strange to me.
(I did not play this game, so maybe I don't know something).
PS. Sorry for mistakes, I don't know english well.


Sit down kids, it is story time!
I am Indonesian, and incidentally i was born and is currently living in the city of Bandung where the team who created this game is based, i also know some of them personally.
I am what you would call a healer, but not a shaman or indigo.
More like inherited gift, since some of my family members, both from my mother and my father's side of the family, are also gifted.

Buat lu semua orang Indo, gw bukan dukun, tapi gw dari lahir emang punya kelebihan, gw bisa liat yg aneh aneh dan bisa nyembuhin beberapa penyakit, gw ga kerja gitu tapinya, gw cuma usaha toko doang di Bandung sama temen gw (dia juga bisa liat yg aneh aneh), ga rame yak? wkwkkwwk.
Gw bukan indigo ya, kata uwa (om/paman) gw sih ini faktor keturunan, emang di keluarga gw (dari bokap sama nyokap) sama sama banyak orang yang 'bisa'.

If you are curious about the ending, here in Indonesia we believe that there are areas where the supernatural forces are strong, and usually have a leader, a kingdom you might say.
No all of the supernatural beings are bad, some are just trying to 'make a living', the supernatural counterpart of it at least.
Each kingdom/area is a world of their own, even though they might sit on the exact same place in the physical world, their areas does not always intersect, so to speak.

Did i see them? Yes, i saw them sometimes, although most of the times i only feel them.

We believe that most of the spiritual entities can be categorized into 3.
- 1. Ghosts: they were once human, and their spirit (or energy or consciousness, it differs) is stuck in this world for some reason, for some it was unfinished business, for some it was regret, for others it was their wish to guard their loved ones, some were just an imprint left behind (which technically are not a ghost but normal people cannot tell the difference), a small number of them have no reason and most likely chose to stay on a whim, the reasons vary greatly.
- 2. Djinns: they were never human, they have always been creatures from another plane of existence, and they are the most varied. One example is Buta Ijo (green giant), represented in the game by that giant long haired black figure. They are SUPER HUGE in real life, although are they truly huge or it was just their projection i don't really know. This category houses both the good, the bad, and the neutral, just like us humans. Their forms also vary greatly, the humanoids, the animal shaped, the organ shaped, the walking arm, even the formless.
- 3 Angels and Demons: they were also never human, but unlike the djinns they are either good (angels) or bad (demons). Unlike the other two, they are timeless, they have existed long before existence, and long after it. For all we know, they have always existed. These are the ones that is most taxing to our body should we see them.

What does Siska meant by ruling the world, and that Linda can rule her own world?
It does not mean ruling the world alongside Siska, but more like each of them ruled their own separate supernatural kingdoms/areas.
Can this be done in real life? Theoretically it can, but you won't believe just how hard that is.
Thus far i've only known 2 people who did that, they were once human, but now they are not.
Easiest way to describe is that they were human that through learning, training, and attaining power or something along the line, they become a djinn category. Not really djinn, but something in between, important point is that they are no longer human.
Are they benevolent?
Actually these two are, but their anger is very deadly should you choose to provoke them.
I have not met them personally, but my family's bloodline is part of one of them, believe it or not.

- Can modern people do it? Ruling their own supernatural kingdom/area?
They can, regardless of race or country, but it is relatively easier for people like me who are gifted.
- Do i want to do it?
Nope, i am happy with my humanity, and i want to move on when i die.
- Can people without gift do it?
They can, but chances are they will die of old age before they managed to do it. Also, the process can kill them.
- How can you do it?
Yeah nah, i will not answer that, that is a dangerous path you're looking at.
- What do you mean dangerous?
Aside of you dying in the process? Let's just say that the consequences are not just on a physical level and just leave it at that.
- Are you religious?
I am religious, although not fanatical. But i truly believe in the existence of God (or Creator), hard not to when you can see things that normal people can see isn't it? Also people like me need to anchor ourselves in prayers, so that we do not lost our way and always in control of our gifts (not the other way around).

Fun fact:
People like me are quite numerous here in Indonesia, it is part of the daily life, most people here knows and accepts it as a fact of life, just like breathing.

Hit me up if you wanna ask anything.
Kalo ada yg mau nanya apa gitu tanya aja, bebas gan!

rodrick ramiro


Rafaela Ferreira

Fauzan Ahmad

What the

A Fangirl

I like playing survival games but I have no guts playing this kind of games so I'll just watch it here

Joseph Joestar

Wow the game and gameplay are both amazing! You're definitely my favorite youtuber


dreadout really got inspired by silent hill and fatal frame and i am living for it

Nerdtopia Baby

When she gets help from theFortuneteller dud the audio cut? Around 1:31:00?


Base on your personal opinión shouldi buy it or not

Minh Đăng Kim

The Landlady is secretly a retired Keeper of the Dark, who has the ability to annihilate all ghosts and demons with only the sound of her Scream !!!! It would be a matter of minutes until she destroy the Otherworld with the power of her oversized lungs and Kungfu kicks !!!!
Linda who ???!!!!!!

Saoirse Ashford

You deserve more subs!


Is that land lady a Kung fu master...?

ThuAnh Nguyen

the music is the scariest thing abt this game.
tell me I'm not alone!

Master Windu

What system is this on is it on ps4

Hany Milkgore

Nice horror game

Krisztián Nasz

Enjoyed watching it!

muh fadel

I like horror but i am afraid to play this kind of games

anis syaneena

Best thing about this game is linda will never die when attacked,only seriously injured. So you dont have to keep playing it over and over if death occurs

Evander Windham

We all need Linda's phone battery

bians 117

Amazing video!!!!!


wow awesome most amazing gaming for birthday day great

anis syaneena

Please my indonesian friends can u tell me the significance of that white cat and what does it signify?

Riski Sulthan

Is it just me or her sigh is kinda sexy?...XD

Amanda Calvin

I was wondering, what does the white cat mean?

LaraMykie Channel

Poor Linda losing her friends and her teacher, she had to fight against these creatures! THIS gameplay is amazing and hopefully they make another one. I wonder if she going to live her life peacefully or continue fighting

Rifaldi Firmansyah

Finally you upload this game, i've been waiting.. well this game is from my country indonesia, in bandung my hometown, enjoy this game everyone. And please support our indonesian game to continue produced..


Love your video

Aaron Goulette

Thought this was a livestream.

Minh Đăng Kim

Really interesting game, but the ending is kinda disappointing though... Siska just got killed and that’s it, no more explanation of what happened...


Similar to fatal frame, but with a phone.

Valentin Ermakovich

holy shit... this game messed with my mind, it is so scary watching you play. best video ever for Halloween night

Jeffrey Negron

Me: I'll play dread out 2 till 2021 O0O


Yeah game speak Indonesia . Im from Indonesia


covered in blood but make it fashion with jacket

Frost Witch

Well now I know what I’m watching tonight.

Qori Suwendo

The battery of the phone is unlimited. I need that phone


I can always depend on your channel to provide good hor3ro games.


Reminds me of Fatal Frame... Her cellphone cam strangely resembles the camera obscura.

johnny lee

I hope this is not the ending for this series.. if it is.. that's depressing....

Edit :.... I guess it really is the end?? Would there be anymore...would there be dlc.... we don't know...... we just have to wait...

colkillervin :3

This is a massive upgrade in graphics and stuff over the first one

Michael H

I wonder when this girl is going to say, "Enough is enough of this bullshit. I am hanging up the camera, and moving somewhere with allot of sun and people."


1:10:21 ya I faint too if I was that doctor or run screaming

Shawn Chang

Gotta praise the effort of going through the small detail of the story line where most gamers would just skip. Love this gameplay!