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Влад Миллер

Thanks Balori, nice guide. Please show us how you play other lines when the game doesn't put you to the top lane. :)


Love the video man! Thanks for playing Swain!


GG man unfortunately u lost :(

Andrew Denardo

Swain!!! About time! Haha love seeing my my favorite streamer play my favorite hero. I look forward to you learning more about the hero to make this build even more powerful!


Hello little friend #25

Jeff Savior

Noob :(

conner lindberg

Built him just like cho. Love it


Your videos are so addictive no matter what champion you play <3 so powerful and op build


Excellent Swain game Balori! Watching you predict and dominate every opponent is always great!

Trommel Vlies

Amazing how well you know when you are able to kill your opponent!

Thanasis Tsiakalakis

Finally!! thank you so much!!

Nhan Le

Showing love for balori. How about some jayce? One of my favorite top champ


Dude, you litteraly look like Pantheon.

Martin Riepenhoff

Am I the only one who is permanent fucked up by his way to talk?

200 subscribers with no videos

Is unlocked screen necessary for being a good player?

Oyaji 72

Play swain again but do less mistakes XD

this game was so fun

Ivan Pinto

showing whos boss with swain =D another awsome vid ^^

Slayz z

Balori i love you but how did you not know baron would immediately kill you lol.

Jakob Christensen

U should use nimbus cloak.

Zach Shrader

That teemo never stood a chance lol

Wanpoetsayben Satupatpanjuh

That was so rude.. cant u have a little mercy for them? Lol

marcelo muñoz

Yes.... im waiting gor this... after cho I train with this campion

Crying for love

U are getting your stack with any CC bal or if you pull them

200 subscribers with no videos

Never thought swain could be this powerful. Also i think you should make an urf video


U love that comet keystone :)) , but it seems it doesnt work with swain . U can t E W Q combo and hit the comet . U missed comet so many times ,but the build is kinda funny and strong . Maybe aftershock next time ?

Kershme Tukelio

For anyone interested, the thumbnail is borrowed from the art for an Elder Demon from a card game called 'Magic: the Gathering'. The demon is called "Demonlord Belzenlok", which fits really well with this title.


cho again pls balori.............make more chogod

Bradley Moore

I play swain with dark harvest and dark seal so I can stack my passive, as I stack my ring, while I stack. This isn't what you do with all champions that can stack?!?!


You are always so relaxed and respectful with other players, I like your style but still can't understand how you can play this good with ALL champs. I keep practicing with Swain but they kill me in a second. I will use your build tough. AND :) I am still in love with you. You are so beautiful. kisses from Budapest :)


What about Kata?


The "BaLoRi strategy" could be be described as -> runes for laning (e.g. arcane comet) -> triple dorans for lane domination and sustain -> constant pressure to bring jungler top lane -> build into powerful midgame items to snowball your team to victory (hextech/ludens).

I'd be interested to see if there's any champion you don't go to this build as a default on? Does it work on slow scaling champs like Kassa or Kayle?

blum blum

wahahaha im on youtuuube m the bigblackchickenn btw


I didnt know that Swain's W had that range. Balori I just bought Mordekaiser and it is so OP! Can you play Mordekeiser in one of the next videos?

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Can you show us the most powerful build for udyr maybe next?

Martin Lemvig

Where is ap udyr mr beardy

Martin Ambayec

8:30 u should have went near the minions to life steal but good play

leon ali

thank you for this video my friend, i hope your day is fantastic and filled with sunshine <3

Tong Chan

Play Blitz AP top plzz. thnx!

Hassan Ayoub

Play galio next , he is so powerful with his new passive

Aaron Hernandez

Heeeeelll yeah
Finally a Swain videoxD

Saberwaisen 1995

A super tense game to end in such a funny way xD
I hope that Teemo got 4 honors.

Oleg Damyanov


AD Victory

You need to put your face on the thumbnail my friend to make it beyond broken

Ta lonLy

It has been a long timr from last talon video

ziad alaa

Iam going to try that build now❤❤❤


nice play BaLoRi, if you land E dont forget w to follow up. I can see 3 early kills chance to teemo if W is used : D

Gonzalo Gantus

YOOO you did it lol

Zdeněk Jelínek

I love this man

Onur Yıldız

Dude you're refusing to use your passive pull and e+w combo i'm so f triggered


aww man the weak swain becomes the most broken with the buff of my best youtuber
never been so active with an other one i love you and keep going ♥♥


Bal, do you refer to your fans as Ballers? I think you should.