Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age How to Find & Kill BEHEMOTH KING (TRUTH SHROUDED IN MIST Guide)

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age How to Find & Kill BEHEMOTH KING (TRUTH SHROUDED IN MIST Guide)

33 100 views | 15 Aug. 2017

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Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age Behemoth King for the Hunt Quest - Truth Shrouded In Mist. This is another Elite hunt, picked up from Montblanc and it is quite a tough one too! The mark in question is level 70 and comes packed with 1.6 million+ health so make sure to come prepared...

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Final Fantasy 12 was first released way back in 2006 on the PS2. At the time, it was considered somewhat controversial by many Final Fantasy fans due to its departure from traditional FF gameplay. However, it is now looked back on fondly and many would consider Final Fantasy XII to be the best entry in the franchise. In 2007 the International Zodiac edition was released (in Japan only), and this version of the game included a more traditional job-based system and a new battle areana. For this remastered release, these additional changes are being brought to us fans in the West for the first time ever - along with high resolution textures and remastered soundtrack!


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Tommy Ski

Hello my name is Tommy do you know how i gonna find. The bemoth king?

Javier Lopez

Beat him with all party lvl 55 and Reddas 58 with no buffs besides haste (because he casts slow) without using any elixir and Masamune/Mesa being my best burned through like 70 Phoenix downs and several Hastega motes. Battle lasted a good 2 hours


Ffxii best ff


Helpful tip when fighting Behemoth King.

If you equip a ranged weapon (like a bow or a gun) on your tank and cast Decoy on them (no Reverse necessary), Behemoth King will, 99% of the time, use magic instead of his physical attacks. This is helpful for 3 reasons:

1) His physical attack hits like a truck while his HP is above 50% (around 3000-4000 damage per hit even with top tier armor and Protect active), while his magic is nowhere near as potent
2) It takes B.K. more time to recover from using spells than it does for his normal attacks
3) You can easily block his magic attacks with various equipment

Try that in case you can't handle a close quarters brawl with B.K.


I already killed this guy on my own, I just enjoy your videos. Cheers.

Reza Liswara

i have defeated the hunt, but when i go back to petitioner it didnt accept my hunt -_- any suggest?

sangjeong kimcho


Iain Fraser

You sir have gained a new subscriber


Spawning this guy's the hardest thing about it. Just a buffed up fafnir. With a mage blasting scathe and reverse/decoy cheese on reddas you can just laugh at him getting crushed and healed by it while you smite this guy

I'm here

btw zeromus will literally destroy him I mean literally 20 k every gravity well big bang thats a 90k dmg

Ca Ma

“Cock me” lol

Son Dang

do we have to kill the mob quickly (because the will respawned)? or we can take time to make sure we kill all the mob in the area?

Firefly 122

Helpful tip you can use ranged fighters to stay out of agro for when tank dies and if ur quick u can re buff

Kronik Has AA

Fuck that petitioner man. I spent bank gil tossing that boss for meme purposes. And he gave me shit in return... I'm seriously still cheesed about it..

Alex DaSpudKing

I found an easier exploit
Vaan (Tank)
For Lowest HP - Attack

Balthier (White Mage)
Ally any - Raise
Ally 50% - Curaja
Ally any - Esuna
For Highest Max HP - Dispel
Self MP 10% - Charge
Self - Protects
All any - Shell/Self - Shellga
Ally any - Bubble
For Lowest HP - Attack

Fran (Black Mage)
Ally any - Raise
Self MP 10% - Charge
Ally HP 50% - Cura
Foe Lowest HP/Highest HP - Shock

Ally any - Arise
Foe Lowest HP - Attack


Seitengratt W/ Assassin's Arrows
Crown if Laurels
Any STR boosting accessory

Any weapon over 70 ATK
Golden Skullcap
Ribbon/Sages Ring

Any weapon above 80 ATK (I had 79 ATK)
Black Mask
Minerva Bustier
Any accessory

I managed to defeat him with level 55's. (Reddas level 64) took about seven minutes

Jonathan Orellana

using reddas is such a cheat

mdcorman D

I got that thing almost to zero with all my characters almost at full health and the next thing I know a swipe a flash of light and everyone is ZERO...GAME OVER...after fighting this thing for over an hour and a half..........and the wyrm in the dunguon is suppose to be harder than this guy???? I dont know how they ecxpect to get these things without ribbons which is also hard enough to get

ArT ZodiarK

idk why but this was always the hardest fight in the game for me, harder than any of the espers, side bosses anything


5:28 XD


Just wanted to tell you thanks for all the great ff12 videos you made. Been using you exclusively for my playthrough. Your videos are well-made and very detailed. Appreciate all the help.

sangjeong kimcho


first last

this game Is honestly one of the best made. I feel like ot doesn't get the credit ot deserves