Tilt them all with the most OP Lissandra Build

Tilt them all with the most OP Lissandra Build

4 831 views | 15 Aug. 2020

Saberwaisen 1995

They probably flamed the lee because of the failed dive and he decided to ragequit, a normal day in league


Just watched, damn even bot games are a little longer. That aside the match up top was so unfair for voli, he should've swapped with Blanc early game after his first death. Needless to say that the AFK ruined this game, I can easily imagine Balori getting Pentas if the game continued.


Damn so op!!!

derek harrington

9:40 he coughed he's got the rona

Big Dick Demacia

I would be soo mad if I was Lee with that fail tower dive xD another great video Balori!

Senshi 51

Very nice video as always my friend, love it watching every of your videos

Crying for love

bryan yair espinoza


Manaki-Senpai: GameDev

I would like riot to reduce cooldowns of lissandra just slightly.

Gonzalo Mura Cuevas

Balori that is so ilegal that they could not even belive it

Hikari Kinomoto

I'm a such a big fan of you, Balori. Thanks for everything Master ♡

Son Ha Ha

8:20 i think you could kill that lee you still have your ignite and he lose his Q and R , i think

Robyn Highart

Haha that double kill at the start

chonk UwU

im so shit at panth assasasasadafaffafgrgfhn

German Redneck

"i dont care if volibear takes no dmg" - Voli already at 30% life....

Edilson silva

Do More Lisandra im thinking about main Her... Im liking the tips... You are a Master Balori

Nico Rodriguez

I feel that this channel is very undervalued, it should have even hundreds of thousands of subscriptions and visits, the content is much better than other channels for the same purpose. :/

Saul raans

15 minutes poor enemy team

Mick Silva

Did they nerf my beloved Ice Queen? Haven't checked the new patch.

Tom Katch

The worst part was seeing it was only 15 minutes long. But I loved every minute. Especially the double kill under tower.

Gustavo Barros

10:35 Le Blanc just die out of screen.... Haushaushau

Qurt Eh

immortal sion!

alphie smith

Lollll lisandra mid is my main

JS Lavari

Minute 2 and I'm saying in loud "Incredible, incredible what this guy do" I'm so proud of my Balori King and being part of the Balorian family


Just when I was craving for some of that sweet, sweet, Balori games the man delivers! Haven't watched it yet so gimme a sec, it's too short tho.


Balori, try Lissandra with PROTOTYPE rune. It Is very strong. Much love friend.


I'm starting to wonder if Balori is secretly employed by Riot and is purposely exploiting the power of the champions.

Either way, 15 minutes and FOOD surrenders. They couldn't handle the power of the Ice Queen!

Paul Obina

Play kennen top lane pls


Another massacre

Franco Gutierrez

I Will try now xD epic video Bro