Overwatch How To - Nailing Lucio's The Floor is Lava Achievement! - PVP Live

Overwatch How To - Nailing Lucio's The Floor is Lava Achievement! - PVP Live

22 136 views | 18 Jan. 2017

PVP Live: Lucio's "The Floor is Lava" achievement is one of the most annoyingly difficult achievements to get in Overwatch.

Most of them are fairly easy, such as interrupting an enemy ultimate using McCree's Flashbang, or even Recalling 400 health back total as Tracer in a single game.

The Floor is Lava is particularly stressful because it requires you to knock three players off the map while wall-riding — and, of course, all without dying. The kills don't all have to come at the same time nor do they have to be consecutive kills, but the prerequisites make life difficult even for most Lucio mains.

Lijiang Tower and Ilios are the best maps try to get the achievement. Nepal may also be a big help as the objective on the map is right next to the pit.

Each of these maps provide the proper set ups to accomplish your difficult goal — they each have ample space for boop kills as well as nearby walls to ride as your victims fall to their deaths.

Specifically, you'll likely have an easier time popping players off the map on the Garden in Lijiang Tower, the Well and Lighthouse in Ilios, and the Sanctum in Nepal.

Try not to get too aggressive when hunting this Overwatch achievement because if you die your boop spree is over.

A small trick you can use, which may prevent your impending headache, is to begin riding the wall a second after they start to fall. It's much more manageable to wall-ride post-boop, and It's definitely more manageable than getting the knock-off during a wall-ride.

Speedboost as you begin your wall-ride, you don't want to hit the ground right as they all die.

The binds on the Xbox One and PS4 make getting The Floor is Lava much more difficult than it is to get on PC.

The default console button layout for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 aren't very conducive to wall-ride boopage.

If you're not opposed to the idea, switch your binds for a while.

Just make sure your teammates know you're going to be almost useless because of the new layout.

Your fingers might be hitting all the wrong things for the duration of your achievement hunting.

When you finally unlock Lucio's The Floor is Lava achievement, let the world know. You're one of the 3% of Overwatch players that unlocked it.

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PG-13 F10w

I am posed because when I left to do something my brother is playing overwatch and gets the floor is lava

Elvira Sosa

i got it

Aleksi Kärkkäinen

I have it on ps4

Honey Alexander

my brother asked me to get this achievement for him since he had been trying for days. I played a total of 48 games and die 345 times I knocked a roadhog, a tracer, and a mercy off the map all in one blow. and wall rode at the last second. I got the achievement and ran into the kitchen and yelled curse words at my brother at all the pain I had to go through and that he now had the lucio pixel spray. We now regularly battle as lucio and i he often faunts his lucio spray in games.

The xNoProBrox

I have it


After 5 months of trying I got it by accident


I got Rapid Discord and don’t even have the Floor Is Lava yet. What’s worse is I’ve maybe only got 7-8 hours on Zen, but upwards of 30+ on Lucio. He’s not my main, but my third highest support. After Moira with 60-ish and Ana with 140+. This lucio achievement and Baptiste’s are the only support achievements I don’t have.


I Have the achiement on ps4

Thomas Yang

I am so triggered. I had two boops already and I booped a reaper off but it didn't give me the kill credit. :(

Steven Yee

Just got the FIL achievement and feelin goood.
Was actually very easy once you get the right maps (Ilios, Lijiang, etc)


I dont know why everyone is saying that its hard... I completed it in less than one hour, and it wasnt even hard u think


no because I'm a freaking noob


I hope you asked SaltyPhisch for his gameplay

javier requejo

I got the achivement the first time i played lucio lol

Ramsey Bugg

I got the achievement on Xbox one like if u did too

Kameron Gardner

My friend got it in 1 game after i tried for months and still don't have it

Kurkkumopo racingv2

i got it in the garden

liu ziying

meh, when you happen to kill three person with boop, just remember to wallride, dont force it. you may even have potg, thats how i got it :)


wow u took saltyphish cobyebt


The only skill needed is easy wallriding.

Dots Ver.

i got thus on xbox


Did you really just start talking when the drop start ?


i get it on pc yesterday on horizon lunar colony map. the thing is i dont need to boop enemy out of map. i finish them with right click while im wallriding in point. it is in competitive map and it is not schemed.


i try to do the achivment for 3 hours xD and i dont have it and i want to die every time i try to do it :')

Alex Martino

My psn is Coolcow64 I already have it but I can be mei and freeze on the edge if someone wants to do it.

Cameron roy

i thought this was good until i saw it wasnt your gameplay

Leo Moncayo

I got it really really easy, no skill needed. Entire team ragequit in ranked, and I was the only one left from my team at the start of our attack round. I said I wouldn't quit unless they helped me get the achievement. They actually let me boop them and I rode the wall to get it. Lost 19 points in my rank tho...


I literally booped 4 people off separately in the span on 30 seconds on that one busan map in the tunnel but I didn’t wall ride


I have Rapid Discord. Is that good enough?
Edit from a few hours later: NVM, got this achievement too.


You took all this footage from saltyphish


do U have to boop enemis of?

77 77

Got it


This was easy as soon as I found out about the achievement I got it on my first try and did a second try just to see if it was luck, and it was just as easy, not hard, people just suck at lucio

Evan Borchert

I got it on Nepal shrine and sat by the stairs easy easy. I broke my teams ear drums when I got it tho..


xbox says 0.34 % of gamers got it


The trophy was so easy on PS4


Got it on PS4 pretty recently. Lijiang Tower, Night Market is a great place for it.


So far I've only done it on Xbox

Alicia Sword

I hate lucio and his guts


I just got this by booping 4 people that were on the graviton surge hole and then wall ride only to get this achievement nd im like... wut

Logan Cutler

At least credit Salty for the gameplay you fucking hack


Lucio not lushio

Hjönk Hjönk Am Goose

I got 2/3 boops 6 times in a row and always got killed.

Ben Schurman

I got 3 people with 1 boop last night on the lighthouse map of illios and i tried to walk run but it was a weird walk so it stopped me

Hanzo Shimada

I am waiting in till the Lucio buff to get it since biopsy will be easier.


I just got the achievement today omg!!!! It took me three weeks of playing Lucio and I got it!!


So you don't need to keep riding a wall fir all three like ride the continuously and get the thing?

Vincent Pardo

I have it on ps4


3rd rty
On VolSkya


I got it the dirty way: Someone of the enemy team volunteerd to stand at the edge of the map so I can BOOP him off. Sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry....


does the kills carry over if u didnt die but the stage of king of hill changes to stage 2 of the next round???? Also do they carry over if u died but got resurrected???

Rejected Wafflez5

I have the achievement

Adam Leach

I got it twice on Xbox... first time was on my personal account, and the second I got both Lucio achievements in a round of competitive


It's so ez to Get it on lijang tower

LoveAnimals Chan

Can u help me get the pixel

Benten Konings

I got him

King Kristian

I got it in my second try but it was really hard!


Got it by accident


I got my on Volskaya Industries somehow...


I've been trying for 3 months and I still can't :/


i got it like 2 weeks ago ;)

jur schreurs

I got iT in like 3 game’s trying


I got it on PC during one of my livestreams :) but ya it's pretty tough on PC I couldn't even imagine it on a console controller.


You guys don’t need to boop people off the Matt. You just need to kill people while wall riding. It’s actually easier then you think. People just make it really hard cause everyone says you need boop people off. If you read the achievement it’s just get three kills while wall riding without dying. I got 2 kills by headshots while wall riding high and then happen to knock off another and didn’t notice.