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Hey guys and gals a new class is being introduced to Grim Dawn, the Oathkeeper!!! I am very excited about this let me know what you guys think!

Misadventure Post - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77940

Che MeGusta

Necromancer+Oathkeeper will come for your bones and soul if you dont keep your part of the deal with Uroboruuk.


Can you reset attributes stat points in grim Dawn I know in Titan Quest you can't

Styx Hellmouth

mike fast as fuck boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

buffalo bill

great video. looking forward to this new class. shared this video on twitter!!!

Derek krininger

I'mma duel wield some shields


Liked - subbed -shared! I want that game code!!!! Ok seriously tho, I really hope this drops like tomorrow. The wait is killing me.

Svetlin Yotov

Good job ;) liked and share

Andrew W

I wonder what other damage skills they will have. I would love a battle priest caster/ shadow priest sorta deal. Are we adding a holy damage type I wonder?


ahhhh... so sick


Shared and liked!I'm extremely happy about the new class since no one expected it :DDDDD.Thanks for letting us know,appreciate it

David Critser

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I play this more than I play all the other arpgs I own. Right now pets. New class has me hyped. Did they announce a date yet?

Anitesh Chakraborty

It is a prot paladin even the atk looks similar to avenger shield from Warcraft


Very nice expansion

Grant Majoor

So Excited!

Yuriy Grynevych

Looking forward for giveaway :)


I've been messing around with a sword and board Commando using a combo of lightning and fire.
I don't theory craft, per se, but I do like to mess around with builds from a subjective point of view.

The Commando was my attempt at a paladin style build.


New shield user? Soldier has been the shield king up till now

Milos Vasic

Oh man, I am so excited. I didn't expect a new mastery :O Thanks for showing it off, Mike!

Cody S

Looking forward to pair this with a necromancer. OathReaper? Dark Paladin?

Kinky Suuu

holy shit i thought their not releasign new class

Ashen Tilek

Grim Dawn is honestly one of the best games I've ever played and the team responsible for all of it from the community team to the developers do such a great job

Oni das Alagoas



After every expansion they release this game becomes better every time

Alex Sisul

I will dust off my old retaliation gear now :D

Leonardo Alexander

curious about this new one, btw my favorite one was cabalist XD

Ben Johnson

This is great news. Really looking forward to it.

Paul Lo

I wish that Grim Dawn would be a free to play mmorpg


Hurrah, finally a Paladin. My favourite class.


Shared and liked, especially like your death knight build.

Marius Ghencea

i hope it will come out before winter

Slod Owan

Thanks for this video (From Italy)

Rubens Silva

Oathkeeper = Grim Dawn's Crusader

Buddy Barlow

I'm pretty pumped for the Oathkeeper, def more of my playstyle and obviously i'll be playing one if it has some support for 2 handers with Righteous Fervor. While i'm not pumped that fire gets more love.. i do know there is a skill where you can pledge to the witch god dreeg o synergize with vit/acid which i fucking love.


They really listened to the community. Well, not that they listened exactly to the double shield mastery (lol), but a shield class mastery really is coming. Hyped


New Class hype! Shared & liked....just saying :}

Walter White

So much Nostalgia for the old shiel pala in wow xD cant wait for this to hit


Thank you for the post. Great game, i wish the multi player option would be improved.

Dr Harvey

I had just been vendoring all my retaliation gear as when I tried one about a year or so ago I ended up un-installing the game for 12 months! Came back to the game recently though and reset account to a brand new one. Enjoying the game much more now. Got my first build into Ultimate and hit lvl 85; my highest ever by a LOOONG way! Looking forward to the expansion although I still have a load of builds to try out anyway. Just need to get some gear farmed first!


I'd love to share this video so I could enter the giveaway, but I don't have any friends (nor any social networks besides youtube) to share this with, feelsbadman.


Once the Forgotten Gods expansion comes out can you do a video on where all the constellation devotion shrines locations are this would really help me out

Shaun Brady

Great job on your videos


I've only started playing a month ago and I really like this. Though to be brutally honest, I'm still playing on a older version non-official copy, started as a test run but now I'm totally hooked. Been waiting for a Steam sale up to now. I only wish that my progress can be transferred when I finally purchase the official copy but nonetheless, even if I end up starting back to zero, I really wouldn't mind as it will only add up to my excitement.
Anyhoo, I really like your build videos man. Only a few of you left out there making updated vids and it's really cool that you still do this. Sorry for the long post though. haha!

By the way, I'm playing a Cold Shadow Strike Spellbreaker.


Aaron Black

a paladin class sounds cool


did grim dawn ever add a closed type server? hero siege has one and its not some huge game.


In old school D&D: Paladin and Antipaladin.


looks good man cant wait

Adrian Carballoza

A new class will add more fun to the game. I can't wait to see how it synergizes with the other classes


Awesome!!!!! thats so cool!! sign me up for giveaway!


Silly question but won't this new class mean its potentially 7+ new classes as you can mix n match with your 2nd class pick?

alex perides

Ited be cool if they added bows with this expansion


Glad to see another non mage/summoner.