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The new Isaac DLC Repentance is coming and that means we need to get prepared. This is Antibirth, the mod that Repentance will include. The mod runs off of Rebirth and thus must be installed without Afterbirth and Afterbirth+. There's a lot to explore in the mod and I'm ready to learn it all.

Check out the mod here:

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I can’t wait for when Tyler unlocks the planetariums and the constellations because then things could get real wacky.


Btw : There being an internatinal pandemic would make it an even better idea to invest in something, because the stocks would be cheaper and they can only go up in price, so you can sell the stocks when this is all over.

Blake Renimu

Can stack up to 16 wisps, I think? Also when you use a black heart charge it triggers Necronomicon and black wisps fire fear shots


Somewhere last

Basement Dweller

I feel like she’s a character made for me. I don’t use spirit hearts often.

NickThe FrickenChicken

Haven’t even watched the video yet but I know it is going to be good


Also sidenote to Tyler, bombing the siren’s skull unlocks a trinket that makes your familiars fire faster.


i was screaming to the screen, don´t use all the soul hearts in mines

Bram Verkuijlen

Try using a chaos card on great gidion

DannyGamerXD & Artist

I love how Dark Bum is like so bad when you are playing as Bethany


This character actually looks kind of fun, if you're looking for a challenge. I don't really like super gimmicky characters like Lilith, but I do actually kind of like characters that do force you to approach things in a different way and offer a good balance of challenge and utility. I'm really looking forward to Repentance (and hope it comes to PS4).

8bitalien 64

random thing tyler said Volume1:the isaac juices in my brain

X Jared

Prediction: Tyler will forget to save soul hearts for the mausoleum

22:18: It be like that sometimes

Jared King

Hey Tyler, you forgot to add this vid to your Antibirth playlist

Frosty Snowman

everyone gangsta till Bethany turns into a fire solar system

Logan Wolf

Tractor beam would be godly


The fires have piercing, also neat


A couple things to note for later: 1. Black Market deals count as Devils Deals for stopping Angel Deals, but only if you actually use your health to pay for them. Neither counts if taken for free with things like Credit Card. 2. Bethany opens the "Soul Door" with enough charge counters. Just save a little and you'll be fine.


If I remember correctly, having mom’s knife means you don’t have to get the knife pieces


Olexa, Angel Deals are buffed in Antibirth, so going for them is actually pretty good, especially with Bethany, since she or her her book have increased angel chance

Connor Oxspring

Let's go olexa your goated

Depressed Kermit

Well, you screwed up in the beginning.

Bethany relies on angel rooms instead on devil rooms, so taking that hive mind was a big mistake.

At least you didint get the witness in the mines... I dont think the bug happens often but can still happen.

Austin B

did taking a black market in anti-birth count as taking a devil deal for disabling angle deals?

Lightning Landon3

Will you play as Jacob and Esau?


Bethany ends up being one of the easier characters, seeing as she basically has a guarenteed angel deal every floor, and the angel deals are awesome. Also, once you have all of your fires, you can just tank everything.

Too bad you took that Black Market.


i didn't think i would see an intro like that after 2013


Maybe you can enter the purple place by having the soul hearts saved up in the counter by the other consumables. Just a guess though, I’ve never played antibirth


A flame which burns twice as bright only burns half as long...
[Spoiler for the door below]

Iirc then you have to pay the Mausoleum door with her stored Soul Heart charges

Oscar Risen

(Picking up tough love)

Jonathan Bowers

8:04 I love that his shots look like a targeting reticle

reed reed

Yo commenting for the YouTube algorithm what up

George Washington

Bethany relies on Angel Deals.

Ashardalon Dragnipurake

invest when things are low
sell when high


The Soul Fires count as familiars, so stat increases and tear effects don't affect them. They are affected by Song of the Siren though.


I hope you make some repentance vids when it comes out! Can’t wait, love your videos keep up the incredible work!