01 PCSX2-RR Combo-Demo+ (http://magnetro.com/blog/)

01 PCSX2-RR Combo-Demo+ (http://magnetro.com/blog/)

408 views | 12 Sep. 2020



01) PCSX2 + Xpadder to control it.

02) Simple content-demo between Magneto & Cable showing the re-record process.

03) Read-Only mode is turned on so as to replay the file & Export AVI in 4K

04) Shows the process of replaying a p2m file.

05) Shows how to find Game Timer using byte-seach & memory viewer

06) Shows how to find player-health using a 2 byte search

07) Shows how to find P1_A_Y_Pos using a float value search

08) Shows how to recalculate the addresses using the Game Timer address

09) Shows how to find Magneto's Flight mode timer using a 2 byte search

10) Shows how to find the Game Timer pointer which can be used to easily offset the addresses

11) Shows how to find Dizzy using a byte search

12) Shows how to find Unfly using a byte search

13) Shows how to find the P1_A_3D_Health_Bar XYZ using a float value search

14) Shows how to recalculate addresses using an Array of Bytes (AOB), and jumping to the correct address


I really love what you do! You helped so much with your videos along this 20 years. Congratulations man!

Niani White

I don't know what your doing but how much do we need to raise for you to get a team together for 1) Roll back net code
2) continuously buff all non-top tiers with buffs until they are playable?

How difficult would that be if the buffs didn't require new animations?

Lazy stuff like double the time bar on all upgrade moves.

Make all level 3's level ones ( accept Spiral)

Across the board life increase to all characters.

Invincibility frames on all the crappy AAA

(I know it wouldn't be possible but what if you could make some moves actually work......like Gamma Crush being unmashable, Cammy and Spiderman supers not randomly dropping)

Maybe speed up all wall jumps to thr next speed level.

Then throw in all the colors plus some new ones and some sick music tracks.....lol ok I'm done rambling about this.
Just an old man still dreaming.


Looks like a Emulator with a MvC2 rom running. I Notice a background app that lets you edit Hex/Ascii Data chunks on the fly. Imagine building a app that has a AI that reads player movements, and punishes with macros.