Bluedio Victory Review.

Bluedio Victory Review.

7 902 views | 3 Nov. 2016

A Comprehensive Review on the Bluedio Victory.

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+Kim Jackson Are you a Ninja or a Samurai ?

Brian Hernandez

This is a nice review. The accent is pleasant and his speaking rhythm is nice and paced. This gave me a lot of ASMR tingles. Thank you!

Karel Langeraar

I ordered this these headphones from bleudio official store. There is a nasty mechanical clicking noise in the pivoting mechanics of this headphone, disturbing my listening experience with every little move I make. I asked bleudio to for a solution for this and they simply refuse to take action. They even stated a product engineer looked into this and labeled it normal and according to design. for a 'high end' headphone this is a very low quality standard. Mistakes do happen with production of hardware, but the customer service makes this a very very bad experience for me, acting upon my requests like I am a child asking for candy. I will never buy bleudio ever again, and advice everybody to look for another brand if you care even a little about customer service.

Crissy lutfa Aitchison

Maybe people can download the Mtk app to your phone if your phone supports it then you can go into audio settings and change the settings to 160 set all of them to 160 then download speaker boost from the app store then go on YouTube trust me it makes your headphones much much laoder trust me and iam partial deft so I know what iam talking about cx


You should try the vinyl plus. It's significantly better. It's one of the best sounding Bluetooth headphones in the world.

Far clearer, strong bass, wider soundstage

Aldren Rigor

Can I buy your bluedio Victory?

Darryl Still

every time you move the headset I hear a click click clicking noise ........

Not so Gullible

Did you get these for free ? fair Dinkum , i have a pair and they are DEFINITELY NOT sound canceling at all . the ear cups are not big enough to completely cover your ears therefore do not block out noise very well at all . I wouldn't even say very comfortable at all . As for them being reverence headphones , forget it . they are very bass heavy and many others are better suited to reference listening . enough said .


Pretty detailed review but please talk faster. Perhaps write down a list of bullet points of what to talk about.
And in my opinion if you spoke faster this video could have been half the length lol
Either way keep it up :)

Ahmed Shantonu

Here is one if anyone want


Hi, can you confirm that besides aptX also supports Faststream, please? Because on the website it says yes, but on the user manual there are no reference to it... :/

Shawn Orjiakor

The Bluedio Victory are the best headphones I've owned as of yet. Sound is just phenomenal.