HermitCraft ModSauce 2 ~ Ep 48 ~ Blood Magic Omega Armor!

HermitCraft ModSauce 2 ~ Ep 48 ~ Blood Magic Omega Armor!

23 024 views | 5 Oct. 2015

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that was an awesome video keep it up =3

Brian Demeulenaere

+xBCrafted what is the best armor u think and why did u take that armor? :-)


Thumbnail=the worst omega chamber


Ask jotato to fix the armor as best as possable and maybe make the omega armor last longer

Tom Parkes

awwwh yeahh modsauce :D

Diego Antonio Quiñones Molina

hola pendejo


The Omega armor looks like something I wore for class picture hehehe... I like the red and black in clothes... :) Earth omego is awesome reminds me of the samurai armor... so heavy... it even looks heavy. The witches are like "I saw him first, take that" LOL they cracked me up.
The water Omega armor was cool too. Thanks for a fun episode ... good night. (midnight here) :)


Third! Get rééékt


Don't lie, you just wanted to do a vid pantsless ^_^*

Caden Bookmiller

This is old but for everyone who cares each Omega armor has buffs and debuffs Earth sucks above y100 Air sucks below y100 each do well in the opposite environment and I'm sure you can guess how the water and fire work

Bored Student

The Earth Omega Armor is depending of your height (Y value), if you are above y 100 you are debuffed, below you are OP

Regis Bodnar

You should probably just give in and pronounce it re-agent. re-agent is a thing that re-acts with something else; ree-gent is someone who performs a king's or queen's duties in the absence of that person. Ray-gent isn't a thing as far as I can tell. That said, if you continue to pronounce it your way, I'm going to just shut up and continue watching.


looking at your health bar, i don't think the tinkers and blood magic health boosts stack sadly, is there an efficient way to automate the alchemy btw?


Yeah... the Omega Armour is kinda weird. Many say it's not really worth the hassle. (It's probably OP when there are no super-armour tech mods around, the different kinds of armour can reportedly give you quite an advantage in PVP if you choose your battlefield.)

As to why the earth armour didn't work near the altar, I think it's based on Y level.


it's because your high in the air if u make the air omega u will have a lot of buffs


Aqua-Salsa! Awwww Yeah! :D

Chris bromley-west

there's no tutorials on hot to stop your omega armour from draining your life constantly anywhere... but then i stumbled across this video, XB please, you're my only hope crosses fingers

john smith

wow that was disappointing to say the least not knocking you. just the mod!

Doken Boken

You can craft the bound armor horizontally as well as vertically.

Gabriel Almenara

I don't know much about Blood Magic, but maybe the water omega armor does not work because you are to far from the altar and cannot receive the LP

alex villalobos

who the heck left a dislike?! if you dont like his videos dont watch them! jeez these people... loved the video! Omega armor FTW