Asta and Yuno Demonstrate power! Black Clover Episode 70 - 73 Reaction

Asta and Yuno Demonstrate power! Black Clover Episode 70 - 73 Reaction

17 806 views | 20 Nov. 2019

Asta and Yuno Demonstrate power! Black Clover Episode 70 - 73 Reaction

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Aj Cardenas

You're right to be excited. This arc so dope.

Lord Rimuru

My guy can we get an update on Boruto ? Or are you waiting for next week so you can watch 6 episodes at once?

Donovan Shovan

Oh my god with the way you edit the sound, Yami put like the devils curse onto yuno in the hotspring. That was terrifying.

Veloci Rapper

“Demonstrate power” you mean flex?

Movies are FUN

can't wait for ep 80 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We got put you on some real comedy from other animes if you think was cool. And other shows that's would be worth watching. Magi, is a better take with handling magic, politics, and serious issues without using just action.



Peter Luzon

Yo you have to do a reaction to Black Clover again. It's going back into the manga material

Kyaw Zaw Aung

Yeah I think you should wait until the whole boruto arc finishes so that it'll be awesome to binge the entire thing! It's awesome I promise!

one for all all for one

U cut the episodes down to 18 holy shit first they were 50 then 26 now 18 damn

RoYaL Reacts


Mohammed Abdullahi

Bro you'd love One Piece! Beautifully written story, amazing characters and cool fights. React to that bro

Mr. Dudemanguy McWiggins

I think the guy with the mask on his face has one of the coolest power yet

Six Paths Uchiha

I wish the reactions were longer like they used to be cause we got more dope scenes in instead of it being so edited and it feeling sometimes out of pace


Is he doing boruto only on patreon now??

Mac Gameplayz

exactly f*cking bah-ha f*ck. dude that was funny af hahahaha

Prometheus Strive

She powered up her punch with magic and hit asta on the half of his body that's not overflowing with anti magic.

Jose Morel

Anybody else hate it when his videos end?

Hemden Bich

the climax/finale of this arc is so fire, and the arc after this is the best arc so far and its still currently airing


The openings for this show are flames

Mykal Smiley

Just wait bruh this shit is about to get lit

Rew Rose

Dude, I haven't been on here for a while and just wanna ask, what happened to JoJo's???

I remember watching you react to Part 3 and then nothing since.


Were is boruto ????

Yamikage VG

I love your reactions in Black Clover!! Keep it up!!!



27 episodes to go.... *wink


Can't wait for episode 90!!!

Tim Tuttle

Digging the black clover reactions I'm subbed up