potato to asian baby girl (abg) makeup transformation

potato to asian baby girl (abg) makeup transformation

342 views | 16 Jun. 2020

I bought false lashes from Doe Lashes so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to turn myself into an ABG (aka Asian Baby Girl). As you watch the video, you will see how dumb I am. But overall, I was satisfied with how it turned out. Next time I will not forget lash glue.

If you are reading this, comment what color I should dye my hair with a matching emoji!

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~ products used in video ~

Doe Lashes - Morning Dew: https://bit.ly/2BbOEoU

moonshot - Tintfit Shine (505 Mood Berry): https://ys.style/fbZXKMKsU8

MERZY - The First Gel Eyeliner (Charcoal Brown): https://ys.style/uqh6mJLsU8

Etude House - Drawing Eye Brow NEW (Grey Brown): unavailable atm

Beautrend Set of 20 Makeup Brushes: https://ys.style/uGrv1EPsU8

MACQUEEN - Cheek & Shading Brush: https://ys.style/ABpSUcysU8

Shiseido - Eyelash Curler: https://ys.style/V9lavGYsU8

I’M MEME - I’m Fitting Blender: https://ys.style/Sg6ZDXNsU8

innisfree - Skinny Microcara Zero: not available on yesstyle now

ALIN STYLE - Cutout Mini Skirt (Black, Medium size): https://bit.ly/2YGvEab

Shimi - Light Jacket (Almond, One size): https://bit.ly/2YFuBYa

Yuki Yoru - Plaid Pointed Chunky Heel Sandals: https://bit.ly/37ETtDh

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Like your abg video! I did one too and it was fun, hope you check it out! Just subscribed and would appreciate the support if you can check my channel out and subscribe! Thanks luv!

Rose 316

Your skin looks so clear! Super pretty <3

Mario Rossi

so pretty

Kelly Jelly

Ways you can help BLM: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/
Ways you can help the Yemen crisis: https://yemenhumancrisis.carrd.co/

Narcos Zay

great video bro