Warframe Defeat Chroma Solo Guide (The New Strange Quest) - Relic Pack Giveaway

Warframe Defeat Chroma Solo Guide (The New Strange Quest) - Relic Pack Giveaway

22 414 views | 15 Dec. 2019

Giveaway info: 1 Relic Pack (50plat) will be given away 48hrs after upload. Comment, Like & Subscribe to enter.Must be on PC, given as a market gift.

In this video I show you how to complete the 'Defeat Chroma' solo at a low level, the final task of The New Strange quest.

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He just pops out of existence


I didnt even have to do defend part lol, i restarted the mission but still not, wtf im lucky:)

Asead R

Do I have to use Excalibur?


i keep failing :(

Gamer Bird

Thanks I didn’t know how to defeat him :)

Sunthar Harikaran

Does the trap even do anything to chroma


Thanks dude I always lose in like 1 second because chroma does like
1Billion Dmg and I lose the mission

And now I realize why

Kamy. B

Damn, it never came to my mind leaving the drone alive so the thing could recharge it's health and shield. Thanks a lot

Fr0nk St0nk

When I tried it the first time, I finished all 5 rounds and then when Chroma came in, she was fucking invincible, wouldn’t take any damage from melee, ability are just a gun. Nothing happened when I scanned them and then they got to the machine and instantly it said that I had failed the mission.


Thank you sooo much she was fucking invincible

Ricardo Mora

I lost the scanner and can no longer equip it

Chrls lmby

What to do when i run out of scanner?


nice i used the same weapon, the dual heat swords ⚔️.

Moch Syifaa'ul A !

Shit i have 1 scan

Otaku Life

The waves never appear for me. Chroma cones out and is immortal and can’t be scanned. Need help !


How do i get that sword i cant find it

PuRe SyNeRgy

Do we need a snthysis trap?

angelo tavani

The game is not that clear in this regard. When a target is green means already scanned, so I didn't realize the need to keep on doing it. Sad thing a bug kept chroma crouched and just defending. Impossible to defeat I gave up. :(


hahaha thnaks bro

Shambala 2000

Thanks you helped a lot


This guy need more sub

Luke Sari

I thought you had to kill him ...


Thanks This Really Helped Me : )

Reihan yasfinu

How to get more scanner? I'm out of it for some reason


Awesome vid dude thanks

Ian Heeralall

I kept trying to kill him and yeah that didn’t go well so ty ima sub

B' Mk

I've scanned 5 times and when chroma dissapear my mission is failed, is that a bug?

Victor Olvera

Damn bullshit ass game only lets me do it once


Fuxking thank u u deserve a crown


omg, so dumb game... Never find it...


i ran out of scanners

Francisco Tosi

Hello again, I want to enter. IGN: Fratidora

Francesca D

I'll Enter! Good luck to everyone!