Xerath Champion Mid Gameplay vs Fizz - League of Legends Season 7

Xerath Champion Mid Gameplay vs Fizz - League of Legends Season 7

3 526 views | 4 May. 2017

LoL Xerath vs Fizz season 7 mid lane gameplay, Xerath main Diamond League.

00:00 Intro Song - Hot Rod Rebels 1 - Victor Olsson

15:16 Runes and Masteries

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the mezzotrollo

wow, u are a great xerath, make best films and montages and don't brag about it. This is awesome

Muhammad Clark

Been waiting for this for weeks my guy. where you been?


Hey dude, be careful with that firsts creeps xd
I love u m8


Youre really talented in Video Editing! :D Keep it up! :D

Norforg Sama

finally another upload, u left us waiting bro~


Hey, thanks for coming back! Love your video style, it's always good to see another Xerath main.


I've been pretty much one-tricking ahri, and I've been searching for a backup champion for when she gets banned or picked, but I couldn't find one that felt as right as ahri. When I discovered your channel, I knew instantly who that second champ is. Thanks for turning me into a two-trick pony <3


Can someone tell me whats the in-between music at 4:20 ?


Diamond ? xd

Eternal Sadnesss

omg you are live


Hey, may u give me ur rune ? i want to know ^^


I v I Bjerg on Xerath Kappa

Justas Šlajus

dont get me wrong but them mechanics of enemy team is more like gold~plat, not mid diamond:D

Nico Adams

Thank you so much dude I started playing Xerath cause of you


Kurt Robin Antonio

Welcome back


Yaaay nice to see you upload again! Why did you change to the Morello/Tlords/Boots build? Don't you like the deathfire/tear one anymore?

Luis Diego Silvera Salazar

Do you agree grasp on xerath is better than thunderlord?


happy 2c another xer vid :)