Let's Play Weapon Shop Fantasy - PC Gameplay Part 1 - Unholy Vampires! A Weapon Shop?!

Let's Play Weapon Shop Fantasy - PC Gameplay Part 1 - Unholy Vampires! A Weapon Shop?!

38 751 views | 28 Feb. 2017

Weapon Shop Fantasy is a shop simulator with a whole lot of RPG elements.

Or maybe it's an RPG with a whole lot of shop simulation…

You decide.


Craft mighty weapons!

Enchant them with magic!

Here are just a few of the things you can do in Weapon Shop Fantasy…

Defeat mighty (pixelated) enemies

Collect rare materials

Learn awesome and useful skills

Make your own skill combinations

Defeat monsters for new materials… or just steal them and run away

Bring on new staff, send them on adventures, keep all of the materials they gain

Read some hilarious (and very cheesy) dialogue between some pretty silly characters

In Weapon Shop Fantasy, you can also hire a team of staff members to do specific jobs for you, additionally you can improve their abilities and push them to develop new skills.

The staff training system is almost limitless, so there's always room for improvement and investment in your staff. Combine staff training with enemy battles, collected materials, and skill unlocks, to make your crafted weapons and equipment more and more powerful.

There are over 200 different pieces of gear and equipment to be crafted, with an equally impressive selection of over 200 skills. With skill combinations, you've got almost limitless options.

There's a huge selection of over 70 monsters, as well as a few giant bosses to conquer, in addition to over a hundred missions to complete.

We've also added some unique mechanics to the game. One example is having to lure bosses out of hiding, using food to entice them. Offer them something sweet, then destroy them.

When you craft different weapons and equipment, you'll notice that each one has its own attributes and skill bindings. The weapon crafting also has an element of luck, so you never know when you might just luck out and craft the perfect weapon.

Also, what weapon crafting game would be complete without additional enchanting mechanics to further imbue your equipment with even more raw power.

In addition to crafting and making money, you can also send your staff members on auto-battle journeys where they'll earn materials for you as they progress deeper and deeper into dungeons. You'll see your materials building up, but pay attention to the health of your staff. If you feel there's a chance they might die, you can run from battle at any time and keep any materials they've already earned from that journey.

Get Weapon Shop Fantasy on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/599460/


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Adam Kellett

I'll admit, I'm looking forward to this series


I hated Recettears price points at the start other then that not to bad of a game.


The bad language irks me, but it looks like stupid fun!

American Sloth

First comment


looks pretty nice, but the fact that youve got to drag your staff around bothers me more than it probably should. except for specific tasks like adventuring that you actively assign, there should probably rather be a priority system for those guys and they walk over and do tasks by themselves. pretty much like the duplicants in oxygen not included. you just que up the items/resource processing at the stations and tell each one which hes responsible for and they figure it out by themselves.

renan miguelote

Similar game on Steam KeepShopkeeping!


"This UI is a bit confusing" there are only 3 buttons to click...



lance quigg

3rd coment


Moar, please

Tanner Murphy

There's a mobile game I forgot the name but it is ur ideal game



Kayleb Lang

ermagawd the pupper spin during the intro!!!!


The miss texts are honestly legendary, such as "Slime hit a grass, grass says : 'why me?'", and "Slime hit a fly, fly says : 'bulls eye!'"

Kayleb Lang

gotta love the power of engrish to misconstrue things XD



Thomas Bauer

Looks like this will be a great series

yaniv f

these grammic error reading is so funny, thank you for a great relaxing laugh.


trai Shop Heros On android

Dave Taylor

He's complaining about the game making mistakes and he is he said Engrish

Clean Living

They should spend some budget to fix up the English


This looks awesome!


play Shop Heroes

Chen Lei

Weapon Shop Fantasy has already been a hit with PC players on Steam, and now comes to the App Store.


I looked up "weapon shop ran by a vampire" I am happy that was a tag.

nawia perun

I like music here :D it reminds me Atari games :D

Eepicness 45

Yay for Grammar! XD


The grammar's pretty bad, but I've seen a lot worse, like bad manga scanlations, or that indie horror game some YouTubers were playing this past Halloween, Breathing Deep. At least it's usually clearly understandable in this game.


Obnoxious as fuck. Try playing the game more before pulling out the horrible attitude.

Luna AngelEclipse

The dialogue was hilarious to me, not even the bad grammar but just

'please be gentle'

Junion Pintal

The bad grammar makes it a bit funny, the tutorial is a bit shakey..and I think at some point you managed to disable the tutorial, so it stopped before it finished but i'm not sure.

Still it looks pretty interesting.

You mentioned Recettear as well as people in the comments have.

It is a game similar in style to this one but..also pretty different too. You're a bit more in depth on selling stuff, a bit more in depth on putting it up for sale, the dungeoning is something you control and it's a bit actiony, but not much in the way of actual crafting. I honestly like the crafting in this game and leveling a touch better....it looks slightly more interesting in that area.

Still Recettear is pretty fun.

The Chosen

Are the sharpened sticks stakes? That’s actually pretty funny, a vampire selling stakes.

Yimin Xu

Not Japanese, it's from Chinese.

Tsusaku Cohenat

I am glad you like it. I thought you would, but was not sure that you will read the tweet, when i sended it to you :)


Dat engrish, much bad

Side note, enemys dealing 92 damage in the first area is complete bull.


a game much like this is 'kingdom item shop' on thr 3DS e-shop. it was a lot of fun!
Recettear is my favourite shop sim/adventureRPG game. I recommend it! I have yet to find a game I love as much as I love recettear.


Please be gentle...

Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

I played recetear and it was awesome.


This game is awesome

Jason Blanchette

put armor on your workers when you send them out ,then they will finish a run.




Adventchore xD

Kristoffer Martinsen

Recetear(or however yo write it) is really good. Recommend giving it a shot