We Can Catch MISSINGNO?! Pokemon Insurgence Let's Play Episode 55

We Can Catch MISSINGNO?! Pokemon Insurgence Let's Play Episode 55

126 168 views | 5 Apr. 2018

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Super Dj208

What would shiny missingno look like

Darth Tyogres

QOTD: Darkri because you have to obtain it in an event or glitch since the event is gone you have to obtain it in a glitchy way


QOTD no master ball glitch every game

Saima Hoda

I caught my delta regice 1st try!! XD

Thesleepifoxx qwq

Recover has 20pp lmao

Jaynathan Hue

at least they aren't roaming

Gamer Account

Qotd: pokemon yellow mew glitch

Miki PlayZ


Bobo Trainer 1980 classic. Inc

Michael the song is the immigrant song by led zeplina nod it’s like
aAaAaAaAaAAaAaHHH AaaAaAaAaAaAhh take me down to the something show
Where the sun shines bright and it still pretty cooooollddd

Yes I have a Grammy award thx for asking

A very wet COOKIE

Only 171 comments?


My favorite Glitch in Pokémon is the Missingno glitch.

Aidan Makes Things

Get this get this
Recover has...

25 PP
I remember fighting a Milotic in my Emerald Nuzlocke and I picked Combusken so I couldn’t hurt it and it kept using Recover.

Charizard The Anger bender

Why don't you use the master ball


ground is immune to electricity sure BUT can VEGAN or anyone in the boxes learn stun spore since that is GRASS type ground is VERY MUCH not immune as they are weak to grass

XoXo Uwais


My Kitties

Delta Regirock is THE BEST DELTA LEGENDARY EVER because i did the same thing and it got caught in 3 ancient pokéballs.



Now u have rock climb you can get Latios. You might not want it tho

Shivam Bangia

Michael: Ooooooooohhhh

Nightmare XD

Yous a Master ball

Stephen O'Brien

Do snore balls work on pokemon with the insomnia ability?

Ea Victoriano Bernal

Yo i didnt think you could get missingno in a fangame or pokemon insurgence


It’s missingno? Oh, so no ones missing okay.

Mort Shoe

(Ma-Sing-No or Missing-No) What do ya'll pronounce it as?


I’m disappointed missing no wasn’t bird type


Immigrant song
Led Zeppelin

That One Sentient Bagel

I don't like that Micheal keeps disrespecting this game, yeah it's a fan game, but it's still a fun game. Don't diss it cause it's not made by Game Freak.


5:00 10


I looked it up the ancient ball on a legendary is eight times better than an ultra ball

Kevin Reidy

QOTD that one glitch in gen 1 where you can beat the game in less than 1 minute or there was that corrupted copy of sun and moon where everything was glitchy. Poketips talked about it.

Ninja Toy Reviews

did anyone notice he has 2 master balls and is not using them


Honestly i think lets go pikachu and eevee should have had a missingno side mission or something for post game where they deposited a pokemon in the pc and it got glitched and changed into missingno and that person started going around doing stuff like team rocket did and you had to stop them and you eventually get missingno but it wouldnt be as glitched as pokemon red and blue obviously

I think that would have been really cool

Yumi Bulaclac

Original Regirock name-Regirock
Delta Regirockname- Regisand

Yến Nhi- Van Lo

Ohhhhhhhh!! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea spongebob square pants who I DONT KNOW THE LYRICS


QOTD:The Dark Void Glitch In Gen 4 Because You Could Get Darkrai And Archoos If You Don't Find It There Really Is No Shaymin That


I just realised they missed a trick by not calling the Magic Carpet the "Magikarpet".





A rando Galaxy

Ummm these aren’t deltas there clones that where altered to be broken and deformed

asreilgamingplayz the dreemurr

4:59 recovers pp is 10

Dylan V. D

mate i never seen an onyx in the wild :p
and this video is 2 years old lolol

Notcoy Minecraft

Why did you run away anyways rip that try


Missingno pokedex entry: a mysterious glitch pokemon that was born after bills attempt to turn himself into a pokemon.

Said to be the cause of the mysterious pokerus virus.

Nikhil Barretto


I always thought it was missing-no

Cypress Yeah

I know this isn't a glitch but it's pulling the cartridge out of a game boy, but if you were to do this in lavender town it would be really creepy.

Suicunegamer Chaligoj

allllllllllllllllllllllll shiney pokemon forever

Sparked Brain

Lol Every time he talked about loving his balls


Skelton arodactl missingno

cody ridenour

I meant pp

Widyanto Kurniawan

The way you said missingno.

Emily Bongaarts

QOTD: I like missingno

Weston Kelley


DootSlayer Eternus

they really need to make a legendary/mythical pokemon based on Missingno.


My favorite glitch is the fails celebi clone


QOTD: Lance being stronger than Youngster Joey's Rattatta

nunzio fofone

Recover PP : 8 / Regice Recover PP : OVER 9000 / QOTD : Bad Egg... I MEAN IT RESETS UR G A M E IF U HACK ;-;

Jeff Hirsh

QOTD . Pokemon DPPT Void Glitch

Actually that would be second my favorite is actually the Black Fog


At 19:30 you might even say it was Onix-pected

NephiLo Water God XVII

I like the thumbnail for this vid.
"Who's That Pokemon?"
"Well, *ahem... technically..."

SilverShadow 494

bruh help im stuck in the holon region, it wont let me fly away frickin help me

Awesome Nate

QOTD:Catching the egg in gen 2

Thomas Drew

I find it funny I just played a fan game and jokingly said that I turn regirock to dust

Emil Ekström

I like regice but its delta is so cool but its name should be regiwater or regiaqua

Tyler Bisping

it sounded like he was sayin UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUWU! (like uwu)

Aldrien Gabriel Arevalo

QOTD: Mew in Gen 1

Simone Gesualdo

The point of ceching legindares is so thar is more content (sorry for the spelling i am only 10)

Katie Albert


Just a guy Gaming

The Regis or as they also go by suffering

That One Sentient Bagel

Fun fact: all of the delta Regis are "Destroyed" forms of the regular Regis.

Ice melted is Water.
Steel melted is Fire.
Rock crushed is Ground.

Scolza GameScorcher

its very cursed that the regis were using last resort before using all their moves


the solution to the rehiring problem is to reset until it’s shiny, then use the shiny ball. save so much time


12:35 Fissure incoming

Aldrien Gabriel Arevalo

12:40 I laughed so hard because Vegan took so long to faint

e a

QOTD Missingno


So... what exactly are Gill and Garudamon? I know they’re delta Pokémon... but delta what?

Amber Stone

I like that weird shiny glitchy bulbasaur from X and Y. It's my favorite region

Kevin Colon

The regisand cave music is a altered version of the johto region

Total Blazion

Recover pp is 15


Ok, the "3" is NOT the catch rate. that is the rate of getting a legendary at full health in a pokeball(0.4% chance)


Almost 2 years later... im stilled slightly annoyed at missingo's typing in this game

Elven At Heart

Man I so wish to play this game but I'm afraid it will fry my PC. Or install a virus

Shadow Gible

QOTD Yoshi

Tammy Smith

Aren't ancheint balls already in game?

wisconson delli



2:35 it's water VEIL. (Hidden: Storm Drain)


Holy arceus it’s missingno god who created arceus

Nastya Pravdin

QOTD: Shiny Only
Idc what gen I just love the glitch

Cody Sanderford

Insurgence missingno: flying/normal Gen 1 missingno: bird/normal Fun fact: there are 2 beta generation 1 types and they are bird which became flying and the other one is beast

cody ridenour

It has 20 minutes

Jaynathan Hue

QOTD: gen 1 focus energy

Amy Ridgway

QOTD:Pc Glitch

Emil Ekström

Registeels delta should be named regilava

Tyler Richardson

Why do you say missingno weird? It is just abbreviated missing number.

That One Spectre

How the HELL Does that look like slender man?

BloxCrafting Game Proe

It's not a chance, it's guaranteed. If you make contact with missingno, you faint. End of. Probably to make up for its base defense stat of ZERO. It's basically a one-shot if you hit it with tackle or something.






Captions be like: Greeting big fence and welcome to the latest episode of Pokémon Enzo let’s play.


I saw you catching delta Regice I was like USE A DELTA BALL well you didn't even with Regirock

038 Evan