PUBG AMD RX Vega 64 Stock Vs GTX 980 TI Overclocked Frame Rate Comparison

PUBG AMD RX Vega 64 Stock Vs GTX 980 TI Overclocked Frame Rate Comparison

9 269 views | 18 Sep. 2017

Cards Used

Sapphire AMD RX Vega 64 Limited Edition

Asus GTX 980 TI Reference

CPU - Kaby Lake 7700k

Shadowplay and ReLive was used to record.

PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Pc AMD RX Vega 64 Vs GTX 980 TI Overclocked Frame Rate Comparison Benchmark

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And Now? Vega is 25% faster with tweaking and Updates. The Standart Mode is shit Mode.

Muhammed Abdelhameed

Please test Vega 64 vs GTX 1080 in Forza 6 and Forza Horizon 3, today Forza 7 demo will be released on PC! Wonderful time to compare all!

Francesco Corriga

pathetic video.... cherry picked settings, resolution and conditions.


So CPU usage is so much less on the Nvidia side, but why so much on AMD? Huge difference between the two.... Over the long haul the CPU on AMD's side would get so much more work/heat for doing the same thing the nvidia counterpart would at a lesser cost incurred.

. bigRuss

980ti overclocking power way ahead of its time. still a great card!

Владимир Иванов

Vega is pathetic.


A THREE YEAR OLD GPU from Nvidia kicking the living snot out of AMD's latest crown jewel (Given enough time coal turns into diamond the fanboys!) released last month, LOL!!!

AMD's a joke. It's fanboys are even bigger jokes. =D:::


Have you tried overclock 1080 ti? I am having problems game just crash any oc settings

Rex Tilton

I thought the Vega would have compared worse to the 980ti considering pubg cripples any AMD gpu, when Pubg is fully realesed AMD will have proper drivers for it, just look at gears of war 4. Same engine but the Vega 64 is right there with the gtx 1080, in pubg the gtx 1070 beats the Vega 64.

George TMGR

GTX 980 Ti overclocked is FASTER than the GTX 1070! People do not seem to get this. But suffice to say TFLOP, TMU, and ROP comparisons between Nvidia Maxwell (9XX) and Pascal (10XX) are FULLY VALID! Remember just because it is NEWER - does NOT mean it is more POWERFUL! Given, it takes less power to achieve the same performance, but when tweaked to max frequencies, the GTX 980 Ti is significantly Faster/More Powerful than any GTX 1070. A GTX 980 Ti such as my G1 Gaming at 1505 MHZ Operating Core frequency, with 8 GHZ effective VRAM actually slightly out perform a STOCK FE GTX 1080 - and will heavily beat ANY GTX 1070! For TFLOP calc, take CUDA/SP x 2 x operating frequency divided by 1000 for GFLOPs, 1000 GFLOP = 1 TFLOP Note comparing Compute, ROP count, TMU count etc between AMD and Nvidia is pointless, as is comparing Maxwell/Pascal to Kepler and earlier! GTX 980 Ti = 2816 CUDA/176 TMU/96 ROP, 384 bit memory bus, 7-8 GHZ GDDR5, 336-384 GB/sec GTX 1070 = 1920 CUDA/ 120 TMU/ 64 ROP - 256 bit Memory Bus, 8GHZ GDDR5 - as high as 9 GHZ , 256 -~290 GB/sec GTX 1080 = 2560 CUDA/ 160 TMU/ 64 ROP, 256 bit memory bus, 10 to as high as 11 GHZ GDDR5X, 320-340 GB/sec *NOTE: Higher end memory clocks are Overclocks that are known to work on SOME but not all card - ave the 980 Ti which can almost always hit 8 GHZ. *1800 MHZ is roughly average Pascal boost clock without any tinkering GTX 980 Ti @ 1505 MHZ core = 8.464 TFLOPs, 265 Gigatexel/sec, 144.48 Gigapixel/sec, 384 GB/sec memory bandwidth - at 8 GHZ, 336 at 7 GTX 1070 @ 1800 MHZ core = 6.912 TFLOPs, 216 Gigatexel/sec, 115 Gigapixel/sec, 256 GB/sec memory bandwidth GTX 1080 @ 1800 MHZ core = 9.216 TFLOPs, 288 Gigatexel/sec, 115 Gigapixel/sec. 320 GB/sec Memory bandwidth. Even if you take a GTX 1070 and OC it to the MAX ~2125 MHZ core, and ~9 GHZ VRAM, you are looking at: GTX 1070 @ 2125 MHZ Core = 8.16 TFLOPs, 255 Gigatexel/sec, 136 Gigapixel/sec and ~290 GB/sec memory bandwidth And most GTX 1070s cannot hold 2.1 GHZ core, they may bump it, but unless supremely lucky, the upper limit for any Pascal GPU is ~2 GHZ and not much more. As you can see, ANY GTX 980 Ti that is clocked to ~1450 core will beat basically ANY GTX 1070! Even without the extra memory speed, but with 8 GHZ on the 980 Ti's VRAM - you have got OVER 100 GB/sec greater memory bandwidth, and the improved delta color compression comes nowhere CLOSE to offsetting 100 GB/sec of bandwidth! Not to mention the 980 Ti simply has FAR better pixel output capabilities, and even at a fictional 2.125 GHZ Core on the 1070, the 980 Ti has notably better texel output as well! So all of those things REALLY add up, so much so that despite the GTX 1080 having better raw hardware output at even 1800 MHZ as it is likely to hit even in a stock FE card, the GTX 980 Ti when OCed heavily will perform on par with, and sometimes slightly better than even a Stock FE GTX 1080!


You try hard to make Vega look as bad as possible in your latest videos. I dont need to watch biased youtubers. Unsubbed.

Alex McNab

nice, knew i didnt need to upgrade from 980ti 2 way sli . another usefull vid, cheers


overclock that 980 to a bit more, most cards can hit 1482mhz and 4001mhz memory

Ouali Toudert

Vega is totaly fail by amd its a fact.

Epic ARK

and again vega is almost shit ^^


Overall Vega 64 is better than 980 ti even overclocked, not in this game...but, the real downside of Vega right now it's the price...if the price was right nobody would make this comparison.

Retro Wrath

Vega 64 should beat the 980Ti in every game. LOL


I've managed 1550mhz on core and 4000mhz (8000mhz effective) on memory on the 980Ti and 1675MHz on core and 1125MHz on memory on the Vega 64, the Vega 64 OC is just around 5~7% faster than the 980Ti OC.
I'd say the 980Tinis still a card to consider, as it beats Vega 56 when OC and very close to Vega 64 with extreme OC


I have an idea for you. Try Vega 64 vs gtx 1080 on assassins creed 2 maxed out (including anti aliasing) at 8k if they still are at Max frame rate try 10k


Vega,peasant gpu.


As long as games published on dx11 nvidia and intel are kings....but the for upcoming games and years AMD is ahead......aren't we all bored to pay twice as much money to hardware because software developers and game engine developers to unite around their SPONSORs! who are the hardware developers......if your brand sales more, games will develop according to that sales numbers, not the technology.

Jacek Kawalec

28nm vs 14nm
1450MHz vs 1500MHz
2800sp vs 4000sp
DDR5 vs HBM2
250W vs 350W

Seriously,how can you make a card this bad ?

Cassiano Lobato

Why so much diference in cpu temps?


What 980TI are you using?
I have 2 MSI 980TI 6G both are well above 80c @ 100% fan speed and gaming.
Changed the thermal paste on both to Noctua NT-H1 and I clean my PC once a week.(nodust)


RX Vega 64 = GTX 980 Killer

But it was supposed to be GTX 1080 Killer


if you go 1080 fe stock vs 980 ti oc , 1080 will shame too . I dont see any relevant information about an very bad optimized game and this comparative.


Wow, this is just SAD.


You're hell bitch, evrerybody knows that AMD vega 64 is on the same level of gtx 1080 the gtx 1080 is much better than gtx 980' re a manipulate the people's head.

Can I run it

780 Ti OC vs Vega 64 GTA V 1080p pls :D

Jacek Kawalec

There's nasty microstuttering on Vega, I can pick it up even in the video.



Alejandro Gimenez

Why Post-Processing option on very low?


this is not even oc,my 980ti amp extreme have the same clock at stock

Luis Ortiz

Where da magic drivers at damn it amd!


Vega wasn't even running at its max boost clock. Out of the box settings kick Vega in the balls


Truly innovating.

M. P.

Vega is just a fail... and will be a fail for ever just like Nvidia Fermi. Will remains in history as a fail arhitecture FOR EVER !! XD


awesome video bro

MayDay GoingDown!!

Anyone remember AMD marketing this with "POOR VOLTA"

Tehu Tehu

Showing yourself walking on the open doesnt mean anything in terms of performance, play the game in cities like Pochinki, thats how you benchmark this game.

Daniel Olofsson

My 980Ti @ 1500 MHz struggles like hell in this game. Inconsistent performance all over the place. Point is. EA games are really bad for benchmarking purposes. Which is perfectly illustrated in this video, however in action it's even worse.


Something for sure, those who bought 980tis got every cent out of their money

Felix Jesus Garcia Arias

name of the song? pls


Okey I get it Vega is shit I know it too, but don't you see that if Vega is bad it's bad for all of us? nVidia and AMD users I'll explain: Firstly AMD has been falling behind nVidia for the last years and you can see it with Pascal, the GTX 1060 (a card that I own) is a low end chip!! And it competes with a rx480 which is a high end in it's arquitecture! Which consumes more I bought it because I needed low power draw and tdp but I would love if I could pick an AMD card, so AMD is falling behind and nVidia instead of giving us what we should get it's giving us lower performance to be similar to AMD and saving money and I hate it because in Volta they will give us even lower! Because AMD will not have anything because Vega just released and is a failure and AMD can't create a new arquitecture in 5 months for the release of Volta...

F2F Tech

The 980Ti enters legend status.