Dark Souls III - Dragonslayer Ornstein vs. The Nameless King

Dark Souls III - Dragonslayer Ornstein vs. The Nameless King

60 610 views | 5 Apr. 2017

Having left Anor Londo, Dragonslayer Ornstein ventures into Archdragon Peak to seek out his old teacher, the Nameless King. Finding him to be Hollow and hostile, he resolves to put him out of his misery.

Done on NG+.

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Some people think king of the storm is Ornstein so this is old Ornstein vs Ornstein and Nameless King


The saddest part of the video 3:29 rest easy brother..

Lord Dinosaur

The first phase is just Ornstein vs Ornstein.
He became the very thing he swore to destroy.



Noly's Channel

1:59 Luckiest guy on planet LOL


That Thumbnail is just Beautifully Awesome


Imagine if ornstein had estus

Ignacio Cañas

NK: Orstein...
O: Master...
NK: Are you still fighting for my father's mad quest?
O: I am.
NK: Would you not rather join your master like in the old days? We could do so much for this world.
O: I... I can not betray my oath.
NK: I see... what are we waiting for then?

Ashton Grey

I think oirnstein died trying to fight the nameless king that's why you can find his armor after the fight


btw the part where you throw the lightning spear and he throws it back is fucking awesome man.

Andrea Valentini

3:30 "not bad kid"


This should probably be listed as a "prepare to cry" video :D Given the lore implications

Sinclair Lore

GO Ornstein go!

Aaron Hapgood

Really thankful his goofy undead face is covered up

I don’t know What to put here

But can you jump as far as ornstein?

Patches Gaming

Next you should be Smough.

Stoned DONUT

I remember when I first started dark souls 3 and my friends told me "it's called ornstein's ARMOUR just SIMPLY beat the nameless king"

Kyle Davis

Iron dragonslayer armour is much better defeating the nameless king

A E 8 6

2:56 lol


Nameless King "Absorbs power from storm drake"...
Ornstein "Motherfucker, that's my move"

Alexander Nance

If god in the Dark Souls universe is Gwyn then that means that means fighting the nameless king would be like fighting Jesus

Straight White Male

Remember when Ornstein used to time his attacks horribly, and then get punished for it and start spamm panic rolling away right before chugging a heap of Sunny D? Ah those were the days...


nice, i loved the first phase when you did the lightning spear while he was in the air and when the nameless king riposted with a lightning spear


the long waited fight

Emerl Gizoid

Nameless King; What? You again?

Drew Wilson

What if you wanted to kill darkeater Midir but the nameless king comes in to do this 1:15



Salah Ad-Din

i like this cause this could've actually happened if time were to intervene. an apprentice seeking his master only to find him hollowed.

Project: Bored

The lore states that in the dragonless age orstein searched for the nameless king but was defeated

This is a big fuck you to the lore and I love it

Noah Leopold

Before the battle with the Nameless King...
Ornstein: Master, I have finally found you after so long.
Nameless King: ....
Ornstein: Master? You look...hollowed. Is everything alright?
Nameless King: ....
Ornstein: You are hollowed, aren't you? Well, I, Ornstein, Knight of Gwyn, will put thee out of thy misery. En garde!
After the battle with Nameless King...
Ornstein: I am sorry I had to do this, my lord. May thee join Lord Gwyn and the others in the afterlife. May you rest easy amongst thy own kind.

Oscar Miguel López

If this is how Ornstein looks as a dragon I wonder how Artorias would look like as a one.

Raven Deafening

If this was a legitimate battle though nameless king would destroy ornstein just saying

Ramon Voncken

After Artorias left with his awesome sword and wolf, they somehow had to decide who now would be the coolest knight in Lordran..

Mr Buffoonery

This is awkward if Ornstein really is that dragon lol.


2:55 Surely that's his weak spot

Soki Moh

1:18,his hand clearly shaking.

Fat Baby Productions

it would’ve been really cool to see you go to we’re the ornstien armor is and take it off, same with your weapon

Boy Man

Seems like the NK is in a semi-hollowed state if his face is anything to go by.

Musaab 7

That glorious plume

Andrew Jakes

3:24 & 3:30 - I could totally see Ornstein saying something like;
"Forgive me, my master" or "May you rest now"

Marcus Ocampo

i love how the dragon is actually ornstein.
orstein vs nameless king and ornstein.



Serverllegion 618

Dude oristain spear look like a pen cill compared to the sword spear

Kaung Minn

NG+ 6 Still rage quit against Names King fight.

Rockstar Foxy

The student has become the master

Noah Leopold

This boss fight almost seems fitting if you do it with Ornstein's gear.



Crow Carmichael

Lol, Ornstein is ACTUALLY the dragon in this fight. It's why you find his armour, not in a chest, not on a dead body, but out in the open before this fight. It's also the area where you get the dragon stones to turn into a dragon, which you have to not be wearing any armour to use. He was good friends with the Nameless King, (Gwyn's real firstborn who was exiled for allying with dragons and stripped of his name and Godly title...) so Ornstein came here, ditched his armour, followed the path of the dragon covenant, becoming the NK's personal mount. That's also why the nameless king inherits some of Ornstein's moves and his natural imbuement of lightning in the second phase. (Namely skewering you with a lunge and turning you into a lightning rod, that's Ornstein's thing... and he just got it after paying respects to the dead dragon thing? Totes Ornstein...)

King Koah1

Sik em boi