BEST WAVE CLEAR OUTLANDER | Shamrock Reclaimer | Fortnite Save the World PvE

BEST WAVE CLEAR OUTLANDER | Shamrock Reclaimer | Fortnite Save the World PvE

22 215 views | 8 Aug. 2018

We get some gameplay with the best wave clear Outlander SHAMROCK RECLAIMER in Save the World. It turns out that he has some of the best WAVE CLEAR abilities in the game!!!


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Fortnite STW is PVE (Player vs Environment) team based co-op game or multiplayer game that sees you lead survivor squads against invading husks. You need to try and gather, craft and collect legendary weapons as well as recruit legendary heroes and mythic heroes too. My videos often look at things like how to get more event gold, how to get the best weapons, and who is the best hero in the game. I often look at what does the most damage or has the highest damage in in the game.

You can pick up a legendary hero or mythic hero in the Epic Games Event Store or you may get lucky and find one in a Loot Llama opening.

Epic Games deliver regular Fortnite Save the World updates to the game and there is pretty much always a new event (with a specific themed store) up and running. The game is an excellent non-conventional FPS RPG. The other version of this game is Fortnite Battle Royale which is a critically acclaimed PVP game.


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I got rid of him cuz I use outlanders for loot


Video stuck at 360p for me : (

Sem Nienajadlo

So happy i got Him from a birthday llama

Brandon Englert

Glad this guy was covered. I've mained him ever since I got him. Almost always the top combat score with very limited shooting


I deleted this guy for fragment flurry he looks cooler aswell :(

Steve O

You should meme the cake for as long as you can! I've enjoyed the memes! Keep up the great content

Kevin F.

I have Fragment Dlurry Jess she is my favorite hero at the moment.

Izaak Curtis

Hey bro. U are my favourite YouTuber and I really enjoyed ya vid. Keep up the good work

Jacob Perez

Is fragment flurry Jess a re skin?

Steven Mosher

Used him in challenge the horde and did twice the combat as the next person


I acedently retired fragment flurry Jess

Elemental Snake

It's a re-skin of Fragment Flurry Jess?

Vidar something

first video i watched from you and want to ask wouldent the gunblazer been a bether alternative? since it have phase shift teddy and shock tower? i using gunblazer and T.E.D.D. shot atm super fun and have always super high damage (but im new only played the game for 15-20 days)


I use fragment flurry :)

Big A

Does “BEAR STARE” stack, you had it in you skill tree and added it in support. I have tedd shot jess who has bear stare and can slot Fragment fury jess to have it again in support


You should assign the left click button to the "revive here" option

Chip :D

Real 360p experience


Love the vids

NewMEndy 19008

Into is perfect

Blue king

What about fragment furry jess?


love the intro XD
liked the vid cuz they are always good


Side note & off subject but for those of you that don't know there are 2 free mythic survivors in the side quest. It's in the quest line that starts with saving 100 survivors.


I have that


Your aim...


The main hero I wanted from the Birthday llamas, never got it. Still bummed out


rip i picked shuriken master llamurai over reclaimer


360p Squad

AB de Luna

I chose him over the Llamarui


You’re so bad with reclaimer mate smh

Loopbroom. S

Hi cool contonturu


Best solo ssd hero ! For sure

Tyler 1157

I love these intros

Rafi Blanes

Lead singer of house of pain


wild fragment deadeye is the best outlander for combat no cap

Herman Nes

Despaceito 43

George Rybinski

why can't i change the quality from 360p


I use this guy with a very similar load out to you. Having my TEDDY up for 30 seconds just destroys waves. I regularly am at the top of the damage stat and a bunch of times have been double the rest of the team combined. The only thing to add to him would be the range increase. Using him I can solo Storm Chests pretty easily.

Casy 44

He's a reskin of Fragment Flurry Jess, I got her from the birthday llamas and she's AMAZING

Philip Jnz

Noooooo ppl are starting to notice the reclaimer is op now

Ashish paudel

In average to lower level storm shields I'll put up a turret, then another. By the end of the second I'll have maybe 2 teddy fragments and I never run out.

Justin H



Discord link doesn't work and what roles should be on the silent spectre?

Heidi Van Zyl

What happend with the quality only 360p


That intro though


Wait so when you are using him do you get 20 percent energy damage?


the intro reminded me why this is an amazing channel

Jurre Vantomme

I'm very sad i didn't get a reclaimer from the birthday llamas cuz i really wanted one. :(

Gil O

When you deal with 360p cause you still wanna watch and your part of the #notigang


I watched a guy use Frag Flurry Jess & he popped 5 Teddies on Twine Peaks 7 or 8 while running it solo. It was amazing.

Julian Huynh

I think I’ve a pretty OP setup, I run shamrock as my main, fragment flurry for support, and carbide in my tactical. I use fragment flurry instead of SMS because I find myself using my weapons and noble launcher even with the 20% ability buff so might as well get the 20% energy buff instead

Lou Minati

Ragnorak is the new Striker AC, and I'm wiping whole DTE waves by myself with him. What an outlander. He's available in the store right now, and is on sale too !


I have him and I’ve been loving him

Ayy Lmao

Fragment flurry Jess has the same perks as the shamrock reclaimer Incase someone has her and not the shamrock reclaimer


Gotta live for the intros

Hunter Patrick

Does anyone know he's a re skin of fragment flurry jess also these are both great against the horde

Overseer RBLX

This guy is a reskin of the fragment flurry I've been using since christmas

Rakius Music

Anyone need fast help with stonewood ssds ?


But he is the same as Frag Flurry Jess Lit

guinea pig lover



Shadow RSPN

I’m kinda new to stw, been playing for about a week, on the last quest page of stonewood and bouta move to plankerton. I have a few question though. How do you use perk up and reperk? I figured out fluxes and the other thing by myself, but still can’t figure this out. Can someone help me?


Can someone tell me what the best heroes are please? (So I know what not to retire/ add to collection book)


He’s a beast. I’ve gotten 15k combat in challenge the horde. He’s a DEFINITE MUST in horde if you have him. He can cover 2-3 places at once with teddy and turrets then him fighting. He is the best combat outlander. IMO


dude you wasted to dam busters and a jackolauncher holly


When u have your volume to high cause you've been listening to some good old metallica and then hear that intro

Campbell WATKINS

I got him in my very last birthday lama and I really wanted him, so I lost it when I got him.


You getting the new one today lit? Interested in videos of the seismic impact to see if that's good for waves!


Isn't he the same as flurry jess?

Idk Vague

I got both reclaimers they're my favorite outlanders.

Oi Baba Yaga

Not sure what system you play on would enjoy running with you . Maybe its just the accent but you kill me in your videos

Ashish paudel

Use shock tower like a grenade. Put it in the middle of a cluster of husks or for a big target.

Rahul Gudka

Cause it an event hero is there any similar heros I could get?


Intro scared me

Jack McCoy

I have him got him from a birthday llama

Manner W

What's the best outlander? i just started a few days ago.


Fragment flurry jess is practically the same

lahordz sloobwhacker100th

Top 3 outlanders please tell me


Reclaimer is my favorite outlander


You should try wild fragment deadeye with ability dmg support/shamrock as tactical. He has easily became my favorite outlander. Downside is he has to go find all his fragments but he has chance to get double fragments and starts with 3 so that’s a plus.

Hashem Alomari

I just saw the title and when I knew it was u that has posted this I instantly upgraded him then watched the whole video


Yo Litanah, I just got to Plankerton and I still have no clue what I'm doing. I don't know how to craft stuff and yeah could you do a vid about this stuff??


is there an outlander that has teddy shock tower and phase shift

Kevin Gomez

Yes one on a outlander

Wisest Of the the century

Im new to the game and i have a question does road trip tickets only can be used for the road trip event or do they transfer when another event occur? Im just wondering if i should spend the rest of it on the road trip or save it for another


You arent even in Twine yet


When I run fragmyflury in horde people leave but when we actually get through a game I'm at 14k combat score like she's low-key the meta


Still my fav Heroe he mobs


I love you


Litanah can I have a free gun please I'm on xbox!! Please!!!

Moms spaghetti :P

Ur bear saved u



Its Ali

I don't have a reclaimer , I was looking for him in BDAY llama feelsbadman

Kristo Nurmik

Litanah: i see gold on outlander. 100% best outlander. Sees another one with gold. We have 2 bet outlanders


I’d rather go FF jess cause of the thickness



Michael Plancarte

I have the re-skin version: Fragment Flurry Jess and another great video

Michael De Lara

R u gonna do a vid on the new Ragnerok outlander


Best subclass to use in SSDs (honorable mention for constructorrs tho)

swag 420

Would commando spitfire/ramirez be a better option for tactical since they have better ability damge?

uncivilhawk 3730

5he discord link says its ecpired


360p? You just want me dead :(