Fluder Paradyne – The Power behind Emperor Jircniv | analysing Overlord

Fluder Paradyne – The Power behind Emperor Jircniv | analysing Overlord

32 236 views | 6 Mar. 2019

Fluder Paradyne is and was the true power behind 6 generations of emperors.

Before he submitted to Overlord & Salaryman Ainz Ooal Gown, he already made quite the impact on history.

So let's take a closer look at his life and his goals.


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what exactly is the abyss of magic?


hahahaha OMG that last comment about Arche got me laughing.
Great video as always keep up the good work!


"A potent master... well, figuratively" lmao!
Great video, keep it up! :D

Evil Overlord

Waiting for more videos can u make it's New ??

дядя Ким

2 thousands ! Yeah ! Congratulations Over-sama.
P.s cool video, i waited for Fluder

Just so I can Fing comment

I can barely understand what you are saying. :(

mahathir hasan

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great video , very informative
but that accent , ROFLMAO

Nate Taylor

Evil Deities = random monsters located in close proximity (ie guarding) a World Item. They aren't NPC followers of past Players, they are just monsters guarding an undiscovered World Item!

Close proximity to a World Item at the moment of Yggdrasil shutdown = transported (transposed ) to the New World!


ummmmmm what? Fluder used a Curse, an Illegal branch of magic, to become immortal. The spell was beyond his scope, so he turned it into a Ritual. Thus the spell was Imperfect, and flaws have crept up over time. This info is in the light novel, Fluder explains it himself. Do research please

Blue Bowser

Naga Naga Naga Naga next pls!

Posh Panda

Where did you obtain this information? I have read the light novels, but they don't go into this kind of detail.

Lukáš Carbol

he is likely to be more powerful after he becomes elder lich he might be even one of the first being of the NW to cast 8th tier magic given timeand help of ainz

Danger Beans

50 bucks says Fluder uses that Book of The Dead to become an Elder Lich.

Satrio Sukarji

Note : There are misspellings in the description of the video.

"Beheind" is supposed to be "Behind"


"Befor" is supposed to be "Before"

Ronald Marcano

There’s always someone stronger than you.

Akilou Issifou

still bot early enough :( noce vid keep it up :)

misery pajkatt

Can you say when the season 4 release?? Why this anime not so popular??


Wait if the death knight is a legendary creature (why is he legendary creature) does we assume that they can do damage to the last players.. And by that make ainz the strongest of all of the players came to nw (or it was a special skill only for ainz) cause he cant take damage from weak monsters..??

Subhrodeep Saha

Can Ainz use the frost dragon he killed to summon a permanent grim reaper thanatos which is the strongest undead he can summon.

zeref vail

i thought more than 1 person could work together to cast a spell like the lizard men so maybe that's how fluder cast the spell.


He betrayed all humanity

green house

what every sorcerer wants is immortality. magic is knowledge, and knowledge needs time.
sadly, human life is not enough to master all the magic in the world.


Did he get his authority back when the empire came under Ainz

Langston Coates

These videos are great keep it up :)


I've been watching your vids all the time,
I do hope you keep on making it cause it really make an interesting anime more interesting.

Pujan Gharti

If he gain immorality will he be able to defeat ainz

Alex Reven

Good vid on the man, by the way what is that friend of the Emperor i keep hearing about?

Cregan Stark

Lol. That ending man I love it. The Arche situation really pissed so many people off.

GM Bane

Shake my hand! Lol good video sir, I forgot about arche connection!

Lord Ulbert Hellblaze

As for the contents of that elder lich transformation book. Its basically an overcomplicated book about the occult that Tabula Smaragdina would have loved.


How to be a wizard?

Stay a virgin...

micha McV.

Ainz didnt care about fluder so he gave him the tri art magican all the dark knowledge he ever imagined to exist.
what happened if Ainz starts carring about him ? will he recreate him as fluder of the devyat art magic ?
i could imagine Ainz recreating the juwel of darkness in different elements and using them on Fluder to create a Lich who can use different magicskilltrees to the max like an exploid or the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown ^^

md hemi196

Aaaaa another nice vid


I think ainz is going to end him After he is strong enogh


Have you ever heard the legend of Fluder Paradyne the wise?

Isaac Yim

Fluder before meeting Ainz: yeah the Empire is cool and I should protect it i guess\

Fluder after meeting Ainz: Empire? What is that?

Pujan Gharti

Does ainz age

Agonizing Turtle

Wait, who is this friend of Jircvic?

Atom lgbt

Everything begin when i haerd that voice

Daniel Berry Baker

Okay Fluder failed at casting the spell. It was never meant to be a ritual and he made it into one which is how he half succeeded in casting it. It didnt stop his aging which is what it's intended purpose was, it instead only slowed it.

Fish Eyes

Oh, you! You just had to end the video with Arche crying do you.