Bravely Second English - Meeting Geist

Bravely Second English - Meeting Geist

22 696 views | 6 May. 2016

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Keynan Anderson

he looks like jeff the killer lol


"You speak Sagitta!" You mean French...

The Almighty Onion

Geists voice is so hot.


I love geist's design

David Baars

dark knight VS exorcist would be a intresting fight

John Haskins

Dat thumbnail tho........creepy

not a professional Gamer

this dude makes jeff the killer wet his pants


I can't believe that's Grant George. He's never done a voice like that before. Holy crap is he ever talented! :D

Claire O'Rourke

Geist, despite how creepy he is, would be the best friend ever!
Failed a test? UNDO!
Tripped and fell? UNDO!
Got in trouble? UNDO!
Forgot to save (a game)? UNDO!
I could think of many more, but... I won't.

mmkay, I'm out.


"I'm too handsome to die!" "I think not!"

Damn. It's a threat AND an insult at the same time.

ice bear

Favorite boss of the game

Pit Icarus

I love how everyone else has normal clothes, while Yew is in a cowboy suit.

Mikey Cochran

He is so Creepy that face is another whole meaning of staring in your soul!

Wanderer Cayne

Rocking the Glasgow Smile there Geist...

Juan Rivilla

That dude is really creepy


That freaky ass thumbnail. Well, kudos to them. This guy is genuinely creepy.

Also Deus Ex Alternis.


he sounds like javier bardem

Mauve Dragon Tiddies

Look at Alternis' arm.
Keep that in mind.

Black Frost

all geist needs is long blue hair and i think he nails omega's profile pic

Manuel Angelo Osorio

Forget Jeff the killer now we have Geist the Bloody


I first saw Geist while playing Bravely Second when it was three in the morning ;~;

But the Ringabel
And then yes
Yes yes

Miikhiel Aali

I love Geist. His darkness is something else.

Maria Luke

Just had to tease Edea huh? Dark Knight.

Phantom Baphomet

i Like this Geist guy lol.

SuperDimention Nep-Nep

dat thumbnail .


bad touch! stranger danger!

Charmaine G

When I got to this part I turned off all the lights cause I didn't want to get up before I head to bed after this segment. Everything in my room was pitch black, and when this scene came on.... I definitely did not fall asleep for a while after that

Yami Bellows

Dang it omega that thumbnail almost scared me XD


My boy Ringabel makes his entrance!!!

Connor Almeyda

What tiz this


Gold Experience Requiem in a nutshell


I won't lie, even I was freaked out by this guy when I first saw that scene, especially with those close ups on his face.

Firecraft 703



God Geist design is the most Epic Heartbreaking and sacirest deisgn in the game! and omg that face At thumbnail im halpy i have this game! but the asterisk choice thing seriously leaves me thinking Exacample Im so sorry Jackal:(


9:34 I think I need an adult...

Xirn Terensworth

Grief, that is well done voice acting right there. Gonna get chills listening to him every time.

james vanitas

Here are some things to think about this thumbnail:1)Geist Grace is a long-lost relative of Tomura Shigaraki(?) from My Hero Academia2) There should be a Death Battle between the two.3) I even have a title card for it'Cause I'm A (EVIL) Creep:Geist Grace(Bravely Second) VS Tomura Shigaraki(MHA)Someone get on this.


Undooooo! >8)


I hated him so much in the demo, I had to max level grind just to beat him

Germán Castro

Geist is probably my favourite char from BS. His story is so sad.. ; o ;

MC Radio Show

the little rats in caught trap line is typical of an enemy, you get the message the enemy or foe has you cornered and there no way out, because you have been caught, the music just adds to the mood of the scene

Gulley Gullet

Geist's VA does a pretty good job but i think it'd be more creepier if his accent was British, itd probably remind me of a creepy serial killer


Holy shit, Geist has such a badass introduction, but then Alternis has an equally badass reappearance.


...creepy. We're going to be seeing him again, aren't we? He's unsettling to the core :(

Round Pi

I think he forgot how to Alternis.


I was wondering why this game was rated T for Teen instead of just E10+ for cartoon violence
Then this character showed up and I got my answer.

Dragonflygonx rudy

my fav charcte ris dark knight dim best tank class hi omega iam at this point good luck on b2 pal :D


Aww, wow....the way you edit the transition from dialogue to battle is so very nice and perfect I love it. I feel like most people would just leave both screens up all the time or show just the top one, but you go all out and make it look so NICE!


Just rode the train to Nopeville after seeing this guy...that face be the stuff of nightmares.




That thumbnail icon confirmed?


There are a lot of villains who are sadistic psychopaths, but Geist pretty much wrote the fucking book on being a sadistic psychopath