Lakers Free Agency News & Rumors: Rajon Rondo Signs With Atlanta Hawks + Lakers Re-Signing KCP?

Lakers Free Agency News & Rumors: Rajon Rondo Signs With Atlanta Hawks + Lakers Re-Signing KCP?

42 022 views | 22 Nov. 2020

Lakers Free Agency News begins with the departure of Rajon Rondo as he’s signed a 2-year, $15 million contract with the Atlanta Hawks. Rondo thanked the Lakers on his instagram page, but he now heads to Atlanta to mentor Trae Young. Will the Lakers miss Rondo next season especially in the NBA Playoffs?

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Lakers Rumors continue to heat up around Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. LA can offer KCP roughly $12 million based on their current salary cap situation. The Knicks have also shown interest in Caldwell-Pope who opted out of his $8.5 million player option. Will KCP re-sign with the Lakers in NBA Free Agency?

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Bryan Borromeo

Bring KCP back

John Minx

A for the Laker's free agency!!!

Tarrance Sutton

What if they trade KCP for Royce O'Neale of the jazz?

Jonathan Ben Israel

With Rondo opting to sign with the Hawks, it's obvious that Dennis will run the A team with LBJ and AD, but who will run the B team? Big Question...
Unfortunately, Montrezl and McGee will not be able to handle the Joker. Marc Gasol would be helpful.

demitrie Riley

Thank you Rondo

Shaun Cox

He’s signing with the Lakers but where he plays?


Anyone use the jersey code does it work ?

Shaun McClendon

Lol KCP is the wild card - we got to keep Markieff Morris though..

WillemThePoet PoetWillem


Jay Castillo

Yes they will. He is like another coach, but he is on the floor type coach

ToysandCollectibles74 -

That money u could resign rondo howard avery & sign Ibaka & maybe bogdan. But Lakers choose to becomes LA Klutch Sports Lakers. Politics

Guadalupe Rios

We need Marc Gasol

Cedric Williams

He will be a Laker imo. He would’ve sign somewhere else if he was heavily coveted.

John Minx

YES!!! LOL...SKIP is going to hate life!!! Ha Ha!!! Love it!!!

Dale Futrelle

If they can find a way to keep Caruso then A+. If not then C.

Team Flight

Literally got an update that kcp signed back for 3 years went to pause this vid to check and it was gone wtf did this happen to anybody else ??

Sherry Chambers


Randall Adams

No we will not miss Rondo


They get a in they need to bring back boogie and sign Markieff then all is set...cuz mcgee as the only tru center aint gonna work centers like jokic gonna abuse him...would be even better if the get bogan from the kingz too as well as resign kcp

Los Angeles Lakers Report

UPDATE: Lakers re-sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a 3-year, $40 million deal.

Jonathan Ben Israel

I am happy for Rondo; his work is finished with the Lakers. I would have loved to have him sixth man for Dennis and even times during the playoffs.

Lava Friction


Shern Alfred

Skip is not having a good weekend at all UNC is going to act the fool on Monday

Kenneth Khuong



I'm glad rondo stayed away from clippers

Real 2k Football

I’m just glad Rondo got him another ring before he hangs them up! HOF Forsure!

Tdub akamoney

Best of luck to rondo 15 million not bad happy he didn’t pick the clippers

Samuel Walton

Kcp to the Lakers


I bet KCP goes to the Bucks. I can feel it

tristan misa

fuck everybody who leaving bums got their like 1st or 2nd ring ever in they career and they leave

Warren Perry

Man I hate to lose Rondo, but I'm happy for his big payday.


Come back to the Lakers in 2 years Rondo no joke. I'll always be your fan now.


naw n

Just me

Rondo will come back in 2 years to be part of the Lakers coaching staff.. NBA or DLeague.....

Demie Gamboa

Talking about million,cant even make a thousand $


KCP should get 10 million and call it a day, anymore than that let him walk. He got overpaid 18 b4 that.

Hadji Benzerrouki

The Lakers must absolutely sign, train, coach , and develop Dion Waiters as a lateral defensive player and a one-on-one defensive stopper; Dion Waiters is one of the few Lakers players,who can break down any defense with his athletic offensive skills !

Boss Life Ent. Vevo

Clippers punching

Samuzzwal Shrestha

Can they trade kuzma and kcp for bogdan bogdanovic ?


I think torrey craig should be on the lakers radar. Great wing and oerimeter defender who could replace AB and lebrons playmaking could help his weak offense

John Minx

Yes! and No! They will miss his Mental game! But! wont miss his Physical game! even though he played good in the playoffs! In the regular season he was not good!!!

Paul Arnett

Love rondo but Schroder is younger better scoring they have LeBron for leadership but they just got alot younger

John Minx

Keep Dion Waiters!!!

Andy Simon

Please go Rondo!!

Fushuz !

Thanks u Rondo og! And for not going to clips! Howard Kobe and Shaq were right no loyalty he should have ended his career as a Laker

Allen King

Thank you Rondo for not going to the Clippers thank you thank you thank you


nothing but respect and thanks to both rondo&howard. true die hard Laker fans appreciate them....we are not gonna turn around and slander you like some of these stupid guys helped us win a championship just bc you leave in free agency doesnt change a damn thing.....thank you rondo and thank you dwight.

Leo Teodosio

Thank you 'Do! Good luck.

Shomair Wynn


Tarrance Sutton


Dominic Campbell


the negotiation with kcp takes too long, they better hurry it up

Mike Warren

Really good. Other additions I like for Lakers:
1. Marc Gasol
2. Shabazz Napier (PG with shooting depth)
3. Kyle Korver or Wayne Ellington (Shooting)
4. Rondae-Hollis Jefferson or Kent Bazemore
5. Gerald Green or Langston Galloway (Offense off
the bench)

farid hanassab


black sheep


bori king james

Rated AAAA for the lakers

JAMIL Singleton

Quandorondo out of atl......wicked industry

Nona Britton

Thank you RONDO for being with LAKERS

reesse k

finally i can relax that he wont sign with the clippers hahaha

chosen elite76

Clipper fans crying right now

Jose Manuel de Hitta

Hawks have
Scary or nah?

Mr H

Hundred percent an a

Kristof Huijbers

A because good additions still worried about not having Dwight back he shut down Jokic and Harrel got his ass kicked by Jokic need a strong big who can play defence get Boogie back he knows how to play next to Davis

Haven2 Moses5

He didn't sign with the Clippers

So he will always be family!

Lakers bringing in Bog Bog
Stay tuned


hawks to the playoffs finally xd

PH News

Aron baynes or marc gasol center

Ashley Jalapon

A rate

Matthew Mantjos

Lakers nation is a better channel

Tarrance Sutton



I respect that Rondo probably chose Atlanta because he knew going to the Clippers would destroy his image with us.

JP unhinged

See I give them a 70%

cau be ham choi

Sheeshh Atlanta Hawks fan youre lucky to have Rondo, he's crazy good

Michael Sanders


Bro M3ke


Tawanda Jhamba

Im just happy he aint going to the clips, its looking good for that repeat now

Niner 4lyfe



Id Drose a free agent?

Brian Castillo

Nooooooooooooooooo wanted him to stay with the Lakers, he was great for us

Nick Pogozelec


Nelson Washington

Torey Craig, Markieff Morris, Ibka, Jeff Green and Tyler Johnson is who we need to go after now

Tyler Manning

They need to sign Torrey Craig to a 3 year 15 mil deal and sign and trade kcp and kuzma for bogdonavich

ZhyGuy TV

its an A. definitely how can you sign.both the winner and runner up for the 6th man of the year to.your team just remarkable

Enrique Perez

Lakers already signed him, with a fat healthy contract, but don't b surprised if they trade him for somebody worth that

Will Mace

So now that kcp was resigned is Bogi still in play for kuzma?

farid hanassab


William Bruce

What about JR Smith?

Phoenix Boots

I feel rondo went to atlanta cuz he was not a traitor and going to clippers.( I think he was always Leaving us)

kuya soriano

Aw fuk...
This is really bummer..Rondo is one of the LAL big 3 man

We will miss ya Rondo...Thanks for the chip and everything

Erick Greer


Deconetao Record

Rondó to Hawks i love it, big menthol for trae Young he gotta be Happy rondó going there.

Dave Clark

This is probably Rondo's last contract. He needed to get that bag.

Khoa Do

Shams just tweeted, KCP signed with Lakers. 3 years contract for 40m...

Norman Philip Johannessen

They did resign kcp

Danilo Santos

Way too much for KCP!

Constanzo Harris

Dam we gone miss them pass ollie hoops .) dam dam

Matt Siqueiros

Lakers were one last hoorah for rondo. Were all better for it. He has a ring. We get another banner to hang. Lakeshow baby .

Manuel Rivera

Appreciate Rondo not going to the Clips!!!!


Now chances are high that lakers will sign a point guard as a bench player because Dennis Schroeder porbably will start as a PG for lakers so Rondo was the other option but now he is gone. I think chances are high they sign D Rose

George diaz

Will b miss.

Carlos Rodriguez

I think the Lakers are gonna miss him because he was good player and was a big reason the Lakers won the championship