Collateral Beauty - Teaser Trailer Music - (Two Steps From Hell - Remember Me)

Collateral Beauty - Teaser Trailer Music - (Two Steps From Hell - Remember Me)

305 315 views | 12 Sep. 2016

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Music : Two Steps From Hell - Remember Me

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Congratulations to have read the description, you are amazing :)


Perfect straight to the house of your heart!


The movie is not what you think it is

Carla Fischer

qual é a outra música que toca no trailer?

Shaikha Al Thani

I. Am. Speechless.. thoroughly touched


Extraordinaria película del director David Frankel y con un Extraordinario reparto de actores con Will Smith en cabeza. Como dice James música es el alma de una película...Thomas Bergersen (Tho Steps From Hell) y el director Theodore Shapiro han hecho un delicioso trabajo musical una vez más!!!

ratna pratiwi

i love the song up lift vibrational in Harmony...

Ladybird G

Two Steps from Hell is like my howling wind or cows on a road trip, whenever I hear their music in a trailer I have to stop what I'm doing and point it out.

Jochezti Saramiz Ellanchez

The music is amazing

Dan Raven

Great piece of Music, great Film for Will Smith.

ario rangga

good movie

Pavlo ukr

Is beautifull


Beautiful music !

Landon Landeros

Just had an eargasm. I'm speechless. Thanks for posting. Love this OST.

veronica borghi

I love this soundtrack and the "collateral beauty"

Freddo Phil Msx


tina bastarache

to the uploader thank you i used the youtube converter to download not too long ago its absolutely beautiful this is real music filled with emotion need more of that in life.i download song just for my ipod for personal use i just wanted to leave credit to whomever it may concern on ownership.and i just looked up the movie this song for trailer of collateral beauty and brief synopsis already sounds wonderful i wanna see it and hopefully my step mother will want see with me this music really did just inspire me to want to see movie really did


A outra musica é : ONEREPUBLIC - Let's Hurt Tonight

Jorge Chacon Garcia

Michal Chalupa

Amazing music and this is the BEST !!!!!!!


When it's 2am and you're stringing together the biggest steaming pile of an essay for class in 6 hours.

Ryan Brennan

if music was a feeling, well this is the feeling of your child's bith..

Plastic Fork


Daniel Espejo Díaz

Any of you could tell me what's the name of the song when domino's pieces are falling, at the beginning of the film? Thank yoy very much

Johnny Mark

I can see a new light from the sun falling everywhere. This music could transport me to any place I needed to be. And serenity made all the trees sparkle in gold. Surreal music score.

Pedro Neves

This is from Thomas Bergersen. Two Steps From Hell is a compilation.

Plastic Fork

No dislikes

Road To Valor Germany

If two steps from hell gonna stop making master pieses I'm gonna listen to this song and remember to them.


I heard this song like last year and when I saw the trailer for this movie and that they used this song, I just had to find what this song was called again! Thank you !

Jose Luis Barros


Kealoha 14

Two steps from hell is the name of the author (I personally love this channel)

Franck Ghannam

I took a poop listening to this song, needless to say, it was an epic poop.

Derek Munich

I went ahead and dropped a dislike lolz

Ahmad Ikhwan

this really suits for wedding video

Sata Mukh

this should not be called two steps from hell....this should be called two steps of heaven

Felipe Bravo Cordova

Beautifull Song!! Thomas Bergersen!! Remember me.

eMZet Martez

OMG...This got under my skin....Love This Intense Music.. Thank you so much for sharing

Divine Rebel

I'm excited for the movie, seems rather enthralling, I won't judge until I watch it. But I guarantee that a fair amount of people that are enlightened by the music within the Trailers have only recently been exposed to Thomas J. Bergersen's epic work. It's about time "Remember Me" gained the spotlight, my personal favorite, the only other place I've heard it put into action is in AMVs. But it's ironic since I've been utterly obsessed with this song in particular for years now, so hearing it being used like this made the nostalgia skyrocket. Illusions was an unforgettable album. Hopefully this use of it will assist in those songs getting more recognition, the kind they deserve.


I love Two Steps From Hell as well, two steps is what got me into this genre of music, but Technically it's Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me from his album illusions, just if anyone has trouble finding it

Samanabad Computers

Amazing takes you to another feel love,hope and peace there.

Paolo Migliorisi

One of the most intense and profound music I ever heard...

gamer 02

Ein super soundtrack und mit Abstand der beste Film den ich seit Jahren gesehen habe, echt klasse. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thị Mai Anh Nguyễn

Can I download and use it?