How To Kill Hive EASY on Mercury!! Invitation of the Nine Bounty! | Destiny 2

How To Kill Hive EASY on Mercury!! Invitation of the Nine Bounty! | Destiny 2

61 590 views | 13 Apr. 2019

#Hive #Mercury #InvitationoftheNine

How to Kill Hive on Mercury without having to waste a ton of time! Really hope this is helpful!

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Credit to HeyItsKeeper for the intro!

Brian Isaac

Mercury sucks!!


Great info!

Tasha Salmon



Legend! Never thought of that. Thanks

² ƒathomɀ

Thanks man


Thanks mate, helped me a lot!

Wilhe1m Scream

Bless you sir!

ღ yeet ღ

I was worried about it needing to be on Mercury, thanks for confirming my suspicion

Shush _2

Thank you my lord


Thanks man, BIG help getting this quest step done!

Maximo Medrano

Cb with clutch vid


Very helpful

Dalton Wilson

What gun are you using

Pause Reset Play

This is clutch, a lot of people were struggling with this!

Madman Monkey

Was literally looking for hive at the moment you are amazing


Thank you. I love you


He dosent sell them anymore so here goes hours of my life trying to get hive to spawn in the strikes lol.


clears throat you're welcome..

Ewokoniad Zigornith Juniorstein

This was extremely helpful. Nowadays we get 10 minute videos to say less than what you did in 2. Props!

Jackal 48

I need 1 hive sample...

Bill Hartnett

Another great video.. You keep putting out good stuff that's actually helping people. I like the "newsy" you-tube vids too, but yours that are helping people complete stuff like this is your strong suit I think. Keep it up!

Lord Pytar

Lol almost a surprise he has some use

Nodnarb Etraud

I've been pulling my hair out over this bounty...

AZ the Azzy

Got all done in one run! This is amazing! Thank you for this. This was on point, and didn't beat around the bush just for the answer lol.


Doing this in 2020 is a pain in the ass

olaf Gunnerson

Thanks great advice simple and to the point

Jesse Mamell

I don’t have the option to buy adventures from brother Vance.

Gabz Mz

Chill, much chill


Thanks really appreciate it.

Red Warrior

Thanks for the help


I ran the entire adventure and wound up with 4. Bungie can go seriously fuck itself with its useless life-wasting RNG systems.

Shosple Colupis

Thank you cb I was wondering how I was supposed to get those hive kills

Chase Wade

Sadly due to Shadowkeep changes ( were you thinking, Bungie?), this quest had become a LOT more tedious. Brother Vance no longer gives the adventure multiple times. If you have already completed the adventure, you must either wait until "Bug in the System" (Heroic) is available on Mercury, or run "A Garden World" till your eyes bleed (Hive are a random spawn, and a very rare spawn rate at that). If you're lucky, you can get maybe 4/9 of the samples in a single run. And you will be competing with others for the kills. I ran it on Nightfall (Solo), and just kept killing myself till they spawned, killed them, rinse and repeat until all samples gained.


Nice method

Idc cause I watch all the cinematics on yt

Dredgen Fade

Thank you!!

Captain Blowgas

Or you could go to Mars or you could go to Titan and do the strike that’s their


sadly no longer a viable way, fuck you bungo for removing repeatable adventures

Immortal Bastard

Bubba is that you? its me forest

Dre Dre

Thank you so much my dude

Gorgo Tz

Additional tip that helped me: don't kill the ogre at the end, since hive will keep spawning


Only got 1 out of 9 in the Adventure

Saviour_ Self_

Thank u I was losing my mind Knew I could count on u

Christian Culver

Great advice CB!! I was really disappointed when I went to Mars and didn't get any hive samples to drop, It had always worked before.


So what do you do when you've completed all the adventures there? I can't find any Hive.

XMe ManX

He doesn’t sell adventures anymore.


and since New Light you can't use this method anymore

Vegeta 1346

Great Video CB!!! This did help me a lot and I was able to get 9/9 which was awesome and I am enjoying the lore so far keep up the great work!!!

CoreyB Khaotic

Good heads up.ran the strike twice & didn't get hive.figured there had to be a better way.preciate it

Richie Rich

Lord have mercy! Thank you for this... I've been going nuts for a damn month!! Lol... finally got it done! Thanks a million

Brandon Raymus

Subbing cause youre a real one for making this easy asf

John Engle

If you bail on the adventure before you get through the last door/gateway. You can start over and keep running it until You get all the hive kills you need

Slick Silver

The future hasn’t been kind to some of us...

Karl Broschinski

You getting on this weekend?


Helped a lot!!

Jude Vincent

I just got to 700


Dec 2019. Ive seen it said in other places that you can buy those adventures from brother vance. They arent there, and ive never seen them there. Theyre just on the map sometimes...or not


Do all the kills (cabal, hive, vex) have to be on Mercury?


Thanks for the tip very helpful

RLB Hypnotic

Thanks, I couldn't remember which adventure had the hive. thumbs up.

Don Peny

Subbed. Thx.


yo thank you, this was incredibly helpful :) subbed!


I appreciate you making this video. Finished it in one run!

chris reilly

Darn wish the adventure was still available by going to Vance

Craa'yon, The Devoured


Chucky Thedoll

Tried that and the strikes from it. For some reason hive and cabal won't count. Odd.

Mooreese AoD

What if you don't have any heroic missions

Mr. Lou

Big ups on the help! I probably ran that damn strike 4 times and only got 1 sample. Thanks


yo first

Christian Kovacic

Heard the track at the end and subscribed fast af! Thanks for the advice, quite helpful

Mscape 7777

Just got this one gagh! The worst one. I had Io last week too :/

Brian llCarnage808ll

Thank you! Subed

Keith Hall

Thnx for the advice!


First. but got home little late this is gonna be super helpful. Thanks bro


Every one have an amazing weekend!! Almost at 30k much love to everyone!

Joey D

Thank you for this tip, the Hive portion had me buggin'... no pun intended haha

nicholas belcher

Nice thanks cb


THANK YOU DUDE! I got only 3 during a 2 h grind of the strike -.- Now I got all of it within minutes thx :)

A YTP Fan [D1amondSquirtle]

This is a common misconception. You don't actually have to kill them on whatever planet it says to, you can kill them anywhere and it still counts.


Your not completing scrapper bounty's to block getting new ones?

Bruno Armond

Thanks dude <3


Dude. Thanks for this. I saw the challenge and first thing I thought was where the hell Hive on Mercury? Gonna give it a go right now...


Yo CB my man this vid helped a lot man thx, keep up the good work. Don’t let someone stop u from doing what u enjoy!!

Josh Schimke

Oh my god thank you!

Lyle’s McNastyness

Thank you for this video, I hadn't thought of this! Was trying to grind on a garden

Raheem Brown

Bruh this track

Jim Gerretson

Strange how this week that they force you to do everything on Mercury when the previous weeks you could get them on any planet