Encroaching Waters | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 34

Encroaching Waters | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 34

884 203 views | 20 Dec. 2019

The Mighty Nein investigate the watery underbelly of Nicodranas, and find more danger than they bargained for...

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Okke Beltman

2:20:00 Didnt Beau forget to just use her dex bonus? her attacks should have been 2x( 1d6 +4 + 1d4 ) and she said she rolled two 1's on the 6es and a 3 and 4 on the d4's, for 9 damage total. Which should have been 17


@3:12:00 Fjord casts Misty Step and Casts Thunderstep in one turn. is this even allowed? lol. Matt let it go because it was cool? Two spells being cast at once?

gubbyitss s

Talesin's name is as much a fantasy DnD character name as Caduceus



trek ciaravino

So the Gentleman is Jester's father and The Traveler?

Bilal E

I was listening to this and actually thought max was sam


beware beware, the RUBY of the sea...

Maryam Moqaddas

I wish I could join Liam in all those Hamilton references

Joe Cash

and they have already forgotten about Sprinkle and Nugget................... reminder to all players out there, DONT BRING PETS ON JOBS!


2:44:02 38 initiative be like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-z5139CW1I

M Balazs

2:59:44 the exciting combat part :D (if you ant to skip the mist machine fixing)

Merry C.

FYI...a kilogram = 2.2 lbs. & a Stone = 14 lbs.

Essential Asa

Matt: What's your [random stat]?
Someone responds.
Matt: Good to know.
Everyone (Travis to Ashley):

Pearl Tate

It was only a few harrowing moments but for the time Tracy existed I feared for my life.


1:06:13 "And Yasha and I wanna kick douchebag ass together...It's been so long...(since we've been on a date)"

Tom Whitbourn

The way Laura does a dirty laugh after travis's booming blade and Sam says "big dick energy"


Rewatching during christmas until the next episode comes out and I gotta say Orly is just as loveable as the last time I saw him

Jesse Miller

Nott is considered small right? Cant small and medium share spaces?


Beau: I’d buy a glass of fine wine for you
Yasha: insert oh an avocado....t h a n k s vine

Joey McJagger

can some one explain what happened at 1:01:20?

Dia Soul

That last battle...

Was a mess! LOL >.<

Siege Grave

Caleb's pet adventures are interesting, BUT frustrating to watch everyone act out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Nott could have just been using message to talk to Caleb this whole time right?

Dia Soul

Oh my, dont be the cleric that end its turn with one party member at zero hit points when you could get him back up if you just decided not to attack this turn. And dont be the cleric that gets attacked and forgets to heal itself!!!

Party member to cleric - I dont trust you.
Cleric - I heal people.

You already didnt do it sis. LOL I love Laura like all the others but you cant risk a party member with zero hit points and say that you heal people. LMAO

Katherine E.

when taliesin started silently panicking around 3:28:00 :(((


53:21 can some1 tell me please, what did Laura say? English isn't my native language, can't get it :(

Isaac Karr

3:30:30 a lot of people when the drown don't die with water in their lungs their airway remaining closed even after passing out.

Edward Shaw

As a viewer and a DM one of the more frustrating things isn't when the players don't know a rule, that's understandable, it's when they clearly aren't paying attention. Like when Matt reminds Ashley that she has advantage on her strength check right as she's rolling, but she still doesn't roll with advantage and has to be told again. And when Fjord is rolling crit damage on Booming Blade, says it's 4 damage and then Matt doubles the damage for him to 8 and says to add the modifier and Travis looks down, pauses, and says it's 8 damage (which I'm pretty sure means his modifier was +4 and he didn't pay attention to the doubled part of the roll from the crit).


God I hate Beau a lot sometimes

Brian Kristensen

Hi im Tracy...... good grief, i was laughing my ass off :D

Republicans are terrorists

Ashley Johnson is great but she never has time for the show after over 30 episodes she hasn’t played enough to have any character development. I wish they had another full time player and kept her as a guest


i love it when they mention diablo and barrels. I love hearing these small nerd references. especially about things i grew up with.

Grace Freeman


Mak Asfha

Imagine knott kicked the chair and it just tilts and falls right back on all 4 legs? XD

King Cobra

If Frumpkin is an octopus he should be able to fit through any gap bigger than his beak. Those grates should be no barrier.


i waSNt looking when "sam" started talking and i DIDNT NOTICE A T H I N G UNTIL LAURA SAID THE NOTT VOICE STUFF

Isaac Karr

1:26:10 well now I know how female goblins feel about tentacles in their faces.


3:29:38 Taelins thinking “yep, now I’m gonna need a THIRD character”

Niame Scrawls



Holy shit Nott totally foreshadowed Yasha's fate.

Krampus the Christmas Devil

Ford should not have been able to cast misty step and thunder step on same turn.

Adam B

Don’t fuck with the Ruby of the Sea!


Matt definitely based Orly Skiffback off of the public defender from My Cousin Vinny

Dia Soul

I'm in the first hour and cant express how precious this people are! Matt is such a treasure and the cast is priceless! Thanks for the production team and subtitlers!

Edward Shaw

Beau: "What do I do then?" When she can't get to Algar even though there's still something else that's literally killing her friends... To be fair though, Fjord was also completely ignoring the dying people over going after Algar until Talisien basically told him to help.


molly: introducing yasha shes..uh. my bodygaurd.

"i dont think i like you"
"oh, but i know i like you"

yasha- couldnt save molly, is saving cadueces

isaac webber

Jesus Christ Ashley get it the fuck together I'm so sick of these twenty minute interactions that consist of, "I had to go somewhere to do something for someone for some reason to make sure something won't ever maybe not possibly happen because I don't know why"

Gunner Bradley

Once again Liam finds a way to go ahead of the party, old habits die hard.

Eddie Collins

All Sam ever wanted was a simple water breathe spell.
Instead Liam cast Suggestion on him.


I love the Stuttering Cajun Bagpipe Tortle. Orly gives me life.


That Tracey episode gave me flashbacks of all the girls I ever had a crush on in school...

Thomas Katz

Max's Sam impression is really good. The gestures were spot on.


I still don't understand why they decided to go to the underground city power plant instead of the dudes office. Think they lost focus just a tad.....

Katey Krauss

it's so weird to see Marisha in sleeves...

Camden Tellkamp

Man, it's almost like they calculate the best time to add in those little side notes, and what to best say, in order to absolutely KILL the mood. I don't think I've known anyone that could kill a joke faster than those stupid fucking notes.

Edit: Oh my fucking GOD. I swear to fucking Christ. 9/10 of these notes are slathered through with typos and errors. They are unfunny. They add nothing. They ruin my mood. The ocean parts of this campaign were my FAVORITE. I loved watching all of the sailing and piracy and so on, but that joyous mood sours every single time one of those uninspired, typo-ridden pieces of shit pastes itself across my screen.

Dia Soul

Matthew Mercer, The Great, delivering to us Orly, the Tortle. 14:28

We must protect him at all cost! (Orly and Matthew!!!)

Also, the delight of Travis and the rest of the cast. ♥️♥️♥️

Krampus the Christmas Devil

How did Ford cast 3 spells as a warlock? Misty step, thunder step, hunger of Hadar. With only 2 spell slots at this level?

ZeZu Bat

I feel like everyone forgot Caleb casted mage armor before the fight started


Okay, I don't know nor do I wish to know for certain, but it just grates on my ears so much when they say "shurikens"! I think and I viscerally feel that the plural would, and if not then IT SHOULD, be "I'll throw two shuriken." Just like if there's a school of the same fish, the plural would be FISH, not FISHES, although if there are several different species of fish, then I might use "fishes", with the utmost reluctance. And one reindeer, two reindeer. I'm weird, just shoot me. [email protected]+somethingSang

Dia Soul

"Who the fuck is Tracy?"

Marisha introduce to us (props to Travis for starting that up) Tracy, a Beau's personification of a rich girl.

I didn't know I need this until I see it!

Matt and everybody melting inside from her sexyness in that hair shake. ♥️♥️♥️ So cute to be in love with your wife! Travis is such a Bro! Marisha's voice and manneirism are on point! "Totally haunted!"

1:21:51 Look to Liam's reaction!

Laura/Jester: "She lives inside of you!"

It would be like Beau is really possessed since she seems to only like girls.



Such a missed opportunity to call his tea: Earl Grave Tea lol


Just got served an ad of a guy videoing himself pulling house fuzz/dust off the feet of a random wolf spider...no real advertisement...but I definitely sat there for 5 min while he did it.

What a time to be alive

Crash Bandit

i love it when Ashley comes in as a guest.

Republicans are terrorists

I was painting and not looking at the screen, I actually thought it was Sam

Kyle Imough

I wish the inter whispering would stop, its distracting and annoying while matt is trying to speak.


why didnt laura roll a paladin?! shes literally a paladin!

Larricus 029

It’s amazing how uncomfortable ditzy Beau made me.


lol i think every video intro where they snap to matt from the song and everyones giggling is the cast trying to break matts stoic stare into the camera and catch it on cam lol

Irina Bertoluzza

I get it that Jester is kinda meh when she has to heal, but this time at 3:30:02 kinda pissed me off, since Tal already lost a character and you could see his face when he started getting hit was so serious. Like I get it, you don't wanna heal, but come on...

Black Smith626

Beau you are a pure source of Cringe.
Marisha is cool.
But beau is hard to hear.

Richard Reavis

19:00 WAIT! Does he have built-in bagpipes??
19:05 YES!!!
Edit: to me, Tracy's CHA is lower than Beau's.

Adam B


Tony Mathis

sings a certain tune, and sings: "Older, drunken, salon, Turtle" and after three times the ending, "Playing his bagpipes, threw his shell."



Maeve Baruk

1:38:30 Fjord is very very smart to point that out. People always underestimate how scary strong hydraulic force is.

cody meiners

Cajun pirate i dig it


pets are dead now right?

Dia Soul

The Knock Spell makes a huge sound when used. I hope they realize that soon.

They used this Spell to enter the Sour Nest a few episodes ago in a stealthy infiltration.

Henry Armstrong

Marisha's the girl, playin a girl, DISGUISED AS ANOTHER GIRL.

Adam B

Thunderstep is great


fun fact: i was distracted & not looking at my screen during the opening, and did not notice that someone other than Sam was doing the dnd beyond bit until Sam himself walked on and started protesting


2:25:25 Marisha's beautiful alarm :D

Michael Collado

Fun fact. An octopus can fit through any gap it's small beak can fit through


Subtle spoiler so only read this if you're pretty caught up or else you won't get this joke

Orly: Now I've been forthright with my name now tell me yours

Caleb: my name is caleb widdowgast

Me: LIES!!

Ellie K

Rudimentary Timestamps before Flando gets here

0:23 Sam is replaced because last week's ad was so deadly
4:01 Marisha has Matt's 6th-font size
5:47 Marisha has also been replaced
5:56 Travis resorts to lethal force

10:29 Recap starts
13:29 Recap ends
14:27 Turtle talk
18:32 The tortle's a bagpipe bard
19:02 Mercer's bagpipe sounds
21:34 Accent troubles
23:38 "As one green to another"
24:21 Info on Marius LePual
30:06 Nott's Cajun accent
34:37 Talking to Captain Adella
38:02 Caleb Widogast, accountant
40:28 Info on Sabian
43:25 A figure at the door
43:51 Enter Ashley Johnson
48:46 Yasha learns of Jester's dad
51:38 Yasha meets Caduceus
54:16 How to remember your dreams ft. Nott and Jester
55:40 Yasha meets M9's menagerie
58:51 "Stay on task, Widogast!"
59:19 Liam and Marisha
1:01:18 Blind spot reference
1:02:32 Nott's intimidating announcement to the tavern dwellers accented by Tieflings' Thaumaturgy
1:08:39 Fjord's sailor background in action
1:12:00 Nott doesn't like water
1:15:20 Beau looks like a Tracy
1:16:47 Rolling an insecurity check
1:17:35 Valley girl Beauregard
1:20:00 "Are they haunted?"
1:22:44 Beau the heartbreaker
1:24:24 Beau needs to shower
1:25:29 Nott tries to hide
1:26:07 Nott gets a octo-hug
1:27:41 Octo-frumpkin scouts
1:39:19 Nott will not eat the weasle
1:40:18 Removing grate #1
1:41:05 Yasha beats a high DC
1:42:21 D&D breath-holding rules
1:43:41 Going in for grate #2
1:44:31 Jester beats a higher DC
1:45:51 "We are strong women."
1:47:18 Caleb Suggestion to Nott
1:49:03 Nott and Beau dive in
1:49:26 Panic realizing Nott still has the weasel with her
1:51:20 A dog dilemna
1:53:17 Caduceus fails an atheltics check
1:55:22 Nott: "It's not real, is it?"
1:57:03 Trying the third grate
2:00:57 Encounter triggered

2:03:38 Welcome back. PT2
2:04:15 Roll initiative
2:05:19 Combat starts
2:20:37 Beau extracts aspects
2:22:23 Guiding Bolt > Dancing Lights
2:25:21 "H2O nO"
2:30:26 "Fjord, I am your dream.." and combat ends.
2:37:29 Jester & Nugget bond
2:38:14 Jester smells
2:42:57 The second chamber
2:45:09 Algar appears
2:49:56 Bringin' out the map
2:50:21 Are you Taliesen?
2:52:48 Roll initiative
2:56:16 Combat starts
2:58:28 D&Aquarium Repair
3:00:01 It's fixed, combat resumes
3:09:39 Clay undoes a crit on Fjord
3:12:56 Playing with the map steam
3:16:33 "Fick ihr alle!"
3:18:48 Lollipop gets an upgrade
3:29:45 Deuce, Caleb go down
3:32:25 Fjord casts Hunger of Hadar
3:39:06 Jester heals Cadeuces
3:43:15 One protects their mom
3:45:02 Caleb doesn't lose his teeth
3:48:20 Both clerics restrained
3:55:22 Water elemental down
3:56:18 Fjord raises a spectre
4:02:49 Nott's appeal to Xundi
4:04:55 Metagaming pigeons
4:06:28 Caleb goes down again
4:08:48 Fjord cuts Algar's hand clean off

4:11:30 Fanart compilation

EDIT: Flando's back. Find their timestamps and go shower them with likes

Aeron Alto

Nott's scream as she dives underwater is so much less funny now... :(


I already knew you dont disrespect someone's mom. Today I learned that the cost involved fire and tentacles.

Zac Li

How is fjord able to cast both misty step and thunder step in the same turn?

Matthew Robinett

33 down 500 to go LOL

Brad Owsleyy


M Balazs

1:03:37 and after 100 episode (and in this episode what felt like 1 hour w8st of time) not even Sam can make this story move forward loool

Dustian Parker

This was the best sam ad ever

Nathan Swanson

How was fjord able to cast three spells as a warlock? After watching this he used misty step and thunder step combo then cast hungar of Hadar. At 6th level he has access to 3rd level spells but can still only cast 2. I think he goofed and matt didn't catch it.

Edward Shaw

"Fjord you killed it this week" Yeah he came pretty close to killing the rest of the party (and you did too, Beau) by ignoring that everyone was dying over trying to murder the guy who was stalking Jester's mom.


1:51:15 I know it was accidental but I laughed so hard when he called him CaeDOUCHEus XD

Loaded Stapler

I was 100% on board with Sam on his rationale. By comparison, Nott is definitely proving not all goblins are as bloodthirsty as they're made out to be (at least in this setting).

Dan DeW

Ashley's impression of Jester is A+ spot on.


rip subtitles :(


Me first hearing Matt describe the water fish creature: That´s not a Marid, he wouldn´t throw that at a six level party.
Me seeing it´s abilities: Yeah, that´s a Marid.

Dia Soul

Spoiler of the episode.

Mighty Nein wants to murder the guy like he was another monster to kill because he was jealous and a son of a bitch. LOL I dont know if Matt will let that pass.


I just watched 8 grown adults get excited over mist