RIVERBUD FARMING | Herbalism Fundamentals for New Gatherers

RIVERBUD FARMING | Herbalism Fundamentals for New Gatherers

36 172 views | 17 Sep. 2018

In Battle for Azeroth, riverbud farming is one of the best ways to make a steady income. Herbalism by itself is good, but with limited farming locations, riverbud has shown to be consistently expensive. Today we're looking at the best ways to farm the herb, but we're moreso using it as a way to showcase wow herbalism basics.


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shaun kingdon

please stop this shit you ruin it for us all


Can we have an anchor weed farm next. Its the rarest and most profitable herb as far as I know.

Dux E.

If you have a resource gathering alt, then I would suggest getting two gloves with different enchants( one herb and one mining). Set up a macro to change between them and then as you travel you can enable each glove as you either mine or herb. Obviously this doesn't work in combat.

Xtros Green

I just have to add that the anchor weed per lap in tiragard isn right. I have farmed this Spot for 6 hours straight only herbs with My Golem and got many laps without any anchor weed at all. At night times like 10 to 4 in the morning with few to sometimes none conpetition on that time. But still u are not wrong it is a good farming spot. I made in that 6hours 140 anchor weed 2.8k riverbud and like 600~ Sirens pollen. Not sure bout the sea stalk i think it was bout 2k and Star Moss like 700 to 800 smth. Over all bout 340k Gold for that time, not really sure if 6h of constantly running in circles is worth it tho.

Kinda good farm but not in the middle of the Day


Great conclusion!
One question tho can i use my tank warrior with a sky golem?


cannot find the part where u tell us the addon.


How do you deal with mobs aggro while willing to mine a monelite ore? i'm forced to cc them and waste a lot of time in it is there anything I can do about it?

lalrammawia pachuau

I love namir.. it has all the herbs I need to make my flasks and potions
Good to know I was doing it right by having multiple farm routes. But then again it is not a good way to farm anchor weed, although it pops in every now and then from the riverbuds and sea stalks.


dat...pic...brah...I love that you owned that.

frederik coucke

dk is my farmer run on water :p , but thinking of gooing new orc race for more mountspeed

Darth Smirnoff

0:37 I swooned at that pic, and I'm a man.

Hansel Carmona

someone know about the name of the addon of the timer :D ?


The spot in Tiragarde is what I have been farming lately...Riverbud + Sirens Pollen and enough Anchor Weed Spawns. Im going to adjust the route to what you suggest though and compare

Can't C

Gold making videos are just to get people to do things the real gold makers want the slaves to do.

JL Ford

Good video, but now my herb farm is gonna be dead since you told everyone about it. :'( Guess I gotta find a new one...


what add on is that? and how do you get the route to to show up like on your add on? thank you.

Ragnarok des

Great video keep it up and u gained my sub


buen video pana te ganaste un suscritor nuevo


You missed something important that as a druid you should be using glyph of the cheetah for mount speed movement while in travel form so you can keep up with the robo gatherers

Miroslav Terzin

Keep up the awesome job! :D

D Holmes

These goddamn cranes!


Also for Druids in Tank Spec. Use Resto Affinity for passive healing so that you don't have to stop and heal yourself or switch out of travel form to bear form with Frenzied Regeneration.


Downloaded routes and have spent an hour just trying to add nodes to customize route but cannot for the life of me get more than the original 3 points. help? :(

andreas haller

What is the addon called that puts your map in the middle of your screen?

Fritz Bli

Wow AH sucks! 100% agree on that. It's time to build up the auction house from scratch. I've stopped using the AH house after BFA. It takes 3 minutes to post one item @ SIlvermoon EU. So who in their right mind would wait for something like that?


why does he sound like Sl1pg8r?

J Lopez

One of the highest quality videos i have seen. Great guide


god damnit wreckless. the boralus farm was my spot. now today im wondering why its so thin the herbs..... you bastard... lol

Hadi Taherpour

Wild charge, ''''''Restoration Affinity'''''', Mass entanglement, Guardian spec, glove enchants... Ez Farming Everyone..


I feel like tiragarde is also decent for anchor weed. its more than just the sea stalk location they can spawn near the river bud as well during a single two hour session i managed to get lucky and got over 50 anchor weed along with 2 and a half stacks of riverbud along with 100 star moss, 100 siren's pollen, and 100+ sea stalk. its not the perfect farm but decent enough and i feel like having the extra herbs makes it a better location.


The amount effort and frustration it takes to coordinate 3 different addons for 1 purpose is unreal. About to give up.


Any chance you can link your routes profiles? had some for last xpac, I suck at making them lol

Mrs. Alien Rope

whats the best way to get ancor weed then? whats the spawn time and rate?